20 June 2012

[NOTICE] : READ, Thanks!

Hi our dear readers (again),

Have you read my previous post? ^^


Remember I said our OLD facebook page ? http://www.facebook.com/pages/2pm-foRever7-if-we-reach-100000-JYP-must-bring-JAEBEOM-BACK/324219344523
I mentioned that admins us, could not post anything there anymore due t dk what reason as facebook blocked us. But GUESS WHAT?????? ------- It got REVIVED! WOW! Miracleeeeeee!

It happened when I just posted my official leave from here. LOL. OTL.. #Whatisthis? XD

Hi t all th 18,000 fans! I MISS YOU ALL. XD

Anw, let's get t th main point. :3

No, sorry all. I still won't comeback here t do updates on our blog.. (Maybe maybe one day I will be back.. Not now..)
But don't worry.

In our both facebook pages, I will still do chatting here and there w you all! ^^
However, about our hmmm twitter.. @2pmandjaypark -> I sensed that there isn't any people there alr. O.O There's no response. So I may as well just focus on our facebook right? esp our OLD facebook page, whereby I still see you all replying or liking th status. KEKEKEKEKE!


- Please don't hesitate t find me or you wanna chat kpop w me. ^^
Twitter : @jannicakpop
Facebook: jannicakpop@hotmail.com -


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