31 July 2011

[NEWS] 2PM's Junho said that their mv song released in japan was the team work of Junyung and Changdae

Jun Ho Twittered on July 30, “2PM’s new Japanese song ‘I’m Your Man’ is the result of Park Jin Yung and Kim Chang Dae’s team work.”

After releasing their 2nd album Hands Up in Korea, 2PM crossed over to Japan and began their serious work. They plan to release their 2nd single album I’m Your Man in Japan, where the members attired themselves in manly black suits.

Netizens who visited Jun Ho’s Twitter left comments like: “I hope the album gets released soon,” “They appear kind of different to how they looked in Korea,” “Perform in suits in Korea, too!”

Source: TVdaily from Daum

Credit : Korea.com

29 July 2011


[VIDEO] what should you do when you meet 2pm's boy?

[AUDIO] NICKHUN WOOYOUNG & TAECYEON's my valentine japanese version

Check out the japanese version of Valentine.

The korean version of this song is the OST of drama Dream High,like the japanese version too?

[NEWS] 2PM's Ok Taecyeon reveals a funny photo of him - WHO IS HE?

Ok Taec Yeon, one of the members of 2PM, tweeted a link to a photo of his cuteness with the comment: “Wow, I’m taking a photo of myself tonight. I think I will have a late night.”

In the photo, he wears a surprised look, resting his chin on his pillow. People who saw the photo said: “Oh! Are you really Taec Yeon?” “He’s so cute.” “Have a good night!” 2PM is now on a busy schedule with the title song “Hand up” from its latest album.

Source: Newsen

Translated by minongzi@KOREA.COM

[NEWS] 2PM's Kim Junsu blows a fuse when his song "HOT" was criticized as a "Junk song"


On the July 23 episode of 2PM Show, a reality show on a cable channel, Jun Ho and Jun Su rolled up their sleeves to promote Jun Su’s song “Hot.” Jun Ho made an evaluation using a unique metaphor: “Laced with the addictive electronic sound, it will be sure to largely appeal to children just like an junk food.”

Jun Su blew a fuse by saying, “You just wrote your first song. What do you think you know about writing songs?” Recognized that he’s made a slip of the tongue, Jun Ho explained, “Don’t take me wrong. By this I mean that your song is that much addictive. Just like the hot source for instant noodle, ramen, it will never lose its flavor.” But the comment further irritated him.

Earlier, Jun Su used a more positive image to praise Jun Ho’s song “Give It to Me”: “The lyrics are very chewy just like a fresh squid freely swimming in the sea.” The more Jun Su thinks about what Jun Ho said, the more anger seemed to well up. He repeatedly asked him about the actual meaning of the word “junk.” Unable to stand the sight of the confusion, Nickhun tried to sort out the mess by saying, “It definitely means that your song will receive fast responses.”

Recently, 2PM has been on a busy schedule with its new song “Hands Up.”

By Hwang In-hye (dlsp@tvreport.co.kr)

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVreport
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com

[NEWS] 2PM's Nichkhun reveals a picture of himself taken at 45 degrees

On the 27th, 2PM’s Nickhun tweeted a link to a picture with the comment, “A picture of myself at 45 degrees. Ha ha.”

Netizens commented: “He’s really good-looking.” “You look good at every angle.” “You look like an angel.”

2PM is gaining popularity with its song “Hands Up” which was released last month.

Source: Starnews

Translated by Hannah@KOREA.COM

[VIDEO] 2PM released new japanese single "I'm your man" MV teaser

Check out the MV teaser of 2PM's upcoming japanese single "I'm Your Man",anticipating their new song?

[NEWS] 2PM's Junho wanted to have Krystal on the track of Hands Up

On the recent broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, 2PM’s Taecyeon, in his story ‘Rejected by fx’ Krystal’, told that 2PM band members wanted a female celeb to sing on ‘ Hands Up’. When they were considering possible candidate for the job, they all agreed on Yu Na Kim. But, she couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts. The next female singer on their list was Krystal from fx.

The most striking thing that Taecyeon told on the show was that Junho wanted Krystal the most for the track. Junho was inspired by Krystal’s performance in Pinocchio. Because of JYP’s advice to 2PM members, they asked Krystal personally and she agreed to do it. Taecyeon indicated that Junho was very excited by her approval.

However, due to Krystal’s age (She’s only 18), she couldn’t appear on the track since ‘Hands Up’ lyrics deal with adult subjects like clubbing and drinking.

Krystal said that she really wanted to do this track because it has such a nice melody. Taecyeon suggests to her to do it on the spot and she sings it on the show.

Source: mkwDeadGirl

Written by Alia (Associate Writer @ KOREA.COM)

25 July 2011

[INFO] 2PM's "HANDS UP" on International Charts!

May be taken out with full credits.

2PM's HANDS UP has recently shown up on Germany's "Viva TV" CLIP Chart. According to Remarkable Forum (German K-pop Forum!), Viva is a part of MTV Germany! The CLIP chart is based on the number of clicks a video clip gets. German fans discovered that kpop songs were also being included in this and began to share clips and attract more clicks. Thus, 2PM's "HANDS UP" was #45 on the VIVA CLIP Chart for this week! ^^

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In addition, 2PM's HANDS UP was seen as being in the "top artists in the United States" list on ringtone making website, Audiko! Although this is a site that many may not know, it definitely shows a Hottest presence in America! ^^

[NEWS] KARA! SNSD! History's Greatest K-POP Festival in Niigata

It's been revealed that 12 popular Korean groups including SNSD, KARA, 2PM, BEAST, will be gathering together to hold the greatest K-POP live event in history at Tohoku Electric Big Swan Stadium in Niigata on August 20. Named "K-POP All Star Live in Niigata," the plan is to surpass the previous audience record of any Korean music event by enmassing 46,000 people. Furthermore, to aid in the reconstruction of the earthquake disaster, middle and high school students who are taking refuge as victims in Niigata will be invited.

At last, the K-POP version of a "summer festival" has been created. On August 20, 46,000 spectators will gather at the outdoor stadium in Niigata. On the 13th of this month, "KBS Music Bank" managed to gather over 45,000 people at Tokyo Dome, becoming history's greatest K-POP live event.

12 amazing artists will be performing. As for girl groups, there will be 5-member KARA and 9-member SNSD, who received 1st and 2nd place rankings for their sales as newcomers on Oricon last year, as well as SISTAR, Secret, and 4minute, for a total of 5 groups. For boy groups, there will be 2PM and BEAST, who both made their debuts in Japan this year, as well as CNBLUE, Norazo, INFINITE, 2AM, and TEEN TOP, for a total of 7 groups to make the midsummer night hot with their singing voices.

Outside of Tokyo and Osaka, this will be the first time such a large scale K-POP event will be held locally [in Japan]. The head of MBC, the Korean TV station who is putting on the event, spoke about the reason for holding the concert in Niigata: "This event was decided in order to extend K-POP into the entire nation of Japan. In order to achieve this, activities need to be spread to other districts [of Japan]." Fans nationwide in Japan as well as many fans from Korea are to attend.

There is currently consideration to hold a concert in Sendai next year where the earth has been devastated by the earthquake disaster, as well as plans to have continuing events in other local cities from there on.

Furthermore, artists are progressively taking on endorsements for aiding the revival from the earthquake disaster. There are currently 7000 disaster victims taking refuge in Niigata, of which 300 of the middle and high school students who wish to go will be invited.

Also, a portion of the profits from the original goods to be sold there will be donated.

*Foreigners can also attend. ...The entrance ticket (advanced booking 9800 yen) presale has ended, as the planned 46,000 tickets has already been reached. However, since there could be cancellations, you can currently purchase tickets at Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, and e+. Presale tickets are available for fans in 47 prefectures, plus 1500 overseas fans from 9 other countries such as Korea and China are [planned] to attend.

Source: Sports Hochi
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

[NEWS] 2PM, Large Scale Asia Tour To Start in September!

Group 2PM will hold a "2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR."

Starting at Seoul's Jamsil Gymnasium on September 2 & 3, they will then continue holding concerts in different parts of Southeast Asia until November. Continuing from their first concert "DON'T STOP CAN'T STOP" last year, this will be their second solo concert. Their management company JYP Entertainment stated, "It will be an enjoyable and pleasant concert that only 2PM can give," adding, "They are preparing special stages specifically for the audience on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which I think everyone will be able to enjoy."

Meanwhile, 2PM are currently promoting their 2nd album "Hands Up."

Source: Innolife
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

18 July 2011

[NEWS] 2PM Junsu, "'Immortal Song,' I Can't Show Just 50% of My Ability"

This was collected from KBS2 TV's "Happy Sunday: Immortal Song 2."

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, "Happy Sunday" received an overall viewer rating of 7.5% on July 16. Other programs that aired at the same time were MBC TV's "Infinity Challenge" which recorded 17.2% and SBS TV's "Star King" which recorded 10.3%. "Immortal Song 2" started out with 7.9% on the 4th of last month, and has remained within the same 5 ~6% range ever since. A different corner started airing "Secret" on the 9th, but it didn't gain much attention.

FT Island's Lee Hongki, who is busy preparing for an Asia tour, confessed on the July 16 broadcast, "I have to quickly memorize the lyrics and melody since I have to perform tomorrow and the day after," meanwhile 2PM's Junsu said, "I have to practice 110% in order to show 100% of my ability. 70~80% of practice amounts to me only being able to show 50~60%."

