30 March 2011

[INFO] 110330 Ne-Yo Spotted at JYPE & wants to work with One Day

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CREDITS: Ne-Yo’s Twitter, THIP ♥ (SOURCES) ; davonnadarling@2ONEDAY.COM

World famous singer/producer, Ne-Yo who is currently preparing for his concert in Korea, took some time out for “Ask Ne-Yo” (his version of fantalk) to answer fan questions on twitter.

When a fan asked which Asian artist he would like to work with, the R&B singer replied: JYP, 2PM, 2AM, Rain, Jay Park!!

Which got everyone excited in hopes for a possible collaboration, especially considering that Ne-Yo was spotted outside the JYP Entertainment building yesterday with Junsu.

[Download] 2PM with Coke - Screensaver

Screensaver Coca Cola CF Behind the scene with 2PM (90 mb) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Screensaver พักหน้าจอเป็นเบื้องหลังการถ่ายทำโฆษณาโค้กค่ะ โมเม้นท์น่ารักๆมากมาย
credit: http://www.cocacola.co.kr

[INFO] 110331 2PM to perform at SBS's special Jeju Island concert on April 24th

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According to Cho PD, 2PM's gonna participate in SBS's special concert "특집 제주7대 자연경관 선정을 위한 콘서트" (something like "Jeju Island Natural Beauty Landscapes") on April 24th at Halla Gymnasium. They are gonna perform along with SNSD, Big Bang, MBLAQ, DBSK, etc. Only 2000 people will be able to attend.

[INFO] 110331 2PM's Japanese single, "Take Off" album covers

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A few hours ago, the album covers for 2PM's "Take Off" single were uploaded on Sony Japan, but they aren't there anymore >_