30 November 2010

[MISC] Nichkhun on Fox's Good Day New York

source: janin2pm via 2pmalways

[INTERVIEW] 101130 2PM in Singapore's iWeekly Magazine

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CREDIT: iWeekly Magazine (SOURCE) ohthatlove (SCANS) ; ohthatlove@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

[Omitted the part not talking about 2PM in the first picture]The regime of "BEAST Idol" , 2PM.

In their debut song of "10 Out of 10" and "Again and Again", their gorgeous hip hop costumes are incorporated with aerobics.

The group's emphasis is a youthful boy dance group.

With their handsome features together with their fast,accurate and precise dance steps, they sucessfully rise to the top.

The best is always reserved for the last. These young men have equipped themselves with well-trained muscles long ago. Just like this.. and stripped to fame.

The phrase "beastly idol", which is used to describe men with a well built physique became popularized has soon became a distinctive trademark of 2PM.

Entering into their 2nd year in showbiz, these beastly men have fully evolved. Their popularity rise rapidly as fans got "Heartbeat" with their smoky makeup which resembles like zombies during their previous album promotions.
They made a comeback previously, and changed their style to glamorous eye makeup together with a devillish "terminator" robot dance.

The common point is... being manly, being tough, and being beast!
[From Left to below] Beastly Men Questionaire
[Exclusive e-mail interview from Korea]

Q : 2PM are being dubbed as the top "beast idol group" in the Kpop Industry. What's your thoughts on that?
A : "Beast idol" is the nickname that our fans gave to us. We're happy that our fans enjoyed our performance, and also gave us a lot of support and positive feedback.

Q: Who's the "beast" icon of 2PM?
A: Of course it's... Taecyeon! He gives others the impression of being manly, and also resembles like a beast the most.
When he raps, he always gives out a strong masculine charisma.

Q: In the present Kpop industry, who do you think regard as your competitor for "beast idol"?
A : Haha, we think that it would probably be 2AM, because all of them are have well-trained muscles! Just kidding..
Actually all of us have been exercising in the gym regularly, and our well-trained "beastly" physique is our fruit of labour which became a hot topic among everyone. However, this is just part of the reason and we never thought of competing with anyone.

Q: If there's any guys out there who want to be as buffed as you guys, what advice would you all give them?
A: Err... that is you must go to the gym to exercise regularly, and continue training! When we first started to exercise in gym, we became cautious of our diet and only ate potato and chicken breast meat.
Such measures are effective in weight control. Although we tend to eat freely on what we eat now, we still continue to exercise regularly in gym.

The many sides of 2PM

[The leading group in Asia]
In June this year, they became the special guests of their seniors,Wonder Girls in "Wonder World US Tour". They participated in a Hallyu concert in Taiwan in August. Their plan in 2011 is to venture into Japan, to officially launch a Japanese album ; and their newly launched Korean MV Premium DVD "Hottest" in Japan have garnered a first place in "Oricon" chart within the first week! Fantastic results!

Other than having beastly physiques and explosive dance steps, the 6 of them also continues to venture themselves in all areas. Some of the members focus on attending Korean variety shows, and some of them chose to act in dramas.
Without doubt, all members have received positive responses and feedbacks, and their popularity continues to rise.

[Omitted the part on the right which basically giving a description of Nichkhun in "We Got Married", Taecyeon in "Cinderella's Story" and 2PM in "Wild Bunny" and participation in the Kkap version of "Abracadabra".

[M/V] 101131 One Way's "Rainy Days" acoustic/english version featuring Junsu, ♪ Junsu


[Lyrics] This Christmas - JYPNation

Preview JYPNation - This Christmas

Christmas that's what I want
Fall in love this Christmas
that's what I need
Fall in love this Christmas
this Christmas this Christmas
Fall in love
I just wanna be in love
this Christmas

내가 원하는 선물은
정말로 이것 하나뿐 이야
사랑에 빠져 있는 것

There’s really only one
Present that I wish for
It’s falling in love

to fall in love

올해도 쓸쓸한 겨울 밤
거리를 혼자 걷고 있으면

If I walk down alone this year
Again on a lonely winter night

스치는 찬 바람이
내 옷을 뚫고 들어와
가슴이 시려오고

Cold wind would blow and graze me
Piercing right through my clothes
Chilling my heart