Source: Innolife
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

14 July 2011

[TRANS] 2PM HJM : Q&A (Eng)

Q :: ひざまくらをしてもらうのが好きなんですか?(笑)
TY ::
Q :: Do you like getting lap pillow?
TY :: I like it!!

Q ::
NK :: I usually like long-straight hair but I think girls with shorter hair can look sexy too. (
Q :: Do you prefer long or short hair?
NK ::
I usually like long-straight hair but I think girls with shorter hair can look sexy too.

Q ::
WY ::
音楽です ^^
Q :: Things you cannot live without?
WY :: Music ^^

Q ::
JH ::
Q :: Your hometown, Ilsan, what is it like?
JH :: A good place to live, peaceful and beautiful but a bit colder than Seoul in winter

Q ::
JS :: ありがとうございます!ポイントは決まっていなくて、その日の気分で決めます。独特なプリンティングが好きかな。
Q:: You have outstanding fashion sense. The point of your fashion is?
JS :: Thank you! I don't have fixed point of
fashion. It depends on my moo. I like peculiar designs.

Q ::
CS ::
Q :: If you were born again, you would like to be a girl or a boy?
CS ::A girl! It should be very different from now?

JPN-Thai : TK*Jijar @2pmalways.com | Thai-Eng/JPN-ENg by Offogato & Multivitamins @2pmalways
Special thanks to SAKI for the checking!

13 July 2011

[TRANS] YOZM (Taec,Chan,Junho)

Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways
♥2PM♥ Taecyeon
It’s Taecyeon let’s go

[Fan] Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
[Taecyeon] Maldives

[Fan] You here?? You’re here????
[Taecyeon] I’m here k

[Fan] How’s your arm oppa?
[Taecyeon] It’s about the same

[Fan] Got soaked in the rain from head to toe and friends ignored me I’m so depressed today and this kid keeps annoying me T____T Ah break this Murphy’s Law for me hyung T_____T Tell me to cheer up and do well in my studies hyung T____T
[Taecyeon] Cheer up

[Fan] Oppaoppaoppaoppaoppa Taecyeonie oppa!!!!!! Just wondering if you’d answer me if I called for you like this T______T♥
[Taecyeon] kkk

[Fan] Oppa, which online games do you like?
[Taecyeon] Sudden [Attack]?

[Fan] Oppa did you not get a bruise on your hip?
[Taecyeon] What about my hip?

[Fan] Oppa can you please say fighting!!!!!!
[Taecyeon] Fighting

[Fan] What is this T_T Can’t even see our oppa
[Taecyeon] This is chatting

[Fan] Oppa, you’re coming to Thailand soon so how do you feel about it?
[Taecyeon] Are we going to Thailand?

[Fan] I love you Ok Taecyeon T___T Fighting for left hand and fighting for your right hand too T_T
[Taecyeon] Two finger typing!

[Fan] Oppa, do you like your new hair???
[Taecyeon] But I’m gonna grow my hair long?

[Fan] Who started the GGG rap first G?
[Taecyeon] I don’t know G

[Fan] Dream Team with bandages~It’s good to see you’re trying hard but look after your body?OK?
[Taecyeon] Will do

[Fan] Taecyeon oppa! I’ll do HANDS UP together in Japan OK??!! \ㅇㅅㅇ/
[Taecyeon] Alright~

[Fan] Oppa do you have any scenarios (drama/film) in your hands lately? When can we see you acting again?
[Taecyeon] Around early next year?

[Fan] What do you use to raise your hair??
[Taecyeon] Dryer

[Fan] Do you have anything you wanna eat right now?
[Taecyeon] Rice noodles

[Fan] Why do you have concerts in Seoul only this time? T_T
[Taecyeon] Overseas schedules…

[Fan] Oppa how’s your arm? T_T From now on listen to positive songs rather than hurtful songs! What you say comes true~!
[Taecyeon] It hurts

[Fan] Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon??
[Taecyeon] >.<

[Fan] Grandpa, please take a selca after this T___T
[Taecyeon] Who you calling grandpa?

[Fan] Taecyeon oppa why aren’t you replying me…….. I’m disappointed………….T_______________T
[Taecyeon] Dis to the appoint

[Fan] What did you have for dinner?
[Taecyeon] Didn’t eat

[Fan] Is this how I use this…?? Haven’t used YOZM for a long time ^^;; Are you gonna read this?
[Taecyeon] I can see~

[Fan] Can you even see my mentions G? They’re being ignored G..
[Taecyeon] GG

[Fan] I don’t like you anymore let’s break up
[Taecyeon] Are you listening to Lies? (*by GOD)

[Fan] How’s your injury??T_T Are you feeling better?? Please scold Junho and Wooyoung T_T They keep saying they want girlfriends on TV T_T Tell them to wait until they’re at the top T_T
[Taecyeon] kk
[Taecyeon] It’s not like they’re gonna wait cos you tell them too kkkk

[Fan] Oppa what do I have to do to be selected for the fansigning? I don’t get chosen even when I buy the albums huh???????? I wanna cry you know that
[Taecyeon] I’ve never been selected to a fansigning before..

[Fan] What colour are your shues you’re wearing now?
[Taecyeon] What are shues?

[Fan] Just a dot if you can see this.. Dot… Dot…
[Taecyeon] .

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Taecyeon] Is that your dinner?

[Fan] What does a mic mean to Ok Taecyeon?
[Taecyeon] A thing that makes sound I guess

[Fan] And what time is this going on till?
[Taecyeon] Till 11?

[Fan] Oppa what’s in your best interests lately??k
[Taecyeon] My wrist?

[Fan] It’s so hot here G the fan’s broken G my body’s melting G I won’t eat you if you reply G~!
[Taecyeon] Yo!

[Fan] Do you play games much???
[Taecyeon] Don’t have time...

[Fan] Oppa I’m behind you right now kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[Taecyeon] But a staff member is behind me?

[Fan] Oppa don’t get injuries T_T Rest well!!! Couldn’t you give us a small spoiler for the upcoming concert?T_T
[Taecyeon] This time it’s Asian Tour!!

[Fan:PunchJ] What do you want to eat today?? K
[Taecyeon] Rice noodles

[Fan] I’ve prayed to Doonggo God (Fat Cat God) that I can have Yeonnie oppa but why isn’t it coming true?_?T_T
[Taecyeon] Cos I’m higher than Doonggo God k

[Fan] Oppa which drama do you watch these days?!^0^
[Taecyeon] Kim Samsoon k (MBC’s My Name is Kim Samsoon)

[Fan] I used to be crazy for Taec but after the scandals I started liking pure Woodongie but I’m gonna like Taec again Woodongie is bad –kkkk
[Taecyeon] How many scandals did I have?kkkk

[Fan] Grandpa tell us an old story T_T
[Taecyeon] Tigers smoked cigarettes too Finished (Korean myths and legends often start with ‘Long, long time ago when tigers used to smoke…’)

[Fan] Hello hyung!!!!!! Thanks for spotting the fanboy at the studio T____T Did you see my message?
[Taecyeon] All good~!

[Fan] Wonder what Junsu is doing? Kk
[Taecyeon] Playing kk

[Fan] Love you! What are you gonna do after this?
[Taecyeon] Recording…

[Fan] Why is it the last stage already T_T Are you having a special stage on your last performances?
[Taecyeon] Probably not?

[Fan] Oppa…… Sobs T_T Did someone put an invisibility cloak over my messages..T_T
[Taecyeon] You are Harry Potter?

[Fan] The Show was really fun! Looking forward to the next episode kkkkkk
[Taecyeon] As long as there’s no cooking episode kkk

[Fan] Oppa what’s your review of the 2PM Show!?!?!
[Taecyeon] Funny k

[Fan] Oppa isn’t it lagging heaps here? Is your side OK oppa?T_T????
[Taecyeon] Seems fine?

♥2PM♥ Chansung
It’s Chansung kk !!

[Fan] Chansungie is here?
[Chansung] Yes I’m here kkkk

[Fan] Oppa you have seaweed on your face very handsome
[Chansung] Ahh..kkk

[Fan] Chansunga marry me !!T_T
[Chansung] Hah…

[Fan] A name for a puppy~
[Chansung] Puppy !!

[Fan] Chansunga how’s Jeonggamie doing????
[Chansung] Doing very well kkk

[Fan] Oppa why did you come so late~~ I was ignored by Taecyeon oppa so much T_T Please bite him kk
[Chansung] Taecyeonie hyung isn’t next to me kk

[Fan] Oppa how’s your chatting posture right now !?!kkkkkkkkkk
[Chansung] On-the-computer posture..kkk

[Fan] I’m gonna propose
[Chansung] Ah OK..!

[Fan] What’s your review on the 2PM Show?????
[Chansung] Funny ~!

[Fan] Chansungie is a fool who doesn’t know my feelings G~
[Chansung] Haha that’s right G

[Fan] I’m gonna stop fangirling if you don’t do it T__________________T
[Chansung] Huh??

