03 March 2010

Nickhun's Story (the truth behind the cameras)

We recently received this information from out source. We won’t say how, but our source does have access to such information about the boys. Please don’t ask us questions about our source. They are the biggest reason we are able to provide you with these updates, and if they get in any kind of trouble, it could be dangerous, not only for our source, but for this site as well.

We understand that it’s hard to believe us, but please just know that we wouldn’t want to lie to you or make up stories. The writers went through great consideration on whether we wanted to release this or not.

The first thing our source told us is that Nichkhun wants to apologize to Jay. He’s sorry that he wasn’t able to protect him. During the conference, he had no choice but to follow orders and go along with JYPE. In order to survive under the contract with JYPE and with the other 2PM members, he has to follow along with whatever they do, even if that means going against Jay. He’s helpless – a foreigner in a different country with a different culture. He’s alone now.

Before, when Jay was around, Nichkhun relied on Jay a lot. The two were very close because they shared the same title of “foreigner.” They both struggled with the Korean language and were able to speak freely with each other in English. They were each an outlet to the other for speaking freely about their lives.

During Jay’s life in Korea, he was never treated well by the other members. The the other boys, he wasn’t an older brother or a leader, but a slave to be picked on and bullied. If Jay was treated so badly, Nichkhun probably wasn’t spared either. He’s happiest whenever he’s able to go home to Thailand because he’s able to forget the bad situation in Korea. He’s not even able to tell his mother or the rest of his family about what goes on because he doesn’t want them to worry. No one knows what goes on in their dorm when they’re away from all the cameras. No one knows how much they both suffered.

During his last trip to Thailand, Nichkhun was asked who he was jealous of. He said Jay.
Nichkhun knows that Jay’s a good hyung. He misses him from the bottom of his heart.

We will be closing comments for this post because its personal content. Please be understanding.


On another note, our source had another update for our readers.We are all aware of the “brotherhood” we saw during shows like Idol Army and Wild Bunny. We know that everyone loves the relationship the boys had one another. It’s hard, but we have to realize that it wasn’t real. If you read from the screenshot of what one of the writers from Wild Bunny wrote on their cyworld, you can notice that Jay had to liven the atmosphere when the other members were tired or down. Just like in this case, the actions and words from the members were an act to keep the show interesting.

S: (On our show) You act silly sometimes…?
J: Mmm, that’s just…
if the members are feeling too down, I do those things to make the atmosphere (of filming) better.

A quite mature answer not expected from his usual fun self…
Like in that answer, he knew how to be calm while the atmosphere was too much

Although it seems like he freely does what he wants to do, this 23-year-old young man specifically took into account the actions and words of everyone and responded accordingly with those people in mind.

Hurry up and come back to your motherland.
This is just my request to you to fulfill the dreams you have yet to fulfill and become happier.

We’re just asking that you please take into consideration that Idol Army and Wild Bunny are shows. The members know that they have to keep the shows entertaining for ratings and they also know that their image depends highly on this ‘brotherhood.’

CREDIT: neonbullets@Insider2PM


Anonymous said...

i wonder if you still belive what you once posted here ...
It's really sad how despreate "biased" fans can get

Anonymous said...

I like 2PM, a lot. I always see them are brothers who like to have fun. I think this was a time in their life where they were too young and too careless. People change. But I do believe Khun and Jay got bullied.

Anonymous said...

i love nickhun from the bottom of my heart and i will support him all the way even if people curse me i will never disappoint him. He is a reliable and trustworthy member and i respect him for that. I want him to keep on going so that he could get through the harsh times the other 2pm members put him through. I have alot of respect for jayboem as well though i don't really know him. But Nickhun you will always be at the bottom of my heart. <3 :D FIGHTING!!!

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