31 August 2010

100831 Most Visually Appealing Male Star No 2 - 2PM Nichkhun; No 20 - 2PM Taecyeon

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[NEWS][100830] Mnet Wide News - Mnet 20's Choice Backstage, ONEDAY

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[MISC] Jay Park fanmeet Asia tour featuring AOM and Andrew Baterina, Jay Park

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[NEWS] 100831 Wooyoung to be acting in new drama, Dream High

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2PM Wooyoung will be going into acting.

Wooyoung has been cast for KBS 2TV's new drama set for release next January, 'Dream High.'

An associate of the drama stated, "We've recently finished discussions with the producers so there's a high chance he will be joining the drama. As soon as he finishes his encore concerts, he will be going into preparations."

Wooyoung will be appearing as a student that dreams of becoming a star. His role will be as important as the leading roles. Wooyoung will be the 2nd actor of 2PM, the 1st being Taecyeon with KBS 2TV's 'Cinderella Sister.'

Dream High is a drama about young teenagers preparing to become a star, revolving around their dreams and loves. Bae Yongjun will be planning and producing the drama along with a possible appearance. Park Jinyoung will be training the actors in vocals and dancing along with writing and producing the songs that will be used in the drama.

[NEWS] 100831 "I won't be avoiding the rumors surrounding my past. I'll be facing them head on. I have nothing to be afraid of."

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A confident confession of his feelings.
"I won't be avoiding the rumors surrounding my past. I'll be facing them head on. I have nothing to be afraid of."

On the 31st, Park Jaebum met with Sports Korea for an interview with a confidence face. As if he's determined to tell everything, he expressed his feelings slowly but surely.

"I'm not afraid of any rumors or hateful replies. If I was afraid of them, I wouldn't have returned. I'm trying to turn all that negative energy into something positive. Instead of hesitating, I'd rather just focus on how to pay back the love my fans have given me."

Throughout the hour long interview, Park Jaebum showed confidence the entire time. Even when sensitive questions were asked, he concluded all of his answers on his own despite the nervous looks given to him by his company representatives. He seemed to not care at all about the many rumors that have been surrounding him.

"Instead of avoiding them, I'm the type to just face them head on. I can't control the questions that are being asked about my past but I can think of it in a positive way and try to show them the good sides of me. Instead of going out of my way to bring back the past, I want to show them new sides of me."

Park Jaebum also expressed his concerns about his image becoming too commercial which is why he's heavily thinking over the CF love calls he's been receiving. He plans to focus on being a singer for now with his Asia tour and to solidify his position as a 'solo' Park Jaebum.

"A while ago, I read an article that said 'Count On Me' recorded so and so amount of money. It's not true at all. I have no intention of moving through just economic logic. It's a lot of pressure for me whenever the focus of my career is pinpointed on commercial aspects."

He went on to state, "As I went through my hardships, it made me look around myself. I realized that I cannot do anything alone. I'm so glad that my fans respect my opinion and even go as far as to collect and donate rice to charity at my events instead of putting up congratulatory standing flowers. I, too, am discussing with my agency in donating my profits from music to charity."

After completing the interview, Jaebum's face expression looked a tone brighter. His foot steps also seemed light, as if he had brushed off the weight from his shoulders.

"I'm going on the plane to America at 6 PM." He gave a smile and added, "I miss my parents."

While waiting for the elevator, fans flooded out of the offices around us with pens and papers. Jaebum's manager stepped forward and blocked them, excusing Jaebum by saying, "We're in a rush to the airport."

However, Jaebum denied his manager's statement and carefully signed each autograph, even agreeing to hug requests.

"I've realized how warming and precious the love of my fans are."

That was Jaebum's last greeting before the doors of the elevator closed.

[NEWS] 100831 Taecyeon receives endless love calls from dramas and movies, what will be his next project?

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What's next for 'acting idol' Taecyeon? Movies or dramas?

After completing his acting debut with KBS drama 'Cinderella Sister,' much attention is being put on what 2PM Taecyeon's next move will be.

Omitted Cinderella Sister summary.

Afterward, Taecyeon has been receiving love calls from movies and drama producers as an 'actor,' not '2PM's member.' Various associates have been showing their greed in the competition to cast him, having fallen charm to his potential and talent as an actor.