[Fan] What?? You hurt your pubis bone??? Let me see T_______T Hurry let’s see T__________T Let me see now *panting*
[Chansung] Did you want to see my injury or my skin and bones kkkk

[Fan] Oppa please upload a selca after you finish with chatting T_T
[Chansung] That’s not permitted..kkk

[Fan] ♥’ㅅ’ ♥ Jeonggamie is so cute but nuna is afraid of cat’s, what shall I do~~ ? kk
[Chansung] Ah that’s OK ~~^^

[Fan] Please leave me a dot it’s my wish please please
[Chansung] .

[Fan] Oppa my battery is nearly dead T_T So hurry up and say that you love me
[Chansung] kkk..

[Fan] Oppa have you had dinner??
[Chansung] Yes kk

[Fan] Chansungie oppa! I won’t eat you if you reply~~~~~~GGG!
[Chansung] I’m not something you can eat G~~

[Fan] Oppa oppa I’m eating bread right now om nom nom T__T
[Chansung] Enjoy your meal~~kk

[Fan] Oppa do you like younger girls or older girls or girls in the same age as you? Ps don’t forget I called you oppa
[Chansung] I like them all k

[Fan] Chansung-ssi can you please do Take Me Down for your individual stage at the concert again? A..American dance
[Chansung] Dunno kk..

[Fan] Oppa why can’t you honestly see me!!!!!T_T I’m gonna cry
[Chansung] Saw you !!

[Fan] What are you doing after the chat’s over?
[Chansung] Practice!

[Fan] Chansung oppa show me a cute emoticon~T_T*
[Chansung] #~#

[Fan] Chansungah what books do you read lately? Recommend recommend! If you like mysteries then you should read ‘Snow White Must Die’ it’s really interesting!!
[Chansung] Future Woman!! Read that kk

[Fan] I don’t have the energy left to send messages anymore T________T
[Chansung] !!!

[Fan] Oppa you used to eat that 100WON Goldfish Red Bean bread at the 5-way intersection in front of the Wangsipri Station often right??????????????????
[Chansung] Ah that’s really yummy kkk

[Fan] Chansungah what time will you sleep tonight??
[Chansung] Don’t know../.

[Fan] Oppa have you read 11 Minutes? Is it rude?
[Chansung] Haven’t read it k

[Fan] Oppa if your heart’s big please share it a little G
[Chansung] ( ) This much

[Fan] I lost my wallet on the way home from Dream Team yesterday T_T Please cheer me up T__T
[Chansung] Cheer up T___T

[Fan] Chansung oppa I’m waiting these days. Please help me go through it! I really miss you~
[Chansung] I don’t know what it is but you can do it ~~!!kkk

[Fan] Chansung oppa..Do you know what deviation..variance..standard deviations are.. My head’s gonna burst T_T
[Chansung] Haha … I don’t know either kk;;

[Fan] Oppa I’m really begging you for a reply….. I’ll keep it safe and hand it over to my next generations so just one………. Even just a space or a punctuation mark just anything…..
[Fan] Chansungah it’s so hard to get a reply T_______________Tk
[Chansung] Reply!!!

[Fan] Oppa then upload a selca of Jeonggamie..
[Chansung] How can Jeonggamie take a selca... kkkk

[Fan] It’s all being piled up huhT_T? T____________T Ah so sad T__T
[Chansung] Eh?

[Fan] Rawrheiuioahgoih T___T I’m gonna eat ramen and get fat
[Chansung] Hello~!~~

[Fan] Have you decided what to do for your individual stage at the concert?
[Chansung] It’s been decided kkkk Hohoho

[Fan] Chansungah don’t you think Jeonggamie is actually a wild cat?...kkkk
[Chansung] Could be a black leopard/..

[Fan] Oppa please just one reply I really feel like crying T___________________T
[Chansung] Don’t cryyyyy

[Fan] Jeonggamie looks like our baby we used to have before. Not the colour but its atmosphere
[Chansung]Ohh.. Really?kkk

[Fan] Please write foot (I think this was a typo and was meant to say: Please write informally)
[Chansung] Foot

♥2PM♥ Junho
It’s Junho shall we get started

[Fan] Are you three sharing and rotating on the computer?kk Is it Junho’s turn now?kkkkkkk
[Junho] Yes

[Fan] JunhoppaT_____________________________________T
[Junho] Yes ^^

[Fan] Oppa you have seaweed on your face handsome seaweed11
[Junho] It’s not funny~~ kk

[Fan] What does ‘to be in deep love’ mean to Junho?
[Junho] A very vivid love~~

[Fan] I went to Stay G concert G Junho oppa was awesome G
[Junho] Thanks G

[Fan] Marry me Lee Junho!
[Junho] Don’t want to

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Junho] That’s such an old school story kk

[Fan] Oppa Give It To Me is so good!! You really must have talent in composing~ Multi talented~kk♡
[Junho] Thank you. Look forward to the next song too k

[Fan] Do you know why Tonki’s dad died?
[Junho] Don’t wanna know it’s cruel

[Fan] Have you read “Happy Street Cat”?
[Junho] Yes I have ^^

[Fan] give it to me you’re replie!! Is my spelling correct?hh
[Junho] Don’t ask

[Fan] Do you have anything you want to eat right now??~
[Junho] Rice T_T

[Fan] Meeeeeowwwww rawwwwrrrr meeeowwww *o*
[Junho] Puahahahyahehahdjjdkaldpeupeuialngoaiksgjkalhahaahahanaanang

[Fan] Can I spam your wall T_T?
[Junho] I won’t reply if you spam

[Fan] What does same-age-Wooyoung mean to Junho?
[Junho] Chick

[Fan] Any thoughts on doing musicals???
[Junho] Someday~~!

[Fan] Is it good if a girl looks like you oppa ?...Must be good?
[Junho] It’s not necessarily good..

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Junho] Why do you think I made it that way

[Fan] leejunholeejunholeejunoheleejunholeejunholeejunholeejunholeejunoheujonleejunoleejunholeejunholeejonleejunho I can’t get Itnuneo kkkkkk Tell me how to do it
[Junho] Don’t do it…kk

[Fan] Oppa are you gonna do UFO lots and lots again??
[Junho] Probably!

[Fan] YO~ I have an exam in two days G~ But I’m doing this G~ I’m doomed G~ I’m doing this during my exam period so leave me a message G??
[Junho] Sigh..

[Fan] Serious Junho! Are you replying seriously?
[Junho] kk…. While eating potatoes

[Fan] Give it to me is very GOOD~
[Junho] Don’t use English

[Fan] Tell me one attractive point of Lee Junho!
[Junho] I’m curious tell me what it is k

[Fan] Chansungie says I look like Junsu oppa kk I’m a girl T_T
[Junho] Hmm..

[Fan] Can you hear me
[Junho] I can’t hear but can see

[Fan:BoboJ] ♥ Oppa~~~ I’m a Thai fan~~~ Do you wanna eat Tangmopun???kkkkkkk Come to Thailand quickly~~~ Okay? ♥
[Junho] krap~~

[Fan] A new name for my puppy
[Junho] Woofwoof

[Fan] Which Japanese food is the nicest?? hh
[Junho] Okinawa soba!! Etc

[Fan] Steamed potato? Baked potato? Fried potato?
[Junho] Fast food

[Fan] Why do you keep saying G? Is it fun/
[Junho] No not really…

[Fan] I’m learning Japanese these days!! Japanese is gud! Guess what it means~
[Junho] You mean ‘is good’

[Fan] Do you wanna go out with me when your hair is back to black?T__T??
[Junho] When it turns white naturally

[Fan] Oppa, do you know what the bakery owner goes to see at the zoo? Soboro~^^…. (so=cow, boro=to see)
[Junho] It’s so….

[Fan] My friend says your side face looks like Wooyoung.. I heard you resemble your lover when you’re in love? Ohhohoh
[Junho] Oh that’s nice

[Fan] Oppa is a fairy but you eat night snacks too?
[Junho] I’m not Fin.K.L

[Fan] Who is the best~?? Who is the best~?? Who is the best~??
[Junho] 2NE1 probably

[Fan] Junho oppaya~ Aren’t girls who use dialect cute? I’m sorta cute?
[Junho] Dialects don’t matter. BUT!! I don’t know your face

[Fan] I’m probably a seonbae to you learning Japanese?? Do well hubaenim! (seonbae=senior, hubae=junior)
[Junho] Yes Oksama Wantchu seonbaenim

[Fan] Junhoppa if I don’t spam then you won’t seem this cos it loads so fast T_T!!!!
[Junho] Saw!

[Fan] Ha.. And so my 1 hour went by like a useless person has poo’d
[Junho] I feel like eating baby octopus

[Fan] I’m Taecyeon’s girlfriend! Kkkkkk
[Junho] OK .

[Fan] Hyung !!!!!!Love you kkkkkkkkkkkk I’m a fanboy who went to Dream Team yesterday with a fanboard kkkkkkkkk
[Junho] Love should be shared with a girl

[Fan] Junhoya~ I really need 2PM…I need Lee Junho
[Junho] kkkk You must really need us..

[Fan] Junho oppa…..Oppa…….. Can you hear me?...................
[Junho] No I can see it

[Fan] Oppa I’m disappointed let’s break up~!! Heungchitbboong
[Junho] Thanks

[Fan] Oppa is a real angel.. Taec oppa Chansung oppa filtered me T.Tkk
[Junho] 3 minutes left

[Junho] 3 minutes left~~~

[Fan] What do I need to do to get a reply from oppa?
[Junho] Not sure..

