31 May 2010

[NEWS] 100531 Jaebum set for Korea on the 11th @jaybumaom

2PM's former leader Jaebum will be returning to Korea on the 11th.

An associate revealed, "Jaebum is set to return on the 11th. He has work in New York for three days but will be heading straight to Korea after wards. It's a bit later than planned."

He also went on to state, "We are discussing plans for him to meet with his fans while recording for the movie."

Casting for his little sister's role is nearing completion. Dennis Oh will also be acting in this movie.


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[RUMOR] 100531 Nichkhun & Min Hyorin for WGM, 2PM's next album date

Nichkhun & Min Hyorin We Got Married Celebrity Information Section

Seohyun and Yonghwa couple will be leaving the show soon because of SNSD's Asia tour. Sunny and Yuri already left Invincible Youth for their Tour.

Nichkhun and Min Hyorin will be taking their place. They have already finished the first recording.

2PM's manager was just on a radio call and said that 2PM's next album is set to be released at the end of August, around September.

They're really not giving them a chance to rest, eh?

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[NEWS] 100531 Nichkhun doesn't like being called pretty

2PM Nichkhun has confessed that he does not like "being called pretty."

On a recent episode of SBS 'Strong Heart,' Nichkhun confessed about a situation where he felt hurt ever since he was a child because of his feminine features. Nichkhun stated, "Even now, when people see me, they say, 'So pretty!' but to me, it just feels like they're swearing at me."

As if to prove that he's not just another pretty face, Nichkhun purposely tried bizarre and comical face expressions, causing much laughter.

Another male panelist went on to state, "I looked similar to Nichkhun when i was younger," and gave off a feeling of agreement towards Nichkhun's troubling confessions.


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[CYWORLD] 100601 Junsu's Update

wutever u say
wutever u do


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100601 [HD]Dumbfoundead, MYK, Dok2, Kero One, Jay Park & AOM Ustream




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[NEWS] 100601 Junho & Chansung are excited to vote

"For one person such as myself to be able to change our nation into a better place with just one vote makes my heart flutter!" (Chansung)

Popular idol group 2PM's Chansung and Junho have made time in their busy schedules to vote on the 2nd. Out of the six members of 2PM, Chansung and Junho will be voting for the first time. Chansung and Junho are expected to be voting in their native addresses, Seoul and Ilsan, on the morning of the voting day.

We were able to meet with them on the 31st at KBS's recording set. The two gave a mature face expression and stated, "It's a marvelous feeling, voting for the first time. It feels like we're adults now."

Junho went on to state, "Because I'm a citizen of Korea and have the right to vote, I believe that it is only definite that I vote. If I weren't to vote, I think it'd be difficult to criticize the administration of the elected person if it does not go in my favor."

Chansung stated, "Growing up, I've watched my parents go and vote so I've always naturally had the thought that voting is a necessity."

Junho spoke to the readers of Donga Ilbo and stated, "Like the phrase, 'many drops make a shower,' it's important that every single person's vote comes together in order to create a democracy. Please do not think of it as a hassle and participate by voting," along with his trademark smiling eyes.


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[TWITTER] Jay thanks everyone for coming to the show

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100531 Seattle Showbox at the Market Concert - AOM(Jay Park),Dok2,Dumbfoundead,MYK,Kero One

Credit : danceistheway

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[NEWS] 100531 Chansung to be discharged on the 31st

Popular group 2PM has completed their album promotions.

2PM completed their 3rd single album promotions on the 23rd at SBS Inkigayo.

The reason 2PM has completed their promotions faster than expected was because of the members' injuries, making it harder to continue their promotions. 2PM's Junsu injured his knee, causing the group to perform as five members. Chansung then became diagnosed with enteritis and was hospitalized, leaving no other option but to end promotions.

Chansung will be discharged on the 31st but will be heading to America with 2PM in the beginning of June as the opening stage for the Wonder Girls.


