30 June 2011

[NEWS] 2PM’s Taecyeon-Wooyoung Reunion with First Love

Beast Idol 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung’s first loves have been made public.

At the SBS ‘Dalgona’ recording for broadcast on the 1st, girls from Taecyeon and Wooyoung’s school days who had stirred their hearts were shown.

While meeting their lovely, now grown up, first loves, Taecyeon and Wooyoung couldn’t hide their delight.

A story from Taecyeon’s first love about a sudden proposal from him got especial attention. Just like English Prince William gave his mother’s wedding ring and proposed not too long ago, Taecyeon had already offered his mother’s wedding ring as a gift in elementary school.

“After Taecyeon transferred to Seoul, he came down to Busan once and at that time he gave me two rings. One was silver and the other was gold, but the gold one was his mother’s wedding ring,” Taecyeon’s first love said.

“I remember that. To give her the rings, I waited for a long time in front of her house.” Taecyeon also recalled.

Reporter: Lee JungAh
Article: http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?mCode=...0048&page=1
Translated by mcheller @ Wild2Day

28 June 2011

[TRANS] 2PM VOGUE (Japan), Aug Issue

Jap-Kor: 고기|Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways| Scans : Yooko_11

First of, what’s your evaluation of the members?

About Wooyoung
He’s usually very funny, but he thinks deeply and sincerely about everything (Junho).
He’s a person who loves dancing very much with an extremely interesting personality. (Junsu)

About Nichkhun
A grown up. He takes any kind of thing professionally. He’s also very friendly and sweet (Junho).
He might look very cute on TV, but in reality his words and attitude are full of tough charm. Even when he hits you jokingly, it comes strong. (Junsu)

About Junho
Very ambitious which is outstanding. Simply speaking – a great man (Chansung).
He’s not scared of anything. That’s the great part of Junho. (Nichkhun)
Manly and has a strong sense of responsibility (Taecyeon).

About Junsu
Charming with this saturi and the ability to express himself. (Taecyeon)
Emotionally deep. The best at drinking, and with an outstanding composing ability. (Chansung)

About Taecyeon

Since he has a personality, which is hardly affected by stress, he’s a person, who does not need to worry much. *laughs* (Nichkhun)
He’s a real beast on stage, but in reality, he’s very cute and playful. Happy-go-lucky. (Junsu)
He’s a person who gives his best to the job he has to do. (Wooyoung)
(in Japanese) Tall person with a handsome face. (Junho)

About Chansung
Toughtful and sincere (Junho)
He looks great when he passionately immerses himself into singing lessons, or any other activity. (Nichkhun)
Rich in emotions (Wooyoung)
Cute and adorable person (Junsu)

Q. 1) What is your character among the group?

Wooyoung: The mischievous guy from Busan.
Nichkhun The grandpa who nags a lot.
Junho The rascal.
Junsu The person from Daegu who takes care of the music.
Taecyeon A hibernating bear.
Chansung Maknae.

Q. 2) The part of your body you are confident about the most?
Wooyoung: Thighs. (T/N: yes, but please eat more or they’ll disappear -_-)
Nichkhun Forearms.
Junho Butt.
Junsu Fingernails.
Taecyeon Ears.
Chansung Forearms.

Q. 3) If you had all the time in the world, what would you like to do?
Wooyoung: Travel to an infinitely beautiful seashore.
Nichkhun Go on a trip.
Junho Indulge myself.
Junsu Travel around the world.
Taecyeon Travel around the world.
Chansung Travel. Sing. Dance. Sleep.

Q. 4) What was the sweetest moment up till now for you?
Wooyoung: When I won in a dance battle.
Junho When I walk up the stage.
Junsu When a song I composed and sang got released.
Taecyeon When we received a daesang.
Chansung Hmm… Rather than the “best of the best” kind of thing, I think I feel excited and pleased all the time.

Q. 5) The integral part of your future partner?
Wooyoung: Filial behaviour
Nichkhun Sincerity + honesty
Junho Unconditional love and not being too interrogative.
Junsu Faith and judgment.
Taecyeon Someone wise.
Chansung It’s ok as long as we are able to understand each other’s personalities.

Q. 6) What would you like your girlfriend to wear?
Wooyoung: A pretty skirt.
Nichkhun Something that would represent purity.
Junho I would leave it to her, as long as she wears something that suits her.
Junsu Skinny jeans matched with a sensibly fitting top ♥
Taecyeon Free style fashion.
Chansung I don’t have I would wish for.

Q. 7) What would you like to have the most now?
Wooyoung: Water^^
Nichkhun Vacation.
Junho Nothing.
Junsu Travel!
Taecyeon A car.
Chansung Time!

Q. 8) Where you would like to live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Wooyoung: San Francisco.
Nichkhun Next to the person I love.
Junho Hawaii.
Junsu Hawaii or the Malibu in the LA.
Taecyeon The South Pole!
Chansung Korea.

Q. 9) If you were a woman, whom would you like to marry among the members?

Wooyoung: Nichkhun, because he’s nice and has good manners.
Nichkhun X.
Junho X. I would never!
Junsu Junsu! When you look at it, he’s a really good person. Haha.
Taecyeon None.

Q. 10) You are called the beastly idols, so what animal would you compare yourself to, and why?
Wooyoung A fish, because it looks like it’s always dancing.
Nichkhun A lion, because it concentrates well whenever it does something.
Junho Cat, cheetah, because their movements are quick and sharp.
Junsu Panda. Because it has drooping eyes…
Taecyeon A cat.
Chansung A bear…? “Bear” was my nickname for a short while.

Q. 11) You are called the beastly idols, so are you more up-front or reserved when you are dealing with women?
Wooyoung It differs with every new situation^^
Nichkhun I don’t know yet…
Junho It really differs according to the situation (laughs)
Junsu I guess I’m more reserved. But once we get to know each other better, I become very active!
Taecyeon Both. It depends on the situation.
Chansung I’m more straightforward.

Q. 12) What would be a background song for your confession?
Wooyoung Eco – The happy me (행복한 나를)
Nichkhun Robin Thicke – Mona Lisa
Junho Musiq – LOVE
Junsu D’Angelo – Feel Like Makin’ Love
Taecyeon Lee Sora – Propose
Chansung A song I like.

Q. 13) Where would like to have a date?
Wooyoung I would like to walk around Paris in France, just the two of us!
Nichkhun Picnic on the beach.
Junho As long as it’s a place with just the two of us, it’s ok.
Junsu I want to go to the Switzerland, sit down on the grass and have a cup of coffee together. Huhuhuhu~
Taecyeon A hot date in a quiet place.
Chansung I want to have a talk sitting down on a beach.

Q. 14) You live together so is there anyone who has troublesome habits? What are they?
Wooyoung None!
Nichkhun No one can wake up to the sound alarm in the morning.
Junho X
Taecyeon Junsu is always tardy. (laughs)
Chansung I think there’s none!

Q. 15) What’s your motto?
Wooyoung Everything is possible if you try enough. So if something doesn’t work out, you’re not trying enough.
Nichkhun Work hard, play hard.
Junho The truth eventually comes out.
Junsu Stay positive forever.
Taecyeon Stay friendly and live nicely.
Chansung With every gain there’s a loss.