[Fan] what is 2pm doing now?? Eaten???
[Junho] What
[Junho] ??

[Fan] Oppa you really can’t see mine till the end…T_T
[Junho] I can see

[Fan] I’m Park Jinyoung answer me Junho~
[Junho] No impersonations!

[Fan] Let’s make it to 1st place again this week !!!!!!
[Junho] Let’s all do it!!

[Fan] Listen to my heartbeat~ Can you hear my heart beat? You can hear it all the way there right?
[Junho] I’m not Sommers (from Bionic Woman)

[Fan] What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
[Junho] To take a deep breathe

[Junho] Was it fun everybody? I’ll see you guys again when time arises bye~~!!

12 July 2011

[TRANS] Hands Up Thanks To - Taecyeon

ALWAYS FIRST, THANK YOU GOD!! And my lovely family; father, mother, sister, and Seulgi who was sad because I didn't write his/her name the last few times, Jieunie, Sungyeolie, Sungeunie, study hard~ Jinyoung hyung, who, although I keep on saying you're my junior in acting, I always respect and believe in, President Jungok who is so busy these days I can't even see him, Vice-President Byeon Sangbong, Director Jo Haesung who always seems to have a hard time, Jisangie hyung, Jongsu hyung, Bongwonie hyung who ran with us and worked hard during the Japan tour, Junsu hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Kim Eunsu-nim, Lee Woomin-nim, Namyoungie hyung who is now worrying about the choreography for Japanese Hands Up performances and Taecyeon's solo stage in the concert, our Hwayoung nuna who is gradually becoming prettier, Jincheolie hyung who came back, golder Seopju-shi, change of personnel to Jinyoungie hyung? transferred Minjae hyung fighting!! Youngilie hyung~ Taegonie hyung~ Suhyun hyung, Team Leader No Seungok, Younggulie hyung, Cheongeunie hyung, Heewon nuna, Seonghee nuna, Sujung nuna, Rayoung nuna, Yoonju nuna, Haejoon-shi, Na Youngkwon-nim, Sanghee nuna, Kim Juyeon-nim, Jang Seoyoon-nim, Teacher Jung Eunok who gets mad at me for texting every day, Jo PD-nim, Myunghwa nuna who guided me to the bakery, Son Jungmin-nim, congratulations on your marriage Jonggyu hyung, Yoon Jaeho hyung who has a hard time during CFs, Seulgi hyung, Creative team's crazy Byungki hyung, Hana nuna, Hyein nuna, Yoohee nuna, Sungjin hyung, Juyoung nuna, management support team Sangwonie hyung, Hyojung nuna, Youngju nuna, Eunkyung nuna, Jungeun nuna. Jaeseo hyung, Myunghanie hyung, Representative Du Hyunsu, Sunmi nuna, Boramie hyung, Jaeho hyung, Teacher Song Yoomi! Hoongyu hyung!! Soyoung nuna! Heehwa nuna, Wonhee nuna~Changminie hyung! Let's go play, my soulmate who sings Seulongie hyung, Jo Kwon who is so busy I can't even see your face, Jinwoonie who's body suddenly became better than mine. Wonder Girls! Sunye, Yeeun, Hyerin, Sohee, Yoobinie! Miss A Minyoungie, Fei, Jia, Suzy! Small and cute Minjoo, Sunmi, Soyoungie, G-Soul, San-E hyung. Representative Young Hyungshim who always cherishes and loves us, as well as Youngho nuna who lost weight! Myungok nuna, who made the 108 delivery(?) for me, TaecHopeful Ara Jo, Hana nuna, Jiyeonie, Powerhouse team Chief Yoora who is really busy lately. Suyeon nuna who has seen everything in Japan, as well as Jiyoon nuna who keeps on talking about travelling, Heewon nuna who I haven't seen much lately, Woojinie who has become a gangster, Jiinie, Yoojinie, Chief Im Jinok, who is a part of the recently moved STYLE FLOOR, as well as a big thanks to the staff~ Jeonho hyung who always takes the best album jacket and pictures! Lee Sangyup-nim who took us to Singapore, Chief Gong Minsun who needs to cheer up from gradual fatigue~ Director Jo Suhyun who directed Take off and Hands Up, JYP USA Lee Woosuk, An Jinyoung, Hyun Myungsu, Moon Hoyoon, Jane, JYP CHINA Lee Cheolhoon, Jo Ilgeum, Yoo Myo, Jang Yeon, and our best staff in Japan: Kazuyuki Kobayashi san, Karube san, Fujiwara san, Isshi san, Ken san, Jieun nuna~ Jung Kyunghee-nim, YASU san, Epic's Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Namgong nuna, Kyungokie hyung, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawak san, Igarashi san. Epic Records Japan Promotion Team! Ariola's Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jodai san, Ito goei san, Ariola Japan Promotion team, as well as Yongdong High Ahgeudeola (?)! ma boi Ian who has come back to Korea! OneWay's Mikey-nim who wrote such a nice ballad for us, Jiyoung nuna who is now publicly dating, Dongryulie hyung, Ssolssolie hyung who I can never see, Sueun nuna, Baek Hogu, Miri and Yoori, sly trainer from Bodyspace which has now become a chain store keke Jinho hyung, Sujin nuna, Taewoo hyung, Chunmyungie hyung, Seowoo nuna, Geunyoung nuna, Dream High's Director Lee Eungbok. Seongyoonie hyung, Hyungjoonie hyung, Hyerim nuna~ Suhyunie, as well as Seungminie hyung who I became close with during Inkigayo, Eunjung nuna, Gwangminie hyung, Jiyoung nuna, Sunghoonie hyung, Hyungtaecie hyung, Seonjin nuna, Hongseok nuna, Sangryulie hyung, Wonhee nuna, Sanghyunie hyung, Bongsunie nuna! Finally songs I like that make me shudder have been released!! 2pm Stronger than Ever!! Junsu, Khun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, let's meet on stage for a long time!! Hottest who I love!! HANDS UP!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

11 July 2011

[NEWS] 2PM Taecyeon, why did he cry so much after eating lemons?

2PM's Taecyeon ate lemons quickly for a challenge and shed an explosion of tears.

On the episode of '2PM SHOW' that will air on SBSPlus on July 16th 11 PM, 2PM, who is challenging unique missions, will be trying to break the current Korean record of 'Quickly eating lemons'.

Like the challenge of eating lemons, last time on the first broadcast on July 7th, they challenged V6's acrobatic human towers and Hallyu star Kim Hyunjoong's new record of turning the heavy iron hula hoop for the longest time.

In the recent recording, before the members tried challenging it, they responded by saying "It looks sour even just looking at it," showing a very non-beastly side to them. However, Junsu and Nichkhun hinted at their confidence, saying "We eat sour foods well."

On this day, for the lemon-eating challenge mission, because it included trying to break the record of peeling a lemon the fastest, the members started with learning the know-hows of this first.

Additionally, Taecyeon, who especially cannot eat sour foods well, even cried from the strong sourness while eating the lemons. It was even more eye-catching because Taecyeon did a body gag and caused big laughter last week on the first episode.

On this day, even the Director of Korean Records, who was present at the filming site, watched the 6 members of 2PM try to break Korea's best lemon-eating record with interest.

Reporter Park Ahreum
Credit Newsen
Article http://news.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201107120835131002

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star, 2PM

*This is actually the same interview as last week except this is longer with more accurate translations.

They introduce themselves.
Question 1: In 2pm, who dances the best?
Taecyeon/Nichkhun: Everyone has a different style. (then they all vote and point. They ask Wooyoung to show.)
Wooyoung: I don't know what to dance...
Commentator: Doesn't Wooyoung look adorable when he is shy?
MC: What is this? When you're on stage, you dance your hearts down, why are you all of a sudden shy?
Nichkhun: It's not the right situation.
MC: I'd like you all to teach me a dance, 2pm style.
Wooyoung/Taecyeon: Chansung, over there. He's our representative. Let's go! Teach her the I'll Be Back dance.

They are teaching her how to dance "I'll Be Back"
Question 2: Everyone has such a great body, what is everyone's secret? Who has the best body?
Taecyeon: Go ahead Junsu.
Junsu: I think Nichkhun is the firmest.
Nichkhun: No, it's not me. It's Chansungie. On stage, the person who takes off their shirt the most is this person and that person (pointing towards Taec)
Taec: Yes, Wooyoungie.
Nichkhun: No, Taec
MC: So they have to have the best bodies, right? Most recently, we saw Nichkhun's Men's Health cover. Can I touch your muscles to see if it's real? (Feels his arms). Oh, it's firm!
Nichkhun: It took about 2-3 months. I went to the gym everyday for 2-3 hours.
MC: Ladies get ready to drool.