Then what will be his next project? Taecyeon is currently the freshest and hottest topic amongst movie producers. According to an associate of Taecyeon's agency, Taecyeon has been receiving an unending pouring of drama scripts and movie scenarios. He's still in discussion as to whether he'd like to go into another drama or try the big screen.

One movie associate met with OSEN recently and stated, "Taecyeon has been receiving love calls for most of the big drama titles set to be released next year. However, there are just as many movie producers that are eyeing him so there's a high chance that he'll be picking a movie as his next move. He's still discussing a lot of different projects right now."

An associate of JYP Entertainment stated,"It is true that he's been receiving consistent casting offers from both dramas and movies. He's got a strong determination to work as an actor and he's definitely got the passion for it so we'll be deciding on his next project soon in order to continue his acting career. We're still discussing a lot of movies and dramas."

As Taecyeon continues to walk on the top of the Korean music industry as a 2PM member, much anticipation is being put on his next project and how he'll further build himself as an actor.

Taecyeon & Chansung ,100831 Haekyulsa permiere

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100831 Channel V,2PM "Fly to Seoul CF" Special Promo

2PM in Seoul
Stop the clock - you’re just in time for a Channel [V] update on 2PM! On our trip to Korea we hung out with the dreamy K-pop Boy Band and got access to some exclusive updates that we’re only sharing with Channel [V] fans… yep, that’s you!

So, what’s the deal? We’re airing a show-stopping “[V] Special” on September 5th in honor of the band and their wicked moves, sultry looks and heart-melting voices! We’ve also scored something a little extra “special” just for you: we’ve lined up a one-on-one interview with the boys from 2PM as well as a sneak peek behind the scenes of their newest music video “Boom Boom Boom”. Better yet, take a walk with 2PM as they take you on a tour around some of their favorite spots in the sparkling city of Seoul, accompanied by the lovely Georgina Wilson from [V] Philippines!

Mark it down on your calendars and start the countdown, it’s sure to be an explosive premiere!

[INFO] 100830 Cultwo Show PD is Jay's senior and a fan!

We found out that the host of Jaebum's fanmeeting Kim Bumyong is a fixed cast of Cultwo Show on Tuesdays. My friend wanted to send some pizzas over but we didn't know the address so we called the SBS office.

Our call got moved to someone else who we assumed to be some junior writer of the show but it was actually the PD!

"Hello, this is Cultwo Show's Lee Jaeik PD."

We suddenly got very scared, haha.

Me: Well, it's not anything important but we'd like to send some pizzas for the Cultwo Show.

PD: What is the occasion?

Me: Ah, well... Kim Bumyong-ssi hosted Jaebum's fanmeeting for 2 days so we wanted to express our thanks.

PD: Ah.... *Jaebum*'s fanmeeting was hosted by Bumyong-ssi?

Me: Yes...

PD: (Totally excited) I'm actually Jaebum's senior, an alumni of his high school, Apgujeong High School! Of course, I'm a lot older than him...

Me: Ah, really??

PD: Yes. And I'm sorry but because of issues like the CN Blue case, we can't accept fanclub gifts. We'll accept your heart, though. There's a lot of room for misunderstandings, unfortunately.

Me: Well we're not really a fanclub, we're sending them as individuals.

PD: Wow, are you guys rich??

Me: Ah, well... kekeke, Yes. We're a bit on the older end, so...

PD: I guess it shouldn't matter then.

Me: Ah, thank you.

Omitted irrelevant conversation.

PD: (Laughing) I understand. But are you by chance able to contact Jaebum?

Me: No, he's going to America soon.

PD: If you have the chance to see him at his next performance, please ask him to come to our radio show! We'll welcome him at any time.

Me: Thank you! kekeke

This nuna even got you a schedule kekeke
He's your senior.

The pizza wil be delivered tomorrow.

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[Real 2PM] First concert backstage 3

30 August 2010

Nickhun's twitter update ; ''you're so kind and caring man!''