[NEWS] 2PM’s “Hands Up” to 1st place on Mnet chart

Male idol group 2PM’s new dance number “Hands Up” appeared atop music cable channel Mnet’s weekly chart during the fourth week of June.

“Hands Up” which is the title track to the group’s second full-length album “HANDS UP,” is a club-style tune released on June 20.

Another dance number, f(x)’s “Hot Summer,” landed at No. 2 on the chart after being pushed down a slot by 2PM’s aforementioned new song.

“Hot Summer,” from the title track to the girls’ first repackaged album “Hot Summer’ f(x) 1st Album Repackage” released on June 21, is a dance pop tune with strong sounds of the synthesizer and powerful beats.

Lena Park’s rendition of singer Park Hyo-shin’s song “A Fool,” currently included in the album “I’m A Singer Competition 5-1: Choosing My Own Song,” shot up 83 steps to reach the No. 3 spot.

The ballad which is originally one of the tracks to Park Hyo-shin’s 2009 album “The Gold” was re-arranged for her performance on MBC's music reality show “I’m A Singer” that was aired on June 19. Lena placed second on the show with the song among the seven contestants the same day.

On the albums chart, “I’m A Singer Competition 5-1: Choosing My Own Song” from the same MBC show, was named the winner of the week.

The album, which was released the same day the show was aired, features other songs including BMK’s rendition of songstress Kim Wan-sun’s song “Pierrot smiles at us” as the title track, followed by other songs YB’s “A Cup of Coffee” (Pearl Sisters), Ok Ju-hyeon’s “First Poem” (Shin Sung-woo) and Kim Bum-soo’s “In Summer” (Deux).

No. 2 on the list was 2PM’s second regular album “HANDS UP” made up of13 tracks including its aforementioned title track of the same name and two members' self-composed songs; “Give It To Me” by Junho and “Hot” by Junsu.

Meanwhile, male ballad group 4Men’s fourth album “The Artist” which was the previous chart topper, settled at No. 3 this time.

The album composed of a total 13 love ballads including the title track “At Least Just Once” had stayed No. 1 on Mnet's chart for two consecutive weeks upon its release on June 7.

Source: 1 | 2 | 3


[NEWS] 'Dalgona' 2PM Taecyeon's childhood pictures with a playful half-moon eye smile are released

2PM Taecyeon's childhood pictures were released.
2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung will be appearing on the July 1st episode of SBS Star's Sweet Hometowns 'Dalgona'.
On this day, Taecyeon's best friends appeared as a surprise, and showed pictures filled with Taecyeon's time as an elementary school student in Busan.
In the pictures, you can see Taecyeon's playful expression and poses in front of the camera. When he smiles, you can see his eye smile.
Meanwhile, 2PM has started their lively activities for the light rhythm club song, 'Hands Up'.

Reporter Kim Jinkyung
Credit TVDaily
Article http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1309306367172467019

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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[NEWS] Pictures of 2PM Wooyoung's chubby cheeks + comic dance that won the 'Pretty Child Contest' released

2PM's Wooyoung is confirmed to have natural-born talent.
Childhood pictures of Wooyoung, who will appear on July 1st's SBS 'Dalgona', when he appeared in the 'Pretty Child Contest' have been released.
When Wooyoung was in Grade 6, he appeared in the 'Pretty Child Contest', and won the judge's hearts and the contest with his cute appearance(?) and comic dance.
In the pictures of his cute appearance with his chubby cheeks, Wooyoung can be seen doing a comic dance pose as well.
After the pictures were released, Wooyoung didn't know what to do and said he was embarrassed.

Reporter Kim Jinkyung
Credit TVDaily
Article http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1309304857172452019

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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[NEWS] 2PM Wooyoung's mother's explosive confession "Because of Wooyoungie I almost divorced my husband"

On this day, Wooyoung's mother shocked everyone by saying "Because of Wooyoungie I almost divorced my husband".

2PM Wooyoung's mother revealed the ups and downs of Wooyoung's debut story on the July 1st episode of SBS Star's Sweet Hometown 'Dalgona'. Wooyoung's mother has always been in the role of a mediator of the war between his father, who was a civil servant, and Wooyoung, who has always dreamed to be a dancing singer since he was young.

Wooyoung's mother told one incident, where "When Wooyoung secretly went to the dance school, his father would turn the dance school upside down."

Because Wooyoung's father was still against it on the day Wooyoung won the first open JYPE audition and needed to sign the company's contract, his mother announced, "I told him if there were two bodies floating on the water of Han River the next day, it would be mine and Wooyoung's."

Reporter Kim Jinkyung
Credit TVDaily
Article http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1309305514172461019

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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[NEWS] Nichkhun "I Want to Continue Marriage Life with Victoria"

2PM Nichkhun made it clear he intends to continue his fake marriage life with f(x) Victoria.

In a recent interview held at Banyan Tree Resort and Spa in Seoul in commemoration of their impending comeback, Nichkhun stated, "I have no plans to leave 'We Got Married,'" and added, "I want to keep doing my best with my fake married life." With Nichkhun's comeback being close, in answer to if he had any plans to discontinue "We Got Married" since the two of them are busy with activities, he answered, "I haven't yet thought it through completely," and boasted his affection when he continued, "I will continue my fake married life with Victoria."

With 2PM making their comeback with "Hands Up," their activities will happen to overlap those of f(x) who are currently continuing promotions with their follow-up track "Hot Summer." Regarding this, Nichkhun stated with a big smile: "Since we'll be promoting at the same time we can see each other in the waiting rooms and be able to freely greet each other at the broadcast stations. I'm really looking forward to it." 2PM will be making a comeback to the world of music after nearly 8 months with their new song "Hands Up." It's different from 2PM's pre-existing break up songs they've had as "Hands Up" is a fun dance track featuring repetitious lyrics and an addictive melody.

In other news, 2PM will have their first official stage appearance for their 2nd album today (June 24th) on KBS2 TV's "Music Bank."

Source: Innolife
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org


27 June 2011

[NEWS] 2PM: ‘We Want to Show Our Enthusiasm On Stage’

After releasing their second album, 2PM said, “We want to come back to our friendly image that we showed when we debuted.”

The “Animal Idol” image of 2PM is undergoing change. 2PM released their new song “Hands Up” after an eight month break, and they frankly expressed their feelings in an interview held on June 21, saying they had tried to express the bright and candid image that they had presented right after their debut. Woo Young said, “I told our producer, Jin Young, that I wanted to play on the stage. I think that we will enjoy our performances along with our fans and we will be shown as ordinary boys who can dance really well on the stage.” Joon Soo said with confidence, “People who watch our performance on the stage for the first time will all think that 2PM members are playing on the stage really joyfully.”

Their second album entitled “Hands Up,” which was released on June 20, contains a total of thirteen songs including the title song with the same title of the album, singles that they released up to now, and two members’ own songs. The title song “Hands Up” is a dance song with a strong beat, and it will show a completely different atmosphere from their previous songs such as “I Will Be Back” and “Without You,” which were about the sadness caused by breaking up. Members explained that they wanted to present a bright and exciting club dance song. Taek Yeon said, “You can think that this song is an upgraded version of our debut song ‘10 Points Out of 10 Points.’ Our songs have been too strong or too sad, so it might harm the sense of friendliness to our fans. I hope that we can come closer to our fans with this album.”