Question 3: Now as for the next topic, for who's most popular? Who do the ladies scream the most for?
Taecyeon: I think it's Nichkhun.
MC: And what about the others?
Junho: In Korea, it's Taecyeon, and in Thailand, it's Wooyoung.
Nichkhun: Right now, it's because Taec has a drama. But in Thailand, strangely enough it's Wooyoung. He has a lot of fans, and a lot of them are men. Maybe men like small eyes, and his humor.
MC: So he has a lot of jokes. With a humor like this, does he create the atmosphere in the group?
Nichkhun: Yes, he does.
Junho: He's cute
Nichkhun: Yes, he's cute (personality wise)
MC: Oh, what is this...compliment...
Junho: No, no, no. We're friends.
MC: Okay, you are friends. He (Wooyoung) seems so quiet. Is he shy?
Nichkhun: (to Wooyoung) Why are you so quiet?
Taecyeon: He can't speak Thai so that's why he's not answering.
Nichkhun: It's because he can't speak Thai.
MC: He can answer in Korean, we have a translator.
Nichkhun: You can speak in Korean.
Taecyeon: Just say something, don't be shy.
MC: He won't answer. He's shy. Ask him if he's shy because I'm pretty.
Nichkhun: Do you really want me to translate that? (awkward laughs)

Question 4: Who eats the best? (They all answer Chansung)
Junho: He said that he wants to eat this doll too.
Nichkhun: He thinks the doll is food.
MC: He wants to eat it, right? Don't worry, we've prepared food. What does he like to eat?
Nichkhun: He can eat anything. Bring him to a buffet.
MC: Don't worry, I can take care of him then.

Question 5: You guys have been to Thailand so many times. What part of Thailand do you like the best?
Wooyoung: I really like the tourist spots. I like them all, they're all very attractive.
Taecyeon: As for me, I like the hot weather, and it's a very big country too.
Junsu: Like what Taecyeon said, Thailand is very hot, not cold like Korea. Thai fans very given us a very heartwarming welcome, thank you.
Junho: Nichkhun, say something about Thailand. As for me, I like the food. Pork fried rice. Thang mo pun (Blended watermelon). very delicious. And the views in Thailand are very beautiful too. Swimming to enjoy the views is nice. I like Tom Yum Koong too.
Junsu: Rothee Sia mai
Chansung: I like the Thai greeting. It is very gentle and beautiful.
Nichkhun: (translating what Chansung said) Thai way of greeting. It's a tradition that's beautiful and gentle.

Question 6: What fans seem to be the most touching?
Junho: The most touching fans are all the fans that love us.
Taecyeon: And those that have followed our works too.

MC: Nichkhun, do you teach the Thai language or culture to your friends?
Nichkhun: I don't formally teach them, but when we come to Thailand, they ask about the names of food, like Rothee SaiMai. So when we're at the hotel, I tell them to try to order themselves. So they say "Can I have Pork Fried Rice or Thang po pun?" This person can count in Thai too (referring to Junho)
Junho: One two three. That's it. Ten! Four Five Six Seven.
MC: What about everyone else? Can anyone else speak Thai?
Taec: Junsu can speak Thai too.
Junsu: Proong nee fon ja mai thok (Tomorrow it will not rain) - his signature Thai phrase
Taec: I am very hungry.
Wooyoung: Sawadee krap

MC: Nichkhun, since you're Thai, do you ever recommend to your friends where to visit?
Nichkhun: I usually tell them places we should travel to. Like Phuket, Hua Hin.
All: Phuket!
Nichkhun: They've only been to Bangkok and Pattaya. I want to take them to Hua Hin and Phuket, the places that I like. I want to bring them to the places that I like. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to.
MC: Can you recommend Korean food?
Nichkhun: Usually when Thai people go to Korea, they just each Korean BBQ and Bimbimpap. There's also Samgetsam that's healthy.

MC: Taecyeon and Wooyoung, can you describe your character roles in Dream High?
Taec: First, I have to thank you for the warm acceptance of my role. I am just one person in this cast. Thank you for your warm reactions.
MC: Wooyoung, it's your first time acting. How was it? Were you nervous?
Woo: It was my first time acting, so it wasn't easy at all. You can say it was very difficult. I am not very good at acting, so I had to try very hard, especially for my English accent, but good thing I had my hyungs to ask for help. It took a very long time to film, so it was very tiring, but in the end, it turned out good, so I am very happy.

MC: They said that Chansung is a 'bad boy' in Joo's MV. Was it hard to play a bad boy?
Chansung: Yes I was the main male character in Joo's MV. It wasn't very hard, but I had to think hard about the emotions of the character, which involved a lot of emotions, so this was hard.
Nichkhun: So are you really a bad boy?
Junho: Yessss
Nickhun: He's a good actor. So it's easy for him.
MC: So it's not because he's a bad boy.
Nickhun: No
MC: Who is the most "bad boy"?
Taecyeon: It has to be Chansung. He was easily able to act that role because he was just acting himself! Just like this (imitating him with the bubble gun)

MC: I've heard that Junho has participated in a lot of shows. What special skills does he have on those shows?
(sorry can't see again, but they're talking about Dream Team)
Taecyeon: You're good at shows, Junho
Junho: Hmm...game shows. As for game shows, there really isn't anything interesting. I am a good runner, I am better at moving my body than speaking. In these game shows, I am always running, running so fast that you would be surprised.
Nichkhun: (translating what Junho said) He said that he's not good at talking, but there's a variety show were they compete in athletic events, which he is very good at.
MC: So he's very athletic. Junsu, I heard you featured in Rainy Days. Can you show us?
Junsu: Ahh..Rainy days. Singing Rainy days with One Way requires high notes. Together it is very beautiful. (Junsu sings.)
Taecyeon: How can Junsu sing this...it is so beautiful. I want to see you practicing!
Nichkhun: He also composed a song in Dream High.
(Junsu sings, and clips of Real 2pm)

MC: Now back to our Nichkhun. 'We Got Married.' How does it feel to have a wife?
Nichkhun: I think of it as a way to practice for the future. It's fun. It's a program that's different. It's a real reality show.
Taec: Ahhhh
MC: What is your real relationship with Victoria? Is there anything behind the scenes?
Taec: Ahhhhh

MC: What is your real relationship with Victoria? Is there anything behind the scenes?
Taec: Ahhhhh
Nichkhun: We've become close friends. We have good feelings towards each other, but we haven't crossed that line.
MC: Why not? When people spend a lot of time together, there are usually sparks.
Nichkhun: Well, there is some, which is normal anytime a guy and girl meet. But it's just work.
Taec: Ahhhhh
MC: How do your friends feel about seeing you so sweetly in this program? Are they jealous?
Taec: We're jealous!
Woo: Yes, they're very sweet!
Junsu: Seeing how sweet they are makes me very jealous. I follow it very closely. Nichkhun looks very happy. Just saying it makes me very jealous.
Woo: I'm very jealous that Nichkhun gets such a good opportunity like this. If I ever get the chance, I won't pass it up for sure.
Taec/Junsu: Who do you want to be paired up with?
Woo: It's not what you guys are thinking.
Junsu: What if you got the chance?
Woo: If I got it, I would have to split it (Not sure if this is a pun)
Junsu: Just choose someone. If you had to make believe someone...If you had 4 people...
Woo: I'd have to choose one by one...
MC: Looks like the program is going to have other members participate so that they can all be happy like Nichkhun. 2pm has done a lot of commercials. Which commercials have you done in Thailand?
Nichkhun: In Thailand, we have a phone one and snack one.
Junsu: For the snack CF, the staff was very endearing. Thank you for taking good care of us. I remember that day filming took very long, everyone was tired, but it was very fun.
Chansung: Yes similarly. That day we had to change outfits many times. I remember one of my outfits didn't fit right, and so the staff was running around for a new shirt because it was snugged at the shoulders.

MC: Let's talk about you living together. Someone has to be the father, mother. Who plays each of those roles?
Taecyeon/Nichkhun: Wooyoung is the mother because he likes to nag. "why aren't you guys cleaning up? why don't you put things away?" stuff along those lines.
MC: If Wooyoung is the mom, who's the dad?
Taecyon/Nichkhun: There's no dad, but there's a grandpa, which is me. Because I don't like loud noises, I sleep early, and I nag too.

MC: What is 2pm's secret to maintain popularity?
Chansung: We ourselves are not really sure either. It is probably because we try our best and we love in what we do. Most importantly, we have perseverance. We have to take care of ourselves. We love everyone who takes care of us. This love is what gives us the strength to persevere through.
Nichkhun: We try our best when we are on stage.
MC: So in summary, by being themselves, is what makes fans love 2pm. Please tell us about your current projects individually.
Chansung: Right now we have a new album. It shows a new look, so please look forward to it. Bye!
Junho: As for me, I am currently thinking of a new concept. It might take a while, but you will surely see it soon. Thank you very much.
Nichkhun: We are currently preparing our next album. And we hope to be able to come to Thailand more often. Please wait for us.
Junsu: Everytime we come to Thailand, we receive lots of love and warmth from Thai fans, thank you again for the warm welcome. I love you.
Taec: Thank you for loving us. Kob khun krup (Thank you in Thai)
Woo: We will work hard in creating new works. Please look forward to them. Thank you.

Source: TheOngang2pm @ YT
Translated by whiterose @ W2D


09 July 2011

[INFO] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Seoul

May be taken out with full credits.

The first announcement regarding 2PM's ASIA TOUR 2011

Fanclub members ticketing on July 19th and regular on the 26th.