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Jay Park fanclub name poll attracts over 80K votes in a day – ‘Bumblebee’ is leading vote

2PM ex-member JaeBum’s official fanclub name has been determined through a poll.
JaeBum revealed the 4 final fanclub names through his Twitter on 30th May. They are ‘Beyond the Top, ‘Bumblebee’, ‘JayEffect’ and ‘JayWalkers’. As of 8.30KST on 31st May, there are over 82.3K votes from fans.
And leading at ‘Bumblebee’ with 31.5K votes and at #1 is ‘JayEffect’ with 26.66K votes. JaeBum recently wrote on his YouTube, “Fans said they wanted to come up with a fanclub name, I didn’t know hwhat name to use. That is why I signed up for Twitter and asked for fans to choose.”
Meanwhile, JaeBum will be back in Korea in early June for the filming of upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

S: StarNews+kbites

[NEWS] 100531 Jay's return to Korea to be delayed

Jaebum's return to Korea has been revealed to be a bit delayed.

Producer Jason Lee recently stated, "The b-boy team that Jaebum is a part of has plans in New York so his return to Korea will be a bit later than expected. It will be after the 10th."

Jaebum had also visited Taiwan with b-boy team AOM last month and had attracted attention.

Jason Lee went on to state, "The production of the movie is going smoothly. We are still set to record on the 14th. We are currently trying to match the schedule of the American staff in order for them to go to Korea at the same time as the casts. It's taking a while to move such a large group of people at once."


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30 May 2010

[RUMOR] 100531 2PM concert ticket sales update

I checked for any open seats at the auction and none 2PM's seats are selling.

There's still 2/3's of standing seats left.
All of the front and back seats of the R seats are empty.
Most of S seats are empty.
And A... I don't even have to say it.

- They might get more orders towards the end.

- I went and ordered a seat. Think of the grandma fans, they're slow.

- Maybe they'll give out free invitation tickets.

- Arashi's Korean concert was sold out within 2 minutes.

- Don't idol groups sell out within a day?

- Grandmas my ass, this is failure.

- Heol T_T This makes me sad

- Failure T_T

The colored seats = empty seats

I can understand the Seoul concert having a lot of empty seats because of how big it is..

But Busan... T_T

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M! Countdown Goodbye Stage, 2PM

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"FO2" Taecyeon confesses, "I liked Yoona from the very beginning"

"FO2" Taecyeon confesses, "I liked Yoona from the very beginning"

Super Junior Heechul finally met Wonder Girl's Sohee, whom he has always been a fan of, and 2PM's Taecyeon revealed that he had "liked Yoona from the very beginning," the other main character of their scandal.

The episode of SBS "Family Outing 2 (FO2)" that aired on the 30th was a 'memorable student field trip special' for the Wonder Girls members who have not been able to hang out properly with their school friends as trainees.

[Heechul-Sohee parts omitted]

The Wonder Girls, who are close to Taecyeon because they are from the same company, asked him, "Who do you like the best among the SNSD members?" When Taecyeon answered, "I liked Yuri first," Sunye revealed, "That's not true. He liked Yoona from the very beginning."

Taecyeon then confessed, "I liked Yoona at the very beginning, and I like her the most even now." When asked whom she would like to have a fake marriage with, Yoona created a strange mood saying, "It's embarrassing that no one chose Taecyeon [...] I'll choose Taecyeon-oppa."

Reporter: Moon Tae Kyoung
Credit: My Daily
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100530n08425

Translated by melodygreenleaf
@ wild2day.org

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2PM Chansung is a martial arts master 'Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree-Kendo 2nd Degree"


 2PM Chansung is a martial arts master 'Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree-Kendo 2nd Degree"

2PM Chansung showed off his hidden martial art skills.

A guest on the episode of KBS 2TV "Let's Go! Dream Team 2" that airs on the 30th, he revealed the martial art skills of a fifth-degree black belt. He showed off the skills that he had worked on since he was young saying, "Tae Kwon Do 3rd degree, Kendo 2nd degree."

Chansung attracted attention by showing off his kicking skills with a turning back kick and other kicks in front of the other guests. At MC Lee Chang Myung's question, "Aren't you kicking too weakly?" he showed his pride in his Tae Kwon Do abilities saying, "Tae Kwon Do is about the snap."