As the members already mentioned, they all seem to be trying very hard to escape from their image of “animal idol” by including bright and exciting dance songs and soft ballad songs in the new album. Joon Ho said, “I like the word ‘animal idol,’ but I think that the same image cannot stay as fresh and people will someday be sick of it. The images that we have shown such as taking off or tearing our clothes were just one of the thousands of images that we can show. I think that we can present many different images to our fans in the future.” Taek Yeon also said, “As we tried new concepts and new trials, we realized one moment that we could not stay the same with the image of ‘animal idol.’”

Joon Soo’s own song entitled “Hot” and Joon Ho’s own song entitled “Give it to Me” are also included in the new album. Joon Soo already showed his ability to compose songs by making the song entitled “Don’t Leave,” which was part of the original soundtrack of the drama “Dream High.” He said, “I have agonized for a long time last year over how I can present who I am in the group 2PM. I came up with an idea that I have to do something that I am good at it, so I began composing songs and giving those songs to other singers.” Joon Ho explained that the song included in this album was his first own song and said, “I tried directing for the first time, so I could not know how to inform other members what to do. I did not know how to direct Taek Yeon's rapping with my own style in a situation where I personally tried to rap for the first time.” He expressed his apologetic feelings.

All the members of 2PM emphasized that they prepared this album with the mindset that they had become rookie singers again because they all thought that they had slackened their focus without noticing, as they have been very successful since their debut in 2008. Taek Yeon admitted, “Our minds themselves have changed a lot. We have worked for a long time and saw and felt many different things while working in this business, and we already lost our freshness and tense energy that we had when we debuted.” Nichkhun agreed, saying, “We feel less tension than before for sure.” Woo Young frankly expressed his feelings, saying, “I think that trying not to lose our own energy as members of 2PM is the most important thing. We reflected on ourselves whether we have asked our fans to always acknowledge our charismatic and nice appearances only, and we realized that it will make our fans become tired of us.”

Park Jin Young’s harsh advice was also very helpful. Taek Yeon said, “When we prepared this album, Jin Young told us that he would give harsh advice for the last time and said that we had to come back to the mindset that we had before when we debuted and try harder. He said that he could sense that our mindsets have been too relaxed. If we grow up and become more successful, he might not be able to give any advice to us, so he mentioned that that was his last advice.”

They decided to appear on SBS Plus’s new reality show entitled the “2PM Show,” and the decision was also made based on the idea of going to back to the basic mindset of beginning again. Right after their debut, they created ar friendly image and gained popularity with their appearances on cable TV reality shows such as “Idol Show” and “Wild Bunny.” Taek Yeon said, “I had to present a gloomy and angry facial expression on the stage for a while, and I wanted to show a different appearance. I anticipate that we can go back to the time when we were rookie singers on the ‘2PM Show.’” Joon Ho said, “We thought that we need a chance to come closer to our fans, so we felt really happy that we decided to appear on the ‘2PM Show.’ We felt pressure for sure, but we want to show everything that we have wanted on the program. We will present what we could not show before on other ordinary entertainment programs, such as my desire, Nichkhun’s love of touching, Joon Soo’s new appearance like a zombie, Taek Yeon’s love for hosting as a sole MC, Chan Sung’s hidden appearance like an animal, and Woo Young’s talent in hosting.”

Chan Sung also expressed his confidence, saying, “People who look at our performance will all think that they might be very exciting if they are larking with members of 2PM.” Are the members of 2PM good at playing? Nichkhun and Woo Young said, “We are larks amongst ourselves. We seldom go out, but we play video games and have fun together. We want to go to a club and have fun, but we actually cannot because we do not have time.” 2PM released a debut DVD in Japan at the end of last year and they are participating in the group of leading singing groups in the Hallyu boom in Japan. Their recently released debut single entitled “Take Off” placed fourth on the Oricon weekly chart. Woo Young said, “I am really surprised when I look at our fans overseas. With the thinking that we have to hold activities more not only in Korea, but also in other countries in Asia, we have to try much harder to develop ourselves. We have automatically come to think that we should not stay as we are now.” Chan Sung said, “When we see many Korean star singers who are successful overseas, we come to have a kind of hope that we can also become successful abroad.”

With the popularity of the program “I Am Singer,” there was harsh criticism of idol singing groups’ music, but members of 2PM presented their relaxed point of view on this matter. Joon Ho said, “I think that people have felt a thirst for good music, and it was the main reason for the popularity of ‘I Am Singer.’ If we can quench their thirst with 2PM’s charms, we might be able to receive a favorable response.”

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/Entertain/Enterta...ew.html?No=7824

[NEWS] 2PM Junsu "Immortal Song 2, is hostile but..."

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2PM Junsu expresses his impression and resolution on KBS 2TV "Immortal Song 2."

In a recent press conference, Junsu confessed that, "there are much more to prepare" than he thought, and then added, "one has to make song arrangement, decide on what to do with the sound and chorus, and practice on the performance all in a week's time. No doubt it's a great opportunity, however there's a lot of pressure. Moreover, the shooting coincides with 2PM's comeback schedule so I can barely get any sleep recently."

2PM Chansung put in a helping word: "after daily group practice which usually ends at 2~3AM, Junsu has to head right away to prepare for Immortal Song 2. He gets only 1~1&1/2 hour of sleep a day. While I do feel a bit bad for him coming to schedules looking like a zombie, I admire his passion for the show."

Junsu went on: "the first episode was recorded in a pretty hostile environment. (laughs) It feels like I'm retrieving my true colors while I look back on the songs I used to like before I became 2PM. In addition, rearranging oldies itself is a great lesson on music." Group Oneway's member Chance (aka Michael Kim) is assisting Junsu with song arrangements.

Junsu wrapped up by complimenting his co-stars: "All idol participants on the show are great singers. SISTAR Hyorin is a great singer and an equally great performer."

24 June 2011

[INFO] 2PM's HANDS UP album fansigning schedule

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Info on HANDS UP album fansign

Ilsan [Synnara Records]
Member participation: Khun, Wooyoung, Junsu
Event Day: July 2nd at 7PM
When to purchase album: between June 25th to June 30th
Winners announcement: July 1st on Synnara homepage (http://www.synnara.co.kr)

Incheon [Synnara Records]
Member participation: Taec, Junho, Chansung
Event Day: July 2nd at 7PM
When to purchase album: between June 25th to June 30th
Winners announcement: July 1st on Synnara homepage (http://www.synnara.co.kr)

Seoul Mokdong - Kyobo Hottracks and Yeongdeungpo Kyobo Hottracks [Hottracks records]
Member participation: All (except Junsu)
Event Day: July 4th at 7:30PM
When to purchase album: between June 27th to July 2nd
Winners announcement: July 3rd on Hottracks homepage (http://info.hottracks.co.kr)

More info will be released tomorrow, June 24th.

[TRANS] 'Beasts' turn into 'Steal-Men'... Men who we want to steal - 2PM's transformation

Source: Nate | Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways

Back when they were shouting out 10 out of 10. 2PM was a new rookie group filled with passion. They grabbed attention with impressive acrobatic choreography. But that was it. They were far from success. In a market filled with idols, it was hard to engrave their group image into people's heads with only youth, high spirit and acrobatics.

'Beastly-dol' was what put 'that' 2PM into the summit. They boasted their masculinity while shouting out "Listen to my heartbeat". They succeeded by putting a line through a market full of 'pretty' boys as 'beastly-dols'. Of course there were some worries. They couldn't be stuck in the same image forever.