Only the korean dates have been posted so far

08 July 2011

[TRANS] Hands Up Thanks To - Junho

Thank you Jesus. To my family who I love, father, mother and always difficultly flying around Nuna, thank you so much for being by my side. Jinyoung hyung who is greater the more I think about it, Wook president who’s like a hyung, Byun Sangbong vice presient who fights with numbers, Jo Haesung director who becomes more cool, Byungi hyung who suffers for good songs, Bongwon hyung, Hana nuna, Yoohee nuna, Junsu hyung, Sungjin hyung, Hyein nuna, Jooyoung nuna, Jisang hyung, Jongsoo hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Mr Eunsoo, Mr Woomin, Minjae hyung who always did everything together with us, Jinchul hyung, Taegon hyung, Soohyun hyung, Youngil Hyung, Jooseob hyung, Namyoung hyung, hwayoung nuna, artist team’s Seungwook hyung, Younggeol hyung, Eunok nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Rayoung nuna, Younggwan hyung, Mr Seoyoon, Heewon nuna, Sunghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Haejoon hyung, ms Jooyeon, Image repairing Namdong hyung, Jonggyu hyung, Myunghwa nuna, Mr Jungmin, Jaeho hyung who fought with CF’s, Seulgi hyung, Soojung nuna, Where are you Changeun hyung, Sangwon hyung who’s head hurt from dealing with numbers, Hyojung nuna, Youngjoo nuna, Jungeun nuna, Eunkyung nuna, Jaeseo hyung, out of tune Myunghan hyung, Jiyoung nuna who works hard to find rookies, Jungu hyung, Mr Hyunkyung, Ms Narae, Ms Jungeun, Ms Sieun, Jihyung nuna, Gijae hyung, AQ’s Eric too, Hyunsoo hyung, Boram hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Mr Haeeun, Mr Jungil, Wooseok hyung who works hard in America, Mr Jinyoung, Myungsoo hyung, Hoyoon hyung who works hard in mixing, and Jaein!
China’s Chulhoon hyung, Let’s do that thing we talked about a lot! Mr Ilgeum, Yoomyo hyung, Mr Jangyeon, our new family in Japan who do everything big, Kazu sang, Karube sang, Fujiwara sang, Isshi sang, Ken sang, we’ll work hard. Jieun nuna who stays in Japan,

-paragraph break-

director we’ll lesson your worries, Gyunghee nuna, Yasu sang, Hayashi sang, Endo sang, Kawai~ kasai sang, cute Namgoong nuna, cool Gyungwook hyung, Izumi sang, Kumi sang, Ichikawa sang, Igarashi sang, Watanabe sang, Tanigawa sang, Hasegawa sang, Jodai sang, Ito Goei sang, thank you for the cool jacket. Jeonho hyung, Sangyeob hyung, Minsun nuna, Jo Soohyun supervisor who repeatedly started conversations and wanted to learn, our wardrobe team representative Park Yoora (now be the representative), always sorry Sooyeon nuna, Jiyoon nuna, Heewon nuna, Woojin, Ms Ji-in, Ms Yujin, boundless ssallong(?)’s Yang Hyungsim representative (elementary school student is sorry), Youngho nuna (be the leader), Myungok nuna (ㅋㅋ) Ara nuna, Jihyun, Hana nuna, Style floor Lim Jinok director~ you always decorated us awesomely so I love you! Body space’s Hwang Jinho hyung, Hyungyu hyung, who these days can’t see acrobatics often, I miss you! There are even more people who helped with this album and other important things. I also will work on a new mindset. Thank you to our Hottest who always back me up when I have a lot of thoughts or feel a little fear. In the fast and perhaps scary world, our real worth which is swept here and there won’t waste away. In this album I even put my name down as a composer^^ And lastly to the members who I always do everything together with, Junsu hyung, Khun hyung, Taecyeon hyung, Wooyoung, Chansung, it seems like we’ve really become family now. For the bigger world, fighting!!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by mcheller @ W2D

07 July 2011

[TRANS] Hands Up Thanks To - Nichkhun

Thank you Daddy, Mommy, Channie, Nin, and Cherleen. Bann Ne Family, Pa Aud, P’Bee + P’Por, the Peach, Bossssss~~~
You guys are all family! Thank you for loving me. I love YOU too!!!

Jinyoung hyung, Jimmy president, Byun vice president, Jo director~ Namyoung hyung, Hwayoung nuna, Hoongyu hyung, Song Yumi teacher, creative team Byungki hyung, Bongwon hyung, Hana nuna, Yoohee nuna, Junsu hyung, Sungjin hyung, Hyein nuna, publishing Jooyoung nuna, Jisang hyung, Jongsoo hyung, Eunji nuna, Changdae hyung, Tommy, Ms Eunsoo, Mr woomin, Artist Team1 Noh team leader, Younggeol hyung, Juseob hyung, Eunok nuna, Yoonjoo nuna, Rayoung nuna, Jinchul hyung, Minjae hyung, Yonggwan hyung, Taegon hyung, Youngil hyung, Seoyoon nuna, Artist Team2 Heewon nuna, Sunghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Soohyun hyung, Haejoon hyung, Jooyeon nuna, image team Namdon hyung, Jonggyu hyung, Myunghwa nuna, Jungmin nuna, business team Jaeho hyung, Chungeun hyung, Soojung nuna, Seulgi hyung, management support team Jang team leader, Hyojung nuna, Youngjoo nuna, Jungeun nuna, Eunkyung nuna Jaeseo hyung, Myunghan hyung, rookie development team Jangyoung nuna, Jungu hyung, Ms Hyunkyung, Ms Narae, Ms Jungeun, Ms Sieun, Jihyung nuna, Gijae hyung, AQ Boram hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Haeeun nuna, Jungil hyung, JYPUSA Wooseok hyung, Jinyoung hyung, Myungsoo hyung, Ms Hyowoon, Jaein nuna! JYP CHINA Chulhoon hyung, Mr Ilgeum, Yoomyo hyung, Mr Jangyeon JYP JAPAN Jieun nuna, Ms Kyunghee, YASU san.

TEO’s Jeonho hyung, Sangyeob hyung, Designer Minseob nuna, Jo Soohyun supervisor, Hair & makeup team’s Hyungsim nuna, Youngho nuna, Myungok nuna, Ara nuna, Hana nuna, Ms Jiyeon, wardrobe team’s Yoora leader, Sooyeon nuna, Heewon nuna, Mr Woojin, Ms Yujin, Ms Ji-in, Style floor’s Lim Jinok director, the staff, lodging managing aunt, thank you!

P’Vit, P’Kong, P’Ta, P’Daeng, P’Bee, P’jom, P’Gee, and all the staffs in Thailand. Thank you all Cub!
Kazuyuki Kobayashi san, Karube san, Fujiwara san, Isshi san, Ken san, Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Namgoong nuna, Kyungwook hyung, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawa san, Igarashi san, Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jyoohdai nuna, Ito goei san, Bodyspace Seonreung + Bodyspace Chun Hodong, Jinho hyung, Sujin nuna, Junho hyung, Taeoh hyung, trainer hyungs, JYP NATION 2AM, Wonder Girls, Joo, San E hyung, Miss A, let’s all do well!!

Jae Youngjae PD, Yoonjung nuna, Suji nuna, Jungmi nuna, Narae nuna, and WGM staff, Ms Victoria also thank you for always taking care of me! SBK you guys are always on my mind, Ian Shin, Chani, Sean Donghui, OneWay Mike hyung we gotta hang out soon!

Hottest everyone! This time let’s all play like crazy! Thank you for always supporting us so well! Everyone be healthy and become rich!
Thank you all for being in my life!