수많은 사람들 속에서
행복해하는 모습들 보며
한참을 미소짓다 결국엔
쓸쓸히 돌아서 발걸음을 옮겨

While seeing many other people
Simply being happy
I smile a lot, but eventually just
Turn lonely around and walk on

I don't wanna be alone
this Christmas
나도 누군갈 만나서
다른 거리의 연인들처럼
사랑을 속삭이고 싶어

Having met someone
Like other couples on the street
I want to whisper words of love

That's all I want

해가 가면 갈수록 난
외로움에 더 지쳐가나 봐

As the sun goes down I probably
Will be even more tired of loneliness

익숙해지지 않고
점점 더 혼자라는 걸
실감을 하게되고

Still not getting used to this
Little by little getting realistic
About what it means to be alone

올해는 나도 웃고 싶어
영화에 나오는 모습처럼

I want to smile this year too
Just like you see in the movies

예쁜 크리스마스 트리 아래서
선물을 함께 주고 받으며
밤을 지새우는

Exchanging presents together
Underneath a pretty Christmas tree
And staying up all night

I just wanna be in love
this Christmas
내가 원하는 선물은
정말로 이것 하나뿐 이야
사랑에 빠져 있는 것

There’s really only one
Present that I wish for
It’s falling in love

to fall in love

자꾸만 돌아오는 겨울이
이제는 무서워
아름다운 캐롤이 내 가슴을 찔러
도시의 화려한 불빛이
나를 슬프게 해 눈엔 눈물이

Constantly returning winter
Is so scary
Beautiful Christmas carols pierce right through me
Brilliant city lights
Makes me sad bringing tears to my eyes

oh no 이제는 그만 no Christmas
달력을 넘길 수 있다면
해마다 December 12월은 뛰어넘어
너무 아퍼 그리고 외로워

Oh no, please no more Christmas
If I could skip parts of the calendar
Every year I would jump over the 12th month – December
It hurts so much and it’s so lonely

이젠 혼자 있긴 싫어
더 이상 슬픈 Christmas는 싫어

I don’t want to live alone anymore
I can stand sad Christmas no longer

이번엔 내 소원이 꼭 이뤄 질거야
This time my wish will definitely come true

I wish my dream comes true
I don't wanna be alone
this Christmas

나도 누군갈 만나서
다른 거리의 연인들처럼
사랑을 속삭이고 싶어

Having met someone
Like other couples on the street
I want to whisper words of love

That's all I want
I just wanna be in love
this Christmas
내가 원하는 선물은
정말로 이것 하나뿐 이야
사랑에 빠져 있는 것

There’s really only one
Present that I wish for
It’s falling in love

to fall in love
this Christmas
fall in love
this Christmas
fall in love
this Christmas
this Christmas
this Christmas
fall in love
this Christmas
I just wish This year
It'll be different
No more lonely Christmas
I wanna fall in love this Christmas

Kor-Eng by Egle @2pmalways.com

[CF] Nichkhun Baskin Robbins , Making Film

[STREAM] 101130 Fox 5 News - Good Day New York "Julie Kim Goes to South Korea Part 1"


On the most recent episode of Star King that 2PM appeared on, Julie Kim from Fox 5 News New York also made a guest appearance, helping Hodong with his english (or not). Check out her experience on the show and a short 10 second interview with Khun. In Korean. darn. lol. ♥ Thanks JUNHOBRAND for the tip! ^^b

[NEWS] 101130 'Dream High' Taecyeon, Suji, Suhyun, drama's auditorium pictures revealed 'Hope it will be a big hit!', Taecyeon, Wooyoung (2PM)

KBS 2TV 'Dream High' (Written by Park Hyeryeun, directed by Lee Eungbok and Kim Seongyoon) held their gosa ceremony* on the 29th, on the set of what is to be the auditorium of Girin Arts High School

On this day, in the Girin Arts High School auditorium set, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung (2PM), Kim Suhyun, Bae Suji (miss A), Ham Eunjung (T-ara), IU, Yoon Youngah, Um Kijoon, Lee Yoonji, etc. were present along with the producer, KBS Lee Kanghyun EP etc.