The answer to development. 2PM found it between '10 out of 10' and 'Heartbeat'. They kept their strong, masculine image while still enjoying their youth and high spirits. The result of this was their new regular album 'Hands Up', after 8 months of waiting. They are planning to show off their new charms through a newly attempted club music.

"We weren't afraid of changes. In fact, we were afraid of becoming stuck inside the 'beastly-dol' image. We do feel pressured about revealing new music. But we're more excited about it rather than worried. It's a chance for us to show both the freeness like our debut song and the strength of a beastly-dol. You'll be able to feel a more developed and matured '2PM'." (2PM)

We met the six men who have come forward with their second regular album. The men who I want to steal with attractions I want to steal, were stolen.

◆ You debuted with '10 out of 10'. But the result wasn't too fancy. Your acrobatic choreography of high level of difficulty was . But JYP's style of strong lyrics and simple melody was . (Both lyrics from 10 out of 10)

But amongst all that you still had some good results. I must admit you guys really enjoyed your performances. You found your high spirits like your debut through your new title song, 'Hands Up'. It's a new challenge to go back to how you felt in your rookie days and aim for 10 points again.

"Our debut song '10 out of 10' has a story of young men who have just turned 20. It was a song that really fit us well. It's a time when you start getting interested in women. I think it's important that music goes well with your age. 'Hands Up' is like an extension of that. We tried to show a more matured youth since we're in our mid 20s. Freely enjoying at a club sort of feeling." (Taecyeon)

◆ 'Hands Up' is a club style music. It's an upbeat song for the first time since '10 out 10'. Powerful beat and choreography easy enough to follow. This is a plan to enjoy with the audience with friendly melody.

They have an aim of showing each members' new charms through a stage full of liberty that's . In other words, they only aim for .
(lyrics from 10 out of 10) The key point to perfection is in their hearts. They are ready to pour all their passion as it's a similar style to their debut song.

"The song 'Hands Up' was actually finished a year ago. When it was first revealed people immediately told us that it had a similar feel to '10 out of 10'. I guess it's because both songs have a similarity that they're upbeat and enjoyable. So we feel we need to be a bit more different on stage. We want to show 2PM's true passion and high spirits like our starting days." (Junho)

◆ The main image of '2PM' is 'Beastly-dol'. They showed strong masculinity through 'Heartbeat'. Differentiation is what put them on the top spot amongst the 'pretty' boys. It was visually striking especially with their group choreography and strong smokey makeup.

They ripped their shirts, showed their well-built six packs and absorbed 'nuna' fans in their 20s~30s. However, the image of 'beastly-dols' had its ups and downs. It was a barrier for '2PM' who could only .
(lyrics from Heartbeat)

"It's an honour we earned the title 'Beastly-dol'. But it's true that was also a pressure for us, too. Because it's difficult an artist to show another side of them if they keep sticking to one image. We knew there'll always be a point where we become stuck if we kept going with just more powerful performance and stronger visuals. We didn't want to be stuck in the frame of 'beastly-dols'. So we pursued for a change. We broke the stereotype with club music." (Chansung)

◆ But it doesn't mean they completely let go of 'beastly-dols'. They're planning to keep their strong energy till the very end. Members explain their even still. (lyrics from Hearbeat)

On the other hand, they've put in a lot of effort to show their maturity through enjoyable music. Not just something that people watch and listen to but music that the crowd can breathe together and enjoy together with the artist. Their biggest difference was in their choreography to fit the 'togetherness'. They are planning to show the extremity of what 'freedom' means.

"We've always wanted to do this kind of music. Still keeping the energy and pace of 'beastly-dol' but presenting a more fun stage to our fans. In other words, 'beasts who know how to play'. Choreography's the same. For example, Junho starts singing and I go put my arm around his shoulders. These little things show freedom I guess. We will still show our emotional sides through practiced and perfect group routine." (Wooyoung)

◆ They weren't afraid of changing. They're actually all looking forward to enjoying themselves while shouting 'Hands Up'. It's true they were pressured but excitement of changing overcame their fears.

'2PM's thoughts are they wouldn't have developed if it wasn't for the changes. 3 years after debut. They are at a crossroad between to simply stay as an 'idol' or to move on as an 'artist'. to be developed.
(lyrics from Hands Up) Each and everyone of '2PM' are striving to show their maturity.

"It is said that you hit a crisis moment in your 3rd year in the 'idol' world. It's a time when you stand at a crossroad: to simply remain as an idol or to show some courage and reveal what kind of music you really want to do. We huddled together even more because we were at a stage where finding our real selves was important. In that perspective, 'Hands Up' is the music that shows our maturity. We agree that because we're going through a time where we're kind of in our "teen" stage as a group where development is happening, so maturity will naturally be revealed in our freedom. Please look forward to our development." (Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun)

◆ They're thinking of bigger stages for further developments. '2PM' is planning to put main focus in Japanese market in 2011. THey also have plans for the world market after a successful time in Japan. They have hopes to extend their area furthermore from Asia into Europe and even to South America.

They are planning their future and dreaming of when .
(lyrics from Hands Up) They have high hopes for making their dream real when they see their international fans. Of course, 'SM Town' in Paris was a big stimulation and encouragement for them.

"First of all, we want to be acknowledged in Asia. So we're planning to definitely mark our place in Japan this year. We do have Europe, South America and other countries in our minds, too. We don't think it's not at all impossible when we receive SNS messages, see flashmob videos from fans all over the world. We got encouraged by the successful concert of 'SM Town' in Paris and that we can do it, too. But it doesn't just happen because you think about it. We need time to show the evolving '2PM' and eventually we'll be able to conquer Asia and the even the whole world." (2PM)

23 June 2011

[TRANS] Junho's guerilla chat

May be taken out with full creditsKor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways | photo: bongbong | Fanart: @pamamib

[TRANS] Cosmopolitan July 2011 Interview, 2PM

Finally 2PM's 2nd album is out. You said for this album the member's opinions really influenced the concept, so we're curious what kind of concept it is.

Junho: until now we've done a lot of dark music so we've also felt depressed; Even on stage we've had a dark appearance so it was a bit difficult for us. I mean songs like ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Without You’, and ‘I'll Be Back.’ So for this album we all went to Jinyoung hyung and told him we thought it would be better if didn’t go that way this time.

Taecyeon: This time it's completely not a beastly concept. Rather than beastly men, we're showing a fun image. Being called beastly idols is an honor but if we go for that image again we think it’ll be stale, so originally we had planned to show a fun, music loving image.

Wooyoung: Until now, if you looked at the lyrics of our songs we sang a lot about sad love stories, the atmosphere was generally dark. But we haven’t really experienced those situations so it was kind of hard to express. Therefore we wanted to show that that's not what we do best. If we show our true fun selves, we and the fans can enjoy it. We want to show a truer stage in one stroke. We really want to become one with the fans and play.

Nichkhun: Right. When we were promoting ‘I'll Be Back’ we went to Psy's performance and saw him`naturally having fun on stage. We also wanted to show that image. We will show an exciting fun image on stage.

Junsu: This time without fail we're going to really play. When you see the stage you'll know but you'll really be able to see 2pm's playful eyes. Look forward to it!