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by mcheller @ W2D

[TRANS] Hands Up Thanks To - Wooyoung

The family I love, the friends I miss, the teachers I respect. Jinyoungie hyung who I respect, President Jeongok, Vice-president Byeon Sangbong, Director Jo Haesung, creative team fighting!! Byeonggi hyung, as days go by, the anticipated talent, Bongwonie hyung, for some reason cool Hana nuna who is like me, beauty Yoohee nuna, you have to be happy forever Junsu hyung!!, Sungjinie hyung who for some reason knows a lot, pretty smile Hyein nuna, complaining is nagging keke Namyongie hyung, let's hurry up and practice!! Hwayoung nuna, publishing Im Juyoung-nim, Jisangie hyung who is always kind to us, Jongsu hyung I'll wait for the next song, nuna too~ keke Eunji nuna, this generation's true artist Changdae hyung, Tommy, Kim Eunsu-nim, Lee Woomin-nim, Artist1 team team leader No Seungok, cool Yeonggulie hyung, hurry!! I want to see your baby Juseopie hyung!!, if you become slender I'll definitely buy it Eunok nuna!!, Yoonju nuna, Rayoung nuna who likes alcohol!!, now think of being healthy and throw away the cigarettes Jincheolie hyung!!, wherever you go, our brother~ Minjae hyung, Yongkwonie hyung, Taegonie hyung who never stops smiling!!, thank you for believing in us and running along with us, Youngilie hyung!!, Jang Seoyoon-nim, Artist2 team Heewon nuna, Seonghee nuna, Sanghee nuna, Soohyunie hyung who is like a bright encyclopedia!!, Haejoonie hyung, Juyeon nuna, Young Samgtim hyung~ I miss you Namdonie hyung, Jonggyu hyung, doll-like Myunghwa nuna who knows us better than anyone else, Son Jeongmin-nim of the business team, I'll always look forward to it Jaeho hyung!!, Cheongeunie hyung, red lipstick... Sujeong nuna, fighting!! Seulgi hyung, management support team team leader Jeong Sangwon, Hyojeong nuna, Yeongju nuna, Jeongeun nuna, Eunkyeong nuna, Jaeseo hyung, Myonghanie hyung, new to development team Jiyoung nuna, Jungu hyung, Kim Hyunkyeong-nim, Kim Narae nim, Kim Jeongeun-nim, Lee Shiwon-nim, Jihyung nuna, Kijae hyung, AQ Representative Du Hyunsu, Boramie hyung, Jaeho hyung, Sunmi nuna, Jung Haeeun-nim, Jung Jungil-nim, JYPUSA Wooseokie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, Myungsu-hyung, Moon Hoyoon-nim, Jaein nuna, JYP CHINA Hyung, come to Korea to play often~ Chulhoonie hyung, Ilgeumie hyung, we match well keke Myo hyung, Jangyeon nuna, JYP JAPAN Jieun nuna, Namgong nuna, Kyongokie hyung, Jung Kyeonghee-nim, YASU san, Hayashi san, Endo san, Kasai san, Izumi san, Kumi san, Ichikawa san, Igarashi san, Watanabe san, Tanigawa san, Hasegawa san, Jodai san. Really! Acknowledgement!!! Jeonho hyung!!, bobbed hair matches you Sangyeopie hyung!, the cutest in the world Director Gong, chic and scary, but seriously like a pro Director Jo Suhyun!! Clothing team: heheh beautiful Director Yoora, Okay~ let's all become skinny Suhyun nuna, Jiyoon nuna, Heewon nuna, if you jump higher it would be great Woojinie, Jiinie, Yoojinie. Hair and Makeup team: You were a goddess then Representative Hyungshin, Youngho nuna who is getting prettier as the days go by, Myungok nuna who coordinates us nicely~, it's nice seeing you laugh and have fun compared to the past Ara nuna, always showing me you studying, Hana nuna, kekeke take care of me well Jiyeonie. Style Flow Chief Im Jinok and the pretty workers, Hoongyu hyung, let's exercise!! Jinho hyung, Junho hyung, Hyunggwangie hyung, Taewoo hyung, Seongho hyung, Sujin nuna, dorm auntie who makes yummy food every day, and ONE WAY who I really listen to every day!! Mikey hyung, hehe heh heh Woosun-nim, JYP family who I love, HOTTEST ♡ who I treasure the most, and our members who are always beside me ^^... Other than that, everyone who has always supported and loved 2PM, I really want to thank you sincerely.

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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06 July 2011

[TRANS] 2PM AnAn August Issue

Jpn-Kor: 진굴(구 진로) @whattimeisit | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways | Scanned by Yooko_11

I’m a real romantic when in love. Concentrating on love only!

Junsu has a disposition of an artist, but is not a chatterbox. Instead, every word that leaves his mouth is embedded with his aesthetics and delicacy.

“I’m learning Japanese for an hour every day. I also study it from the songs of Japanese artists that I like. I’m checking up to underground bands. I was really glad that we were able to do a tour in Japan and got an opportunity to let people know more about us.”

Junsu is also responsible for composing in 2PM.
He’s also secretly making plans for the day when he will receive some vacation time amidst their busy schedule.

“I want to visit Switzerland which I’ve only seen in pictures ever since I was a little kid. I really wish to see it, because it’s such a beautiful country. Since I don’t have an opportunity to spend a lot of time with my family, I wish to have a family trip to Switzerland.”

Not… with your loved one?

“If I had a girlfriend, it would be great to have a more affordable date plan. Like climbing up the mountains, or simply going to watch a movie. There’s a restaurant in Korea which is famous for engraved couple names on its wall. I would also like to do something like that with an important person in that place. Am I romantic? Well, that could also be… Haha.”

(Among the members, he really likes beautiful things. Favorite meal in Japan: “Tsukemen is really good! I tried it on our day off.”)

I can’t speak in front of a person I like. I’m a little bit slow.

Sweet-faced Nichkhun also has a mild and docile nature.
Even when he is a real beast on stage, he still reminds of a cream-sweet man?!

“We moved to a new dorm and now all of us have a room each. My room has a cozy interior… and I like aroma oils. Because once you enter the room it calms you down and you can relax immediately. Right now I would really like to have an antique-style wood-like stereo. The interior would be complete if I had it.”

He is thought to be a very popular prince-like guy, but in fact Nichkhun is slightly slow-witted.

“I can’t really talk in front of a woman I like. Since I can’t express myself well in words, I’m trying to treat her with sincerity. In Korea it is considered something close to a passionate confession, but in my case it is an exception. Ha ha.”

Nichkhun is still struggling with his Japanese, but the recent visit in Japan this spring was a great stimulus for him.

“Japanese are very sweet. They treated us as great artists, cared for us, so I want to improve a lot in order to meet the expectations. From now on our motto in Japanese is “effort”!”

(The country he wants to visit now is: “USA. I want to try out a road trip.”)

When you like someone there’s no need for words. You communicate with your hearts.

He’s fluent in English, because he grew up in the United States. Combining wild appearance and sharp intelligence – Taecyeon, the perfect boy with an honest and passionate character!

“The Japanese tour we had in May was a very fresh experience, because it was our first time performing in Live House. We had stood on big stages many times, with this “We’ll show you” feeling. But this time it was great to enjoy everything together with the fans.
I also think that our new song “Take Off” also allows enjoying a different side of us.
However, with our new single “I’m Your Man” which is going to be released on the 17th of August; we’re going to demonstrate our Beastly Idol appearance once again.
I guess it is going to showcase a stronger and more masculine image…”

That powerful and masculine appearance doesn’t change even when you are in love?

“Isn’t honesty the most important thing in any situation?
For example, I think that it is possible to convey your true feelings to a person you like even with such words as “Let’s have a meal together”.
So I don’t say straight-forward “I like you”. Even so it probably might be good to be the type of person who can say the “magic word” to a woman, haha.
I would prefer a quiet place for a date. I really liked the Okinawa seaside that we visited recently, so I would like to visit it one day with a person important to me.”

(He’s like the elder brother who leads the members. He’s also popular as an actor. He’s also becoming increasingly good in Japanese. Most recently learnt phrase “Killing two birds with one stone” 一石二鳥 – issekinichou. Good at cooking)

I like Japanese food and onsen! Let’s go together.

Very sociable and keeps on making members laugh with his funny personality. Wooyoung – the person who keeps 2PM’s spirits up.

“Our Japan Tour started in Sapporo and went down all the way to Tokyo. I’m thinking a lot now that perhaps we could’ve done better.
I want to show a lot better performances for you next time after having trained hard. Ah, also I had a lot of delicious meals.
I was very surprised by Nagoya’s hitsumabushi. We have eel in Korea as well, but to think there would be that kind of way to eat it!”

It seems like you had some free time in Tokyo, did you enjoy it?

“I went shopping in Harajuku! Also, Chansung and I went to onsen in one of Tokyo’s suburbs.
It was my first time in an open-air hot spring bath, and I really liked this cool sensation on my face while my body was kept warm. It was amazing.”

Since Wooyoung is thoroughly accommodating and service-minded, it feels like he would prepare a very entertaining date for his girlfriend… his dreams have grown bigger!

“Well, will you go to onsen together? Privately. Haha. It’s not only for work; I want to be a man who takes seriously everything – from having fun to loving someone.
Because I think that makes someone an admirable man, who can live his life with no regrets.”

I want to fly into the future with the Japanese fans. My dream is the arena.

The 2nd youngest in 2PM, Junho is still only 21 years old.
He’s all restless while listening carefully as the other members are weaving philosophies on love.

“Everyone is talking well… The technique which allows you to win woman’s heart? I want to know it too. Please teach me! I might be a passive guy too. I guess I would allow the woman to lead me if I were to start a love li…”

Although the true love is still far away, he’s very passionate about his work. He has a pride which cannot be defeated by anyone.

“There was a message in “Take off” which was released in May, saying “Let’s fly towards our future”. I want to express a strong will to move along together with the Japanese fans. Since I already know how fun it is to perform in Live House during the Zepp Tour, I want to try out the Arena Tour next time!
Personally, I also want to try and appear in Japanese CF. As for the language, I’m learning it.”

Then what about your room’s interior in your dorm?

“There’s a bed in the middle of it. So I could lie down on it from any angle when I’m sleepy. Haha. But I’ve also begun working towards mature interior like Junsu-hyung or Khun-hyung…”

(If he were to go on a trip: “I want to visit Okinawa once more. I would like to sleep in a room matted with traditional tatami mats!”)

I want to be a man who can easily feel the mood of the person in front of him.

Chansung is known for being good in Taekwondo.
With muscles which are trained as well as that of a professional sportsman, he’s the symbol of Beastly idols.

“I liked singing ever since I was a little kid, but I couldn’t even imagine that I would become a singer some day. Even during my audition, instead of singing, I showed my kendo skills, haha. Rather than evaluating my ability to sing, I think they took into consideration the possibility of developing it.”

Even though he is the youngest in 2PM, with his smart discipline and caring character, he’s already a mature gentleman. So how does Chansung imagine a “good man”?

“It’s a hard question. Aren’t I a man who doesn’t put himself forward and tries to fully understand the person next to him? I also would like to become a man who can easily understand the moods of a person he loves during the time we spend together.
Since it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about things straightforward… however, if I see that the other person is getting nervous, then I would definitely tell everything straight.”