On this day, "Let's Go! Dream Team 2" went to Korea Aerospace University and had a competition with the aircraft operators and students there. The Dream Team members even tried out handling an airplane directly with the one prepared by Korea Aerospace University.

Before he got on the plane, 2PM Junho showed his uneasiness as he asked the instructor, "You said the airplane is about 20 years old. Will it be alright?" But when he got off the plane, he said, "It was so fun. You have to ride it for yourself to experience this feeling," and could not hide his excitement.

As always, SHINee Minho showed his satisfaction in his first experience in handling an airplane saying, "It was really fun." F.Cuz Jinown, in contrast, made all the other guests laugh with his honest comment: "I was scared. I didn't feel good being inside the airplane."

Credit: Newsen
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100530n02361

Translated by melodygreenleaf
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29 May 2010

[Info] 100526 The Boy Kimchi April Issue 299 – Top 5 Korean Artists you want to kiss on the white day

1. Rain
2. Micky Yoochun (TVXQ)
3. Nichkhun (2pm)
4. G dragon (Big Bang)
5. Minho (Shinee)

source: The Boy Kimchi No.299
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[INFO] 100529 Vote for Jay's official fanclub name! @jaybumaom

Poll is up! Vote for Jay's official fanclub name!

Vote here -> LINK<-

Beyond the Top | Bumblebee | JayEffect | JayWalkers

(READ THIS -> Please when you post your comment, be nice, don't spam and don't complain if your fav name is not the most voted on. Please remeber we follow 'Love & Respect!' and it will be rude if you bash one of the names Jay chose. We all know that Jay reads comments/messages posted by fans and he probably had to take a long time to think what names to put up on the poll, so don't you think he'll feel sad if he sees people complaining about the name? So please, be nice!)


Unofficial info about the names:
Beyond the Top - Is the name of Jay's very first fan cafe
Bumblebee - Because Jay doesn't have official DC gallery, korean fans bought the DC Gallery of 'Bee' movie to use as Jay's temporary DC Gallery. Also this name has the concept of -> Bumblebee-> fans; Jay-> Honey
JayEffect - Power of fans' love & support + the power of Jay's charisma & talent = the amazing effect that results in many amazing feats we're all familiar with
JayWalkers - The concept of this name is of fans always walking with Jay and supporting him

Seems like 'jaywalker' is popular name among international fans, but korean fans doesn't want this name because:
Hi Jay's overseas fans !! JayWalker has been very popular for another Korean band.. Its spelling is different but sound the same in korean.. If we named "Jaywalker" for us It would be controversial.. (posted by yun jay)
Please remember how fandoms in korea are taken seriously and how some fandoms fight over ballon colors and names. So korean fans want to avoid trouble with the fans of a group/artist called J-Walk.


Jay's messages:

Source: JAYBUMAOM@Twitter

http://polldaddy.com/poll/3271764/ here is the poll haha big thinks to Tinzar for helping me out with this 투표 고고 ㅋㅋ

Source: JAYPARKAOM@Youtube

the poll is up go to my twitter www.twitter.com/jayb­umaom 가서투표하삼 ㅋㅋ (1 hour ago)

[NEWS] 100529 Nichkhun kisses Kang Hodong

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2PM Nichkhun was involved in a rather peculiar kiss scene with gagman Kang Hodong.

On an episode of SBS Star King aired on the 29th, 2PM Nichkhun held a push up battle against a wrestler from Ohio, America.

Despite the wrestler, Dustin Pal, having no legs, Nichkhun placed him on top of his body and attempted to do push ups, surprising MC Kang Hodong. Kang Hodong, wanting to try it himself, attempted to do push ups with Nichkhun on top of him.

However, Kang Hodong's arm gave out and was unable to hold Nichkhun up. Nichkhun's face fell on top of Kang Hodong's face, creating a scene similar to SBS's weekend drama, 'Life is Beautiful.'

Weird background music began to play as the two posed as if they were truly about to kiss. Panelists became surprised and ran over to Nichkhun and Kang Hodong but Nichkhun merely looked up and smiled as the caption "Sorry we couldn't protect you" scrolled across the screen.