Chansung: It's not just naturally showing our playful image, so try not to make it seem like we’re forcing that atmosphere on people. We want to naturally harmonize so that we can show it on stage. And honestly speaking, while making this album we had a lot of fun so we're saying this but it doesn't really matter if we succeed or not. It's big news from the company's position but because we had a lot of fun making it, we're already satisfied.

Taecyeon: What are you talking about? It's definitely not that. We definitely must succeed. This album will succeed!

1000 days after debut. During that time 2pm went through some hard times. In 2010, how did those times effect 2pm?

Junho: You're talking about our leader's withdrawal right? I can't completely say our group wasn't poisoned. It felt like it was filtered throughout. Should I say it's been a bit filtered out? It kind of feels like we’ve been reborn. We’ve all become closer because of it. From this point of view, it’s like past events can be medicinal to us.

Junsu: It was really hard. It's just become like a bad memory. It was a time when we all tried to work hard but people’s reactions, even without knowing anything, were really scary and there were all kinds of troubles.

Nichkhun: It seems like it was an opportunity for us to learn a lot. How people think, what kinds of behavior is unacceptable…

Taecyeon: Even now we’re not completely comfortable with it. Because it was a really difficult time. Despite that, we were together so we were able to endure.

Wooyoung: At the time we were shocked and sad and it was definitely not a laughing time. We all thought the same and decided that in order for us to be able to laugh again later, we would work harder. We said we had to get stronger but not in separate teamwork. But it seems like we came to depend on each other more. In a way it was a blessing in disguise.

What’s at the end of the road for 2pm?

Taecyeon: A little more success. Receiving love from more people and more acknowledgement of our music.

Wooyoung: Our goal is to evolve to the point that we make albums that get better reviews and which people can’t say anything bad about

Nichkhun: And for that reason it seems 2PM’s second album must really do well. But that’s not something that will happen just because we want it to, so all we can do is work hard and wait for the results.

Junho: Now it’s been three years since 2PM debuted, all our seniors said that when you get to 3 years after debut you get to thinking a lot, because mutually you might have different ideas, and it can also be a tiring time. So at times like these, since we talk to each other a lot it seems like we must go in a good direction. Because 2pm must absolutely go all out. Because this is a goal for all of us!

Junsu: Right. In the future each member might have their own activities but 2pm itself won’t crumble. Because all 6 members feel the same and we’re all looking at the same future.


It’s already been over 3 years since you came to an unfamiliar country to start activities with 2PM. In that time, what was the biggest change to you?

-I can’t sleep enough like I used to. Until now I don’t think I’ve had a proper rest.

So you’re spending your 20’s doing work that doesn’t let you rest, and it’s called a life of luxury?

-Since we’re constantly receiving attention, since we’re receiving love, it can’t be helped. We all have complaints but even so, doing activities is good, so we’re constantly moving. Honestly speaking, if I think about what I’d be doing if I wasn’t in 2PM it’s really scary. I might have become a person who is nothing special. If I think about that my head hurts.

When you’re angry or stressed how do you relieve it?

-There aren’t a lot of stress relieving methods because there isn’t a lot of time. There’s almost nothing but exercising or eating something tasty. I think just thinking positively while overcoming seems to be the best.

You debuted together but the amount of time and degree of attention each member gets is a bit different. Have there ever been any problems because of this amongst the members?

-Absolutely none. When I was doing variety shows, Taecyeon and Wooyoung were doing the drama, Junho and Junsu were composing songs and Chansung was exercising diligently. Each of us had work to focus on so there wasn’t any bickering. We’re just good rivals to each other. We spur each other on.

Is your favorite field definitely song and dance? Or is it in a different area?

-Actually my dream isn’t to be a singer. Therefore I’m not greedy to do well. I just happened to come in and become a member and start practicing with them, compared to the others I’m really not great. I knew that, but hearing it often from others was quite annoying, because I didn’t really have a desire to become a singer. Come to think of it, I wasn’t that great. But since I debuted and kept singing and dancing, now a feel a desire to do really well in this field. I want to build on my skills and in the future gain recognition as a talented singer and dancer.

What’s your final dream?

-To become a good father. 10 years in the future after diligently earning money, whether in Korea or Thailand or America wherever it is, I want to run a restaurant or café. That way I’m not doing uninteresting work and because there’s a lot of free time, I can always spend it with my child. If the parents are busy it’s really hard on a kid. A child raised under busy parents will have a hard time with various things. I think that’s really not great. I know because I experienced it. So now I’m working hard to earn a lot of money. Really.


The response to your debut song in Japan was positive. Did you expect this good response?

-It was better than I expected, actually however emphasized K-Pop is we didn’t know how much it was liked. Originally thinking about our debut song and our different bubbly image I had no sense of what the response would be. In Korea, we did music with a strong beat or sad melody but in Japan our debut song ‘Take Off’ was a really bright song, and had a ‘Ahahaha’ kind of feeling so I really couldn’t guess the response.

It’s been said you were the most popular member in Japan?

-Me? Who said that? It wasn’t me. Chansung or Khun are very popular. I know I’m no match for them. Really!

You’re just being polite but if a response is that big it’s hard. Haha. It’s been 1000 days since 2PM debuted right?

-More accurately it’s been a little bit over 1000 days.

That kind of nitpicking personality makes people tired, did you know?


During those 1000 days, I mean a little more than 1000 days, did you change at all?

-I think I got a bit more perceptive. ‘That's just how things are, me!’ So now, I know how the company operates to a degree, and I think I know how tv shows operate now too. Since I know some shortcuts now, things I would have done thoughtlessly in the past that would get me into trouble, I can do more efficiently now. And if you mean things that have changed, I guess the degree to which I can endure things before hitting my critical point has risen?

What are you enduring like that?

-Pointless reviews. Before filming the drama there was a dispute about my acting ability. I appeared in the 5th episode but before it came out, even worse, before filming started, viewers were fighting on forums. I hadn’t even appeared yet but there were a lot of things like “Ok Taecyeon can’t act.” They were talking about that. Now, more than before my patience has increased and that kind of reaction doesn’t really faze me.

Of course, at that time your acting was a bit awkward. Haha. Even so, in the recently ended drama your acting seemed to have rapidly improved.

-No, not yet. Hahahaha. Really not yet.

Are you thinking of continuing to act?

-Well I seem to lean a bit more towards acting than the others. If an opportunity comes and it’s a role where I can live as the character I think I’d do everything for it. If I can get to the point where I can act with just my eyes and overwhelm like Lee Byunghun it’d be great.

Not too long ago you gave up your permanent residency and announced you’d go to the military. It doesn’t seem like an easy decision, did you parents object?

-My parents were really against it. But I convinced them by saying it was a good decision for me and the rest of 2PM.

What is your final dream?

-Have a happy family.

Most of 2PM said ‘have a happy family,’ seems like you’ll be good dads.

-Oh really? It turned out like that because we’re all really nice guys. Right?


We heard you injured your finger before starting activities in Japan, are you ok?

-While practicing, my cartilage became inflamed, and it doesn’t heal that easily. There’s constantly not much power in my finger.

Hopefully it heals quickly. Seems like each member is hurt somewhere.

-It’s because we all have a lot of schedules. There were the activities in Japan, and making the second album, and since we had individual activities as well we couldn’t help but overwork ourselves.

Do you think this album will do well?

-In my opinion it’ll be a big hit. As long as there are no accidents.