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[FANCAM][100829] Jaebeom Fanmeets Tour 2010 - Seoul Day 2, Jay Park

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[FANCAM][100828] Jaebeom Fanmeets Tour 2010 - Seoul Day 1, Jay Park

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Nichkhun & Victoria chosen as the #1 couple viewers want to be real

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The Nichkhun-Victoria couple of MBC's We Got Married 2 has been chosen as the #1 couple that viewers would like to 'become a real couple.'

In a survey by the movie 'Letters to Juliet,' Nichkhun and Victoria earned 53% of the votes and ranked in at 1st with the reason of giving joy to the viewers with their cute newlywed life.

Adam Couple Jo Kwon and GaIn took #2 and Yongseo Couple Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun took 3rd.

Omitted summary of movie 'Letters to Juliet.'

[OFFICIAL] Seoul BBoy CF, Jay

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Park Jaebum reveals his thoughts about rumors and JYP

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"I read all the negative comments. I'm aware of all the rumors, but I'm not longer scared of them." "Life's too short to be disappointed with JYP."

Park Jaebum finally opened his mouth.

On the 30th at the Yangchun-gu in Mokdong, he had a solo interview at the Sports Chosun company office. Ever since his return to Korea in June, he had never officially said anything regards to the rumors. After five hours at a photoshoot, he came to be interviewed with a tired look, yet with determination, he systematically unveiled all the inner feelings he had hidden.

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Park Jaebum explained, "I was a bit bitter. But it's not like I was going to die if I couldn't become a singer, and I just quickly wanted to find something else to do. I'm talking about either being a dancer or finding a part time job", "It's because my life doesn't end there. I always thought there was going to be another opportunity somewhere else."

Park Jaebum confidently and open-heartedly explained his side of the story. "If I bring up the past only bad things will happen, and I don't want everyone to suffer with that. I'm just living my life with the flow."

Park Jaebum also revealed his changed habits. He reads all of the negative comments. "I never used to but I regularly monitor them now. But I don't lose my confidence when I read them. Because it's not like they know me personally." That is how he is getting stronger and how his confidence was created.

When asked whether he has any disappointment towards JYP, he showed a mature image. He said, "It didn't happen because we wanted to feel like that towards each other, and also there is no time for that. Life is too short for that. Since it's all in the past, it would be good if both of us succeed."

Although Park Jaebum said everything without fear, but when asked 'What is the fault that JYP said you had", he hesitated for a second before answering "I want to answer but I won't."

After letting out his mind after hiding it for so long, Park Jaebum ended with "Because of the fans who waited for me, I was able to handle the tough times. I promised to never disappoint them." The long interview finished and even when he stood up he requested, "Please add into the interview how much I thank my fans", showing his deep love for his fans.

[VID] 100830 Jay's 'DEMON' unfinished teaser


100829 2PM - Without U [Fancam]


100829 SSTV 2PM Incheon Korean Music Wave


[Official] Jay , Seoul BBoy CF

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JAY PARK Subbed! 090830 NODAJI cuts ep01

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Khun's tweet.

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[INFO] 101030 Jay in Seoul Soul Festival 2010!

[Youtube] 101030 Jay feeling sorry for the delayed upload of Demon MV

29 August 2010

[NEWS] 100829 Khun gets humiliated

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2PM's Nichkhun got a taste of what 'humiliation' is like.

On the 30th August on his personal Twitter, Nichkhun uploaded a picture of himself having a meal with Park Jin Young.

In the photo, Nichkhun and Park Jin Young were sitting in a restaurant. However Park Jin Young was surrounded by kids, signing autographs while Nichkhun was left in a corner eating his rice.

Staring at Park Jin Young who was surrounded by autograph hunters, Nickhun left the comment "Another reminder of why I should work even harder! Yes Jin Young hyung! I'll work harder kekeke", which has been garnering attention.

The netizens who have seen this picture commented, "Is this Nichkhun humiliation?", "You're working hard even now". "Nichkhun lost to the president on popularity..Do your best", "Khun, fighting!".

Khun's tweet.

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[Videos] WGM Adam couple with Khuntoria cuts subbed

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[NEWS][100829] SSTV Incheon Korean Music Wave, 2PM

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[OFFICIAL][100829] Incheon Korean Music Wave Red Carpet, 2PM

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