You’re very busy with preparing for another single release in August, but what would you do if you had some free time?

“I would like to go backpacking in France. I’m dreaming of relaxing in a place where nobody recognizes me.”

(Among the recently learned Japanese words he likes “fluttery/airy” (ふわふわ~ fuwafuwa).
“When we ate takoyaki in Okinawa, the katsuobushi (dried tuna) was very airy, haha.”)

[TRANS] Hands Up Thanks To - Chansung

First to my family who always cheered for me and supported me endlessly, my mother, father, brother !! I love you very much.

And Jinyoung hyung who’s nagging was like gold to me ^^, and he’s JYP’s president but very good Jungwook president, who’s like the hyung next door, VP Byun Sangbong, who’s always smiling warmly, doing the best for us even though it’s really difficult...Thank you so much! Byungki hyung, who writes the songs good songs we ask for every day ㅋ, Bongwon hyung who’s the coolest at playing guitar, thank you always! Hana nuna, Yoogee nuna! Keep strong always! Sungjin hyung, Hyein nuna, Junsu hyung who’s had a lot of troubles because of us ㅋ, Namyoung hyung, without whom 2PM wouldn’t exist!! Hwayoung nuna, who becomes little by little more more more pretty! I don’t really know but stay well ㅋ, Jooyoung nuna, only feel hyung’s sensitivity, Jisang hyung ㅋ, I want to hear your songs Jongsoo hyung ㅠㅠ, when will I get piano lessons..? Eunji nuna, hyung’s bbongbbil(?) is the best ㅋㅋ Changdae hyung it’s still awkward but it’s ok ㅋㅋ Tommy, I don’t really know but fighting!! Kim Eunsoo, Lee Woomin, always fighting!! No Seungwook hyung..??, Cutting your hair seems like a good choice Younggeol hyung ㅋ, how many years has it been already..wow! Juseob hyung! Thank you always^^, did you know I’m always on your side? ㅋ Eunok nuna, haha fighting!! Yoonjoo nuna, groundbreaking idea!! Fighting! Rayoung nuna! I knew I would see you again sometime ㅋㅋ Jinchul hyung, 2PM is wishing for your development ㅋㅋ Minjae hyung!! You’ve upgraded more and are reformed with a better image!! Aja aja fighting!, Always fighting! Younggwan hyung, Taegon hyung be strong! Hyung’s accent is really goo ㅋㅋ Youngil hyung, fighting! Ms. Jang Seoyoon..? Whenever it is, be strong! Hyewon nuna! Sunghee nuna! Things are fine right? ㅋㅋ Sanghee nuna! I won’t you call you hyungㅋㅋ, Soohyun hyung Aja Aja Fighting!, Haejoon hyung Aja Aja!, Be strong! Ms. Kim Jooyeon..?, Namdon hyung! I watched the movie well ㅋㅋ I’m expecting a bigger scale later ㅋㅋ! Jonggyu hyung you’re doing well right?? ^^, thank you always! Are you wearing your shoes well? ㅋ Myunghwa nuna, fighting! Mr/Ms? Son Jungmin..(?) I’m running to hyung with our advertisement ㅋㅋ Jaeho hyung!, Chungeun hyung, you’re doing well right!?, We should go to a ski resort again ㅋㅋ!! Soojung nuna, Seulgi hyung! Thank you very very much^^!, Sangwon hyung! Really just very thank you!^^ㅋ, and Hyojung nuna without whom the company wouldn’t work ㅋ, thank you very much!! Youngjoo nuna, Jungeun nuna, Eunkyung nuna, Jaeseo hyung, Myunghan hyung! Later lets go play! ㅋㅋ Can you guys hear meㅋㅋ? Jiyoung nuna, It’s been a while since I’ve seen you Joongu hyung ㅠㅠ, take care of the trainees~~^^ Jihyung nuna, Kim Kijae, Kim Hyunkyung, Kim Narae, Kim Jungeun, Lee Sieun, Du Hyunsu boss! ㅋㅋ You’re doing well right?!ㅋ, It seems like a long time since I’ve seen youㅠ Boram hyung, fighting!! Jaeho hyung, manage AQ coolly! Sunmi nuna, Haeeun nuna, Joongil hyung, I miss you!! Wooseok hyung, fighting!! Fighting always! An Jinyoung, I want to go to America ㅋㅋ Myungsoo hyung, have you been well? Hoyoon hyung, if I go to America I’ll see you Jaein nuna! ㅋㅋ, Joongguk is running to you hyung! Chulhoon hyung ㅋㅋ, there’s always a lot of troubles!! ㅠJo Ilgeum, fighting!!! Yoomo, be strong!! Jungyeon and the Japanese staff!! Kaze sang! Thank you always!! I’ll work hard~ ^^ Thanks to Karubae sang’s smiling face we were comfortable ㅋㅋ^^ Hujiwara sang! Now it starts! ^^ Fighting! Isshi sang! Run together with 2PM!! Ken sang! You’re really cool^^ Please take care of us in the future too^^ Jieun nuna!! Nuna worked really hard for the Japanese activities^^ Let’s always be fighting!! Jang Kyunghee! Be strong!! Aja Aja! Yaseu sang! Thank you very much anytime!!^^

-paragraph break-

Hayashi sang!! Thank you always~~ ^^, Endo sang it’s hard but fighting!!, Kasai sang! I’ll keep getting better at Japanese^^, Namgoong nuna! Don’t just drink beer!!! Eat some food! ㅋㅋ, Kyungwook hyung thank you always for being so good to us!!^^ㅋㅋ, Ejeumi sang! I like your way of speakingㅋㅋ^^, Kumi sang! Anytime fighting! Aja Aja!, Ichikawa sang make 2pm’s next performance look cooler^^ Igarashi sang! Let’s take the team pictures together next time ㅠㅠ everyone at Epic Records Japan Promotion Team who worked with 2pm thank you so much^^ Watanabe sang! You couldn’t even sleep and had a lot of troubles ㅠ I’ll work hard to that extent^^, Tanigawa sant! Your Korean got a lot better I was surprised!! ㅋㅋ, Hasaegawa sang! You’ll continue to work with us right?ㅋ, Jyoohdai nuna!! Nuna’s translation seemed really goodㅋㅋ Itogoeh sang! Thanks to you I could speak rough Japanese^^ Thank you! Ariola Japan Promotion Team who worked diligently with 2pm!!! And the people who couldn’t be removed ~~ Junho hyung who who always worked with us!! Lets keep working toether^^! Keep up the good work!! The pictures this time seemed to come out really well^^!ㅋㅋ Sangyeob hyung..?? eh? Head of citizensㅋㅋ!! Thank you!! Jo Soohyun supervisor! Hands up came out really well, so it’s good!! We can do it next time too ^^! Difficult shoot troubled you!ㅠ Keep helping us with our wardrobe! Nuna is brilliant so we’ve also become brilliantㅋㅋㅋ^^, And Woojin-ah!! Even when Oppa’s play keep going on like thatㅋㅋ~~ Our style! Hyungshim nuna! Even when nuna is stressful sometimes you know we’re always thankful rightㅋㅋ?, Nuna’s laughter is at national treasure levelㅋㅋㅋ Youngho nuna!, Until you can see my ankeles Aja Aja!! Myungok nuna, Now the time when we’ve adapted has come ahra nunaㅋㅋ, It seems like the time when I’ve lost weight is coming Jihyun-ah ㅋㅋ!!~ Hardworking Hanna nuna!, Lim Jinok director, who always makes our hair pretty, 2pm’s health trainer! Jinho hyung, you know we’re always thankful right!? It’s feels like Lee Bokchin hyung!! ㅋㅋ Brother and more healthy hyungs and nunas thank you~^^ Hoongyu hyung! I’ll definitely grab acrobatics once againㅠ

And our 2AM~~~ Changmin hyung!! I really like your wordsㅋㅋ!! And right now strongly written words, Seulong hyung really I love you ㅋㅋ Hyung is the longest! Don’t woooooooooooooooooooooorryㅋㅋ, And, Kwon-ah!! Very busy Kwon ㅠ I miss youuu!! When I see you everyday is your health goodㅋㅋ, Jinwoon-ah!! Jinwoon who’s always really good to hyungs, thank you always!! Keke, and Wonder girls~~~ I want to do another Americas tour with youㅠㅠ a little slowly grab a schedule that’s really long ㅋㅋ!! And always cute and brilliant Miss A!! ㅋㅋ Fei nuna, Jia, Min, Suzy~~!! Fighting! Thank you! ^^, and JYPE’s jewel Minjoo-yahahahaha!! Fighting always!! ㅋ^^ Also San-E hyung! Korea’s number one rapper!! San teacher Fighting!! Aja Aja!! Hyungs raps are that good^^!

Hottest, who’ve spent a lot of time with 2pm, I love you!! In the future I don’t know what will come but let’s overcome it joyfully together^^ And lastly, 2PM!! We who’ve experienced and seen so much together so far!! There are still many days we’ll be together in the future, more than the days we’ve had so far!! Haha Let’s keep the promises we made one by one together!! ㅋㅋ First off, joining the army…^^ haha ah…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Scan by neru @ W2D
Translated by mcheller @ W2D