Accidents? Haha. That’s right in the past there was a big accident.

-Only one? They happened all the time. Also rumors were always spreading.

It’s annoying when rumors are being spread around isn’t it?

-There aren’t any words to refute it, and even if we contradict them it doesn’t get solved, so you just let it go. In the past I saw one bad thing and got really hurt. After that I don’t look at comments anymore. Some people say things really thoughtlessly, and I can’t even stand looking at it. I try not to look at things so I don’t become poisoned by them.

You’ve been living the entertainment life for four years. In that time there would have been a lot of good things but also a lot of bad. What’s the hardest thing about life in the entertainment business?

-It doesn’t make sense that there would be no hard things right? The pressure to constantly show a good image, to keep giving a more and more outstanding image is really big. Things get more difficult gradually. Little by little people want more, and even only 1~2 years after debut you have juniors who haven’t even come out yet, and there are eyes looking at us. We want people to feel that ‘as expected, 2PM is really different.’ To do that you need practice but it’s not easy in this situation. There are a lot of schedules and each of us has a lot of work to do.

2 years ago since the time of Mnet you broke out into a variety and drama character. To the viewers it looked like you were full of confidence since that time, what do you think of the opportunity?

-No, it wasn’t like that. Rather, that was a time when my confidence really hit the floor. As I just danced and just talked bluntly, it was getting wrecked. I really felt down. ‘Aye, I just don’t know’ like that. When I came into JYP, I kept meeting people who were a lot more attractive than me, and taller, and better at dancing. As that was happening I lost confidence. What was worse, I didn’t realize I’d lost confidence until 3 years later. Probably at the time of my confidence was at its lowest point. In the past people around me said, “You’re the kid that danced really well.” If you took it another way, it meant that I can’t dance well now. I came into JYP with the thought that I wanted to be the best dancing singer in the world, but since then I haven’t heard once that I was a good dancer. Of course my confidence dropped, because of that I’ve cried a lot.

That’s unexpected, it really didn’t look like that.

-That’s because I always pretended I had confidence. Since I was smiling it looked like that. Even now I’m constantly working to increase my confidence. If we’re going to climb and even higher mountain, I’ll need it.


You have plans to be on . Don’t you feel pressured?

-The program’s concept seems to be similar to ‘I’m a singer’ and it seems to be to show that idols can sing well too. I feel pressured to show a good image in order to meet that purpose. The pressure is great enough that I’m thinking I need to work harder.

What kind of image are you thinking of showing on the program?

-I saw what the others did and I want to show a well polished performance, because that is something I can do well.

Are you not going to do entertainment shows? The few times you came out on the variety shows it was really funny.

-For the moment I’m going to focus on music. Hahaha.

You debuted as a singer-songwriter when you created the song ‘Don’t Go’ for the OST, but why did you choose the stage name Jun.K?

-It’s a name my friend gave me. He’s a Japanese-Korean friend, and he’s called me this since we were young. I told the other members I liked the feel of it and thought it would be a good composer name and it later turned out like this. If it’s Junsu then you think of 2PM’s Junsu, but if it’s Jun.K then it seems like you can fully see my music.

How does it feel to debut as a Singer-Songwriter? Seems you achieved your dream.

-It’s way better than I thought. Because I thought of and made the music and then others sing it. Kan Miyeon Shi sang it and I sang with Lim Junghee shi too. It’s fascinating how my sentiments can be directly conveyed to people through composing.

Was there anything that changed after you debuted? You broke out of a tough trainee period and gained a lot of popularity so it seems like an easy time for changes.

-It’s been 7 years since I started as a trainee. When I think about it, I didn’t even get a little bit arrogant. Even people I was seeing for the first time acknowledged this. If I even thought about becoming arrogant for one moment, I tried hard not to be that way.


You’ve started your activities in Japan, how was the response there? We could only hear about it from foreign news so actually we’re curious about your reception.

-It was better than I expected. Enough that we felt a little pressured. At first we worried about it a lot but it seems like doing foreign activities is good for us too.

It’s been over 3 years since you debuted. After spending 3 years as 2pm’s youngest, what about you has changed the most?

-About TV shows, I can also call this culture right? Anyway in TV show culture, I’m much more used to it than I was at first. Now I can understand the cause and effect of a situation and even if I can’t see it clearly, it’s possible to infer.

In that time many idol groups came out. Is there a group or singer that spurs you on?

-Well…honestly I don’t watch tv, so I don’t really know who’s come out. And actually I only focus on my work, so I don’t worry about how others are doing or who wants to jump over me or anything like that. Really I don’t have time to worry about it.

Have you had any rest since you debuted?

-We really haven’t. I really want to rest. Since I debuted in in my second year of high school I haven’t had a decent rest.

So have you said you wanted to rest a bit?

-I want to rest but my passion for doing this work is bigger. Personally I don’t think it’s bad to be this busy while I’m young.

When you say that it seems like 2PM’s youngest is all grown up.

-Ah, do you think? Well, anyway that’s how I feel. But then, I’m a serious person, enough so that I’ve heard people say I’m ‘sick with seriousness.’

Since your trainee days all the members have become like a family, after living together like that, there must be some things you’ve learned from your hyungs as the youngest member.

-There’s really a lot you can learn from our members. Firstly, Junho is very determined, Khun hyung is broad minded, Taecyeon hyung has a calculating side, so he can deal with things objectively, Wooyoung is quick witted and quite smart. Lastly, Junsu hyung really loves music, he’s the eldest but his character is one to always be so good to the rest of us without any restraint.

Have you thought about the life after being an idol?

-When you say life after being an idol, I don’t really know what would be important, but Jamie Foxx is a big role model to me. He’s both an actor and a singer, an all around entertainer. My goal is to be active for a long time like that.

But really, these days why aren’t you acting?

-I also don’t know. I want to but there doesn’t seem to be anything that really matches me. Even if I’m not doing it right at this very moment, if a role that wasn’t great came up would I not be moved to try it?


Your personality is very serious isn’t it? Somehow your personality seems like it would get in the way of your entertainment activities…

-Actually it really does. It’s not shyness or anything like that, but I can’t exaggerate well and can’t tell stories in a fun way. It’d be great if I could tell fun stories on talk shows but I can’t season them well.

Honestly if you’re a man in your early 20s you have a desire to play and date too. Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t do that naturally?

-In your 20s of course you’re hot blooded. But right now in this situation rather than dating, I think it’s better to be doing what I need to do. And I’m not really the type who craves love much.

So the “work you must do” are you doing it right now?

-Yes that’s right. My dancing and singing hobbies are my specialty, and because it’s become my work I want to pour more of myself into it and become better.

You were the winner of . Since you chose this path when you were so young, I really hoped you wouldn’t get poisoned by it. You could have done other work but you decided to take this path.

-Not really. Actually I feel like it would have been better to have started earlier like Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. If that had happened, wouldn’t my skills be better than they are now?

Is it rude to say that just like when we saw you 2 years ago, you still seem the be the most timid amongst the members?