All the actors that participated hoped the drama would become a success by stating, "Please take care of us well. Hope the drama will be a big hit."

All the actors were of similar age, and enjoyed a harmonious atmosphere. One could also see the seniors taking care of the juniors, creating a warmth atmosphere as well.

At the ceremony, the set of the drama that would become Girin Arts School was revealed. The unique structure of the stage that would be used in the auditorium, and the student's cafeteria, the principle's room, etc attracted the attention of everyone.

The drama 'Dream High' is about kids of different lives, backgrounds, and surroundings who enter Girin Arts High and pass through many challenges to become world stars. The drama will air January 3rd of next year.

*Gosa ceremony: It's a ritual performed before the drama is filmed to bring good luck

Reporter Jo Euijee
Credit TVDaily
Source http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1291090976107858002

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

[NEWS] 101129 Taecyeon-Wooyoung-Kikwang, joins as guests on 'Actress Butler', Taecyeon, Wooyoung (2PM)

2PM's Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Beast's Kikwang will be the guests in the second episode of MBC's 'Actress Butler'.

On the 29th, in MBC's Ilsan Dream Center, 'Actress Butler''s production team stated "Se7en, Lee Hongki, and No Minwoo were eliminated in Round 1, so Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Kikwang will enter in Round 2."

Additionally, they said "Min Hyori and Son Dambi were eliminated from the female guests, so Jang Shinyoung and Seo Inyoung will join, and will possibly be able to create new topics."

On the 4th, Ryu Siwon, No Hongchul, Hyunyoung, Jo Yeojung, etc are set to make up the regular MCs, and the rest of the members will be guests. It will be in the format in which after the first round ends, they will be replaced for the next round.

It is a fantasy-reality show in which the male stars will serve the female stars as butlers.

Reporter Lee Jiyoung
Credit Osen
Article http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1011290263

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits

[Trans] 韓流 ぴあ(Hanryu PIA) [part 1]

Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

Not much time left for the event on December 8th! Here is the interview of 2PM,

the hottest k-pop group and “Q&A” which members have written it themselves. Check it out!

[Fans are my heart. I can’t live without it]

Entitled as beasts with the recognition of their masculine images

- This year Korean artists have come to make a debut in Japan. It looks like they’re the final secret weapon who are about to debut in Japan. We flew to Seoul to to ask them at first hand.-
Taecyeon - Both excited and delightful. Making a debut in Japan is such an honor. Still, I’m worried if we can make it good to the point that our seniors have done
Nichkhun - I’m more excited than worried. How are Japanese fans going to react to our debut? Since I’m the only foreign member of the group so debut as 2PM is like debut overseas too. I’ve received so much loves in Korea therefore I’d like to make another challenge in another country
Junsu - Actutally, the conversation of debut in Japan was once discussed between us and the president (JYP). It seems like Japanese fans had no special interest in us. Now the dream has come true
Nichkhun- Right, the president is extremely pleased

- Bonus track "Candy in my ears" which is the featuring of Baek Ji Yeong and Taecyeon is also included in DVD -
Taecyeon - We’ve always been together. Working aloof from the rest of the group with Baek Ji Yeong is a new experience. Isn’t it the way of getting to know other people in the industry? Well, I was well-known back then (laughs)

- On December 8th, the [01:59PM] album will be released for the first time in Japan -

Junho - A number of elements are packed into this album including every charms of 2PM from one year ago. We’re now upgraded!!
Wooyoung - "All Night Long" is a sweet song that doesn’t have much in 2PM albums. I like the feeling of a bit of sexiness. Most of the songs are about painful love then some of them must be sweet (laughs)

All the way to the top, take no prisoners!