-You’ve observed accurately. If I’m being really honest, until now it seems like I was really timid. Winning seemed like it poisoned me a bit anyway. When compared to my friends even if I had deficiencies I was constantly left at the company. At the company if your abilities aren’t up to par you’d be kicked out but I was never targeted for expulsion and yet I was never really part of a team either. So sometimes I’d think ‘Is it ok that I’m here?’ I won the competition so I felt they had no choice but to keep me in the company, and I’d lose confidence when thinking that. I didn’t feel like I belonged in any place or with any friends. At that time I was 17. I was timid and my feeling of inferiority kept building. Even after we debuted I was still in that condition so it looked like I was timid. That’s probably the reason.

Are you better now?

-A lot better. At some point, through talking with Taecyeon hyung I began to feel like I didn’t need to be timid. Taecyeon said if I started to have fun while doing it, I would able to do better, and then I would gain some confidence. So I tried that and gradually I started to really enjoy it. I was able to get better because of it and my confidence increased. So these days I feel a lot better.

What was your original dream?

-I wanted to be a soccer player, I wanted to be a baseball player, I wanted to be a computer programmer too. Actually, thinking about it I wanted to be a professional swimmer too. But it seems like what I really wanted to do was be a dancer and singer.

So it seems like you achieved your dream?

-I achieved my dream but that’s not the end. I feel like I’ve just advanced. If I perfectly achieve my dream it seems like I should do even better.

If that’s how it is, then what is your final dream?

-I don’t really know. Becoming a good person seems like it would be good in itself. As a musician and as an actor, I want to do well all around. I want to gain strength from it and live while developing these skills. It could be a way for me to contribute as well.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine July 2011
Scans from Matlejang
Translated by mcheller @ Wild2Day.org

22 June 2011

[NEWS] Asianism news - 2PM Comeback album & Fanmeeting in Thailand


Now, news for Hottests, for 2PM's 2nd album 'Hands Up.' Not only will we have fun with their title track 'Hands Up' but we'll also get to enjoy self-composed tracks from the members themselves. The first one is 'Give It To Me,' which has a 2-step beat that tells the story of a shy guy who is too scared to confess his love for the woman he loves. Let's here a sample of this song. [Junho sings] As for the other song, 'Hot,' which is composed by Junsu, is about a straightforward love story. It has a fun beat combined with Junsu's unique vocals, which will easily make fans fall in love with this song. If you don't believe me, let's hear the song from Junsu himself. [Junsu sings]. Now as for the title track 'Hands Up.' This song has a fun upbeat beat and a catchy hook that if it doesn't make you want to dance, then there's something wrong with you! Not only that, Wonder Girl's Sohee also has an adlib in the song. The 'Hands Up' album has just been released in Korea on June 20, but Thai Hottests, don't worry, you don't have to wait much longer because they'll send the album to Thailand soon. For those who are missing these boys, don't worry because they're going to be coming back for their first official FanMeeting in Thailand at the end of July. Stay tuned with Asianism for more details to come!

translated by whiterose @ W2D
source: Poon191 @ YT

[NEWS] 2PM turns into tourism ambassadors Latest MV attracted 100000 views within 1 day

Viewed 100000 times within a day! Korea's popular group 2PM came to Singapore last month to shoot a MV. Capturing the beautiful scenery here into their music video and at the same time turning into tourism ambassadors.

Swinging a golf club on high ground, viewing the beautiful Marina Bay was the introduction of their music video for the latest title song "Hands Up". As Nichkhun swings to the vast sky, Marina Bay’s huge “Lotus Flower”, and the buildings at the Central Business District appeared in the background. 2PM came to this Lion City on 22May, and it was reported that they would be at Rain's concert to give support. However, the 6 of them did not turn up but were busy filming this music video instead!

After Japan's top band "SMAP" came to Singapore to film a mobile phone CF, 2PM came for 2 days 1 night to film this MV. The scenes were filmed at the famous nightclub "Zouk", luxurious villas "Sentosa Cove", the Singapore flyer and the nearby racetrack.

In addition, they rented a Lamborghini, a limousine, and a yacht; a combination of luxurious car and beautiful women. This comeback is almost a year after the previous one, as expected, the production team spent heavily on the filming!

This new album of 2PM already gained much attention before its official release. The record company released a 30s teaser a week ago on the internet, and it attracted more than 1million views. The full MV that was only released 2 days ago, was already viewed by 100000 times as of yesterday's afternoon. This music video is full of Singapore scenes making 2PM looks like a local tourism ambassador, promoting this Lion city through the video!

Read 22June2011 "Lian he wan bao" for full article.

PS: 2PM came to Singapore for 4 days 3 nights. (Error in the news article)

[NEWS] 2PM Becomes Tourism Ambassadors, New MV Attracted 100,000 Views In A Day

2PM Becomes Tourism Ambassadors, New MV Attracted 100,000 Views In A Day

Viewed 100,000 times in a day! Korea’s popular group 2PM became Singapore’s tourism ambassadors for free as they filmed all of the Lion City’s beauty when they were in town last month to film for their music video.

Swinging his golf club and overlooking the panoramic view of Marina Bay on high ground was the introduction of music video to 2PM’s new album’s title song, Hands Up. As we watch Nichkhun swinging to the vast sky, what caught our eyes were Marina Bay’s gigantic “Lotus Flower”, and the Central Business District in the background. 2PM were here in the Lion City on the 22nd last month, reportedly to support Rain at his concert but the 6 of them were a no-show as they were filming for their new album’s music video instead!

After Japan’s top group SMAP came to Singapore in March this year to film for a mobile phone commercial, 2PM came for a 2 days 1 night trip (T/N: Their trip was 4 days 3 nights, actually) to film for their new music video at the local well-known nightclub, Zouk, luxury villas at the Sentosa Cove, the Singapore Flyer, and the racetrack in the vicinity.

The production crew even rented a Lamborghini, a limousine, and a yacht; dream car and beautiful women, 2PM’s return after almost a year is, as expected, heavily spent on!

Before it was released, 2PM’s album had already been receiving a lot of hype as the record company released a 30-second video teaser on the Internet a week ago, receiving more than 1,000,000 views. The full-length music video was then released 2 days ago, receiving 100,000 views as of yesterday afternoon (T/N: It was released yesterday). The video was so full of our local scenes, it was as if 2PM were Singapore’s tourism ambassadors promoting the Lion City through a music video!

Read the 22 June 2011 issue of Lianhe Wanbao for the full article.

Reported by 王英敏 (Wang Ying Min)
Credit: omy
Article: http://showbiz.omy.sg/Showbiz/E-News/Story...510-254372.html

Translated by crystalheng @ Wild2Day.org

20 June 2011

[Trans] Cosmopolitan July Issue - General Interview

Transcript chuchu@serendipity | Kor-Eng Egle @2pmalways | Scans blog.naver.com/satosatos

Q. 2PM’s 2nd regular album is finally coming out. I’ve heard that your opinions were taken into consideration while making the concept for this album. What kind of concept is that?

Junho: Since all our concepts up to now have been rather dark, we personally became depressed with it as well. It was also hard to keep on showing the dark impression on stage as well. I’m talking about Hearbeat, Without U or I’ll be Back. So we gathered members’ opinions that for this album it would be great to shake off the dark image, and we relayed it to Jinyoungie-hyung.

Taecyeon: This time the concept is very far from the beastly-man one. Rather than coming forth with the beastly image, we’re going to show the image of men who are enjoying themselves. It’s an honour that we’re called the beastly idols, but I think it’s inevitable that one day we would suffocate with this kind of image, so this time we’re going to show our original selves, who can have fun and enjoy the music.