- Last October, the "Still 2:00pm" album had been released by when they started the activity of “I’ll be back” -

Taecyeon - The filming was prolonged into next day morning to reach the acrobatic scene. We were all exhausted. Chansung even got injured. Although we felt a sense of frustration that we should have spent some more time, it turned out pretty cool
Chansung - During acrobatic, if you get just aminor accident, it can turn into a serious injure. Before debut, Park Jin Young hyung said “By the time you master acrobatic, you can make a debut” so we practiced like hell. I told myself that I understood yet I was shaken by the fear. If we can’t overcome that fear, we won’t be able to do it

- We had this interview after their comeback stage for the latest single. They were disappointed with it so they kept on practicing till late at night. More than that, I heard that they even practiced early that morning, on the day of the interview.-

Taecyeon - Every time we have our first stage, we think that it’s not enough. Thus we’ll practice more so that it’ll get better
Finally Japan Debut ! [We’re looking forward to your debut]

- Singing with eager attention and manly stage performance. But when they step down the stage, it’s totally different; the cuteness has been revealed. That’s why they’re so attractive. Plus they also live together with good relationships -

Junsu - Having no secrets to each other is what we’re worried about
Junho - Such as Wooyoung is talking with Junsu in a corner “What did you eat today?”. Even if it’s just a normal convo, I’ll feel like “aren’t you guys having some secrets?” ?” followed by asking “What? What”. It’ll be more entertaining if we have a secret to share (laughs)
Nichkhun - Yeah. Not just between us. Our secrets are all revealed even on shows
Taecyeon - What you see on those shows are the real us, nothing different. Or should we act cooler?

- Taecyeon, the joker of the group, knows Japanese better than the others. He also helps them with translation during the interview -
Taecyeon - I learned from "One piece" or "Bleach" but "Slam dunk" is my favorite
Nichkhun- I’m trying to leanr from Japanese dramas. I’m currently watching “GTO” . Sorimachi is so cool

- Regardless of their tight schedules, they’re working on their Japanese. Please say something to your fans in Japan -

Taecyeon - Please support us (in japanese)
Nichkhun- You can’t live without heart, don’t you? That’s what fans mean to me. I wish Japanese fans would love our songs and we show the original of 2PM asap!
Chansung - Although my japanese is beginner level, I’ll try hard so that I can convey my message to fans
Junho – I’ve received the strength from fans. I want to continue living like this with our Japanese fans
Wooyoung - Right. Fans are my everything. We’re going to meet you guys soon, please wait for us!
Junsu - Fans are the reason why we’re still singing. We’ll wait till the day we meet our fans

Nichkhun Q&A

1.What do the other members call you?

2.What is your role in 2PM ?
Taking care of languages
3.If you were an animal, what would you be?
4.If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?
5.Tell us about a secret of any members
Taecyeon dance in his sleeping
6.You can get "10 out of 10 " from?
Learning foreign languages
7.When was the last time you cried and why?
Fans made us a surprise event in our concert by singing “Thank You”
8. What do you want to say to the others?
"Pleaseee get up !"

Wooyoung Q&A

1.What do the other members call you?
2.What is your role in 2PM ?
Mom who keeps nagging this and that
3.If you were an animal, what would you be?
Fish since it keeps swimming and flexible ^^
4.If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?
Studying and dancing
5.Tell us about a secret of any members
Don’t have one ㅠ.ㅠ
6.You can get "10 out of 10 " from?
Flexibility !
7.When was the last time you cried and why?
2 weeks ago ?? / while watching a movie !
8. What do you want to say to the others?
Be happy ! ^^

Chansung Q&A

1.What do the other members call you?

2.What is your role in 2PM ?
The youngest!
3.If you were an animal, what would you be?
A puppy !
4.If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?
Taekwondo instructor
5.Tell us about a secret of any members
We don’t have any secrets
6.You can get "10 out of 10 " from?
Effort !!
7.When was the last time you cried and why?
At our first concert !! Fans changed the lyrics of “thank you” and sang for us
8. What do you want to say to the others?
Keep on trying !! (in japanese )
*Taec,Junho,Junsu Q&A will be on the next issue

29 November 2010

2PM Japan Debut Special Interview For Haru Hana Magazine

Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Photos credit: Junsu.kr [Take out with full credits]

2PM Japan Debut Special Interview For Haru Hana Magazine

Manly stage performance is what we want to show
2PM, the popular group from Korea, has reached the top of korean music industry in a flash. After making a debut in September 2008 with powerful performance and beast-like image, they’re titled as “beastly idols”. We have asked about their debut in Japan as they’re the most outshining among K-pop idols.