Wooyoung: If you take a look at the lyrics of our previous releases, most of them are sad love songs with an overall dark atmosphere. However, it’s been hard for us to fully express the aspects of such concept, because we don’t have a great experience of sad break-ups behind us. So we wanted to show the things we’re probably the best at. If we were to show us having fun, we would enjoy it and so would our fans. This way our performance would be even more truthful. I want to become one with the fans while having fun with them.

Nichkhun: That’s right. During our “I’ll Be Back” promotion days, I had an opportunity to go and see Psy senior’s performance, and he looked so free just enjoying the stage over there. We also wanted to show that kind of performance. The kind of performance where we all get excited just by having fun on stage.

Junsu: As far as this time is concerned we are sure going to have fun. You’ll understand it once you see the stage, but you will be able to witness the appearance of 2PM who are properly having fun. Please look forward to it!

Chansung: It would be great if it wouldn’t be just us freely having fun, and that our performance didn’t seem forced onto other people. I want to produce a kind of stage where this having fun would fit naturally. And, honestly speaking, I don’t know if it’s ok to say so, but even though we really enjoyed preparing this album, I don’t really care whether it’s going to be a hit or not. From the company’s perspective we’d be in trouble. But we’re already satisfied enough, because we managed to do the job well in good spirits.

Taecyeon: What are you talking about? It’s definitely not like that. It must be successful. We’re definitely going to be successful with this album!

Q. 1000 days since your debut. This time for 2PM was also full of great deals dangerous as infectious diseases. What kind of impact for 2PM was left after the affair in 2010?

Junho: You’re talking about the leader’s withdrawal, right? It would be a lie to say it didn’t poison our group. It felt like everything was filtered through and through. Should I say that it was like filtering all the impurities out? It felt like getting a total renewal. So in a sense it strengthened the ties between the members. If you look at it that way, the former affair could be considered as a medicine for us as well.

Junsu: It was very hard. I just think of that as of an unpleasant memory. It was a time when everyone was working so hard, but we were very worried and scared of what the people’s reaction might me.

Nichkhun: I think that time was an opportunity for us to learn a lot. What people are ought to be thinking, and what kind of actions are not accepted well.

Taecyeon: It’s not like we’ve become very comfortable with it yet, because these were really hard times. However, we managed to overcome it, because we stayed together.

Wooyoung: Back then it was so sad, shocking and absolutely not funny. Everyone felt the same, and we had a talk that we should work harder in order to be able to laugh and smile again in the future. We said that we had to get stronger and don’t make emphasis on separate team work. But it felt like we grew to depend on each other even more. No matter how you look at it, we managed to turn the misfortune to our advantage.

Q. What is 2PM’s final goal?

Taecyeon: To become even more successful. Receiving love from more people and recognition for the music that 2PM makes.

Wooyoung: Our goal is to keep on developing further, so that with every oncoming album the evaluation from the public would get better and better and so that people would not be able to nag.

Nichkhun: So therefore, I think that 2PM’s 2nd regular album has to be successful for the exact same goal. But we can’t do anything but wait for the results, after having done our best, because it is not our decision to make.

Junho: Right now it’s been almost 3 years since our debut. All the senior singers say that after your 3rd year you start thinking a lot. Because it’s a time when you might be having a lot of other thoughts, and also become weary. So I think that when these moments come, we need to have an honest talk and move towards the right direction. 2PM has to go on until the very end. Because we have a common goal we need to achieve together!

Junsu: That’s right. Even though every single member might have personal activities in the future, the group 2PM itself is not going to disappear, because all 6 members share the same feelings and the same visions about the future.

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Transcript chuchu@serendipity | Kor-Eng Egle @2pmalways | Scans blog.naver.com/satosatos

[NEWS] Comedian Jeong ChanWoo Selca with 2pm Wooyoung and Junsu


2PM Members, Wooyoung and Junsu, and Jeong Chanwoo unveiled their selca photos.
On June 19,Comedian Jeong ChanWoo uploaded on his Twitter with the quote "With Wooyoung and Junsu, Idol Comeback". Photos of the lights in the room receives Jeong ChanWoo and 2pm members a great posing appearance. Wooyoung said "Good Thing, we all fit at the screen".

Jeong Chanwoo's photo with the 2pm members receive a lot of comments we different reactions:
"Chanwoo's probably trying to take a lot bigger space from the front,bear bear bear..."
"Junsu, Wooyoung oppa...Your face are small in the picture"
"Chanwoo, you inconsiderate Bear, you never give 2PM a chance in the picture"

17 June 2011

[TRANS] Channel 3 For U - 2PM Interview


Q: What are you doing here in Thailand this time?
Taec: We are here for promoting and filming Thai CF, Eversense. We are very happy to be here again. The weather here is still warm as usual. Ron Mak Krup (Very hot)

Q: 2PM gets a lot of CF contracts, how do you feel to be this popular?
Khun: In Korea, we have filmed some CF there too. We get to be models for Eversense in Thailand, I am glad that I can take my friends to film CF here and to promote Eversense today.

Q: Besides CF models, can you update what each members are also doing now?
Chansung: We are recording and practicing for our new album.

Q: We heard that Wooyoung love acting so much and he wants to take role in drama again, is it true?
Wooyoung: Dream High is the starting of my acting career, it is the work that fullfil my dreams of becoming an actor. I'll be working harder and hope that i can get to play in a good role for my fans again.

Q: When 2pm is free from album promotion, what do each of you do in leisure time?
Junho: Mostly we read books, exercise, practice or sing. These are all what we do...

Q: This time around, where in Thailand would you like Nichkhun to take you to?
Taec: Nichkhun has been to Phuket and I've told him many times that I want to go to Phuket but Nichkhun has never taken me to there yet.

Chansung: I've heard that Koh Samui is really beautiful so I would like someone to take me there.

Q: 2PM loves Watermelon a lot when you are in Thailand, why do you like it that much?
Junho: Not just watermelon but watermelon frappe (Tang Mo Pan). Because Thai fruits are fresh and delicious so we love to eat them a lot. And we are lately love ripen mangoes too.

Q: When will Thai fans get lucky like Korean fans to get to see full concert of 2pm?
Junsu: We always want to have concert here in Thailand and we hope we can have our concert here soon.

Q: What would you like to say to Thai fans?
Wooyoung: To all Thai fans, Thank you so much for your love and support always. We would like you to follow our works and keep on supporting 2pm. Thank you
Thai-Eng by Offogato @2pmalways.com

[NEWS] 2PM, prepared a 'congratulatory show' for the 1st anniversary of Khuntoria


2PM organized a congratulatory show for the Khuntoria couple (Nichkhun, Victoria).

2PM prepared a surprise show for Khuntoria for their 1st anniversary. On this day, Khuntoria were filming a waterpark CF while filming WGM. The two of them were chosen to be a couple model who played on the rides of an amusement park. Because it was the couple's first joint CF filming, 2PM came to find them and showed off a variety of performances, including dancing and singing.

It is believed that Khuntoria were very satisfied seeing how hard working they were.

Additionally, sunbae Alex will be helping Lee Jungwoo and Ham Eunjung on 'WGM'. Like an experienced hand, Alex showed them know-hows to foot massages and more.

Reporter Kim Kweowul
Credit Sports Chosun
Article http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?id=201106180100157770012783&ServiceDate=20110617

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
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