Chansung : We’ve been blessed and are very thankful. Many Korean singers have come to work in Japan so we’ll try as hard as our seniors have done
Wooyoung : I don’t want to lose the feeling which I had before debut. Of course, I do have the greed of becoming popular in Japan yet wondering how our music is going to be recognized.
Nichkhun : Firstlyomebody, Japanese culture and language is indeed in need. And later, I’ll work hard to make ourselves and each member known

The words “Beastly idols” were created for 2PM, what does it mean to them exactly?

Taecyeon : That’s what we’re called. I’m grateful for such an honor since the word “beast” is originally implied to [Scream!!! Beast] this kind of situation (laughs). But we’re called in a good way which became broadly recognized. That’s why I’m grateful!
Wooyoung: I think the image of beastly idols is what grabs Japanese’ attentions. So I want to perform manly, powerful and passionate such stage for everyone
The first solo concert in Seoul and Pusan last summer, which later followed by an encore concert, were successful.

Junsu: We prepared it in short time, I think we did it pretty well. Many people had come and enjoyed it. It’s joyful
Junho : That was our first solo concert and there were only our fans in the hall. I was very happy. A lot of Japanese fans also attended the concerts. I wish we would have one in Japan soon.
Khun: Having a good concert isn’t easy, there’re things that we still lack of. Nonetheless, being with fans is very delightful.

The solo stages were their own ideas to present the their true selves. Let’s hear the behind the story from them!

Taecyeon : Chansung took off his shirt (laughs)

Chansung : I was worried about what to do on solo stage. The others had plan of singing, dancing and playing instruments. What was left for me, I thought. Then I

noticed that taking off shirt was still left out (laughs) You can’t expect 2PM without masculine image (laughs)
Taecyeon : You did it on purpose (laughs)
Chansung : Since someone had to do it so I sacrificed myself (laughs)
Junho : In the concert, we made a parody of [Cinderella’s sister] didn’t we? Once my Japanese gets better, I wish it would be made in japanese

During this interview, the ability of speaking Japanese has been shown. They tell us that they’re earnestly learning it in order to make a debut in Japan

Junsu: I can get the idea of the conversation but to speak is still difficult. I used to tweet in Japanese in Twitter yet it wasn’t good enough so I asked some helps from my friend who lives in Osaka

The members all have their own twitters. When they were in Taiwan, they tweeted that members had been missing which became a hot topic

Taeceyon : I and Junsu shared a room. By the time we got back, he was nowhere to be seen and only his clothes were present so I took the picture of it. Later I called the others and we began to play “taking off your shirt then be gone” (laughs). You can say that Junsu started it. Wooyoung didn’t play with us because he was too sleepy (laughs)

Their close friendship becomes one of 2PM’s charms. They’re going to hold their first event on December 8th

Wooyoung : I think that’s it’s going to be first time for many people so it won’t be exceptionally special event. I just want to show the real 2PM!
Nichkhun : To all that live in Japan, we’ll meet soon! We’ll show our best so please wait!

[MISC] Junho & Junsu on Galaxy Tab Taxi

credits to dark0dark@daum

[MISC] One Company (Sponsor), Nichkhun, Wooyoung & Chansung

credits to one company's naver blog

[TRANS] 2PM's Japan Arrival Song Countdown - D1, 2PM

Chansung Says: There is 1 more day left until our Arrival Song, "Heartbeat", is transmitted.

2PM: It's tomorrow!

Source: 2PM's Official Japanese Website via NIJIRO2PM @ YT
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org

[INFO] 101123 Vote for 2AM & 2PM for the Golden Disk Awards

CREDIT: Golden Disk

It's that time of year again! End of the year awards shows are about to take place one after another! There are some we as international fans can vote for and some that we can't! Luckily, we can vote for Golden Disk! 2AM is nominated for "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" and 2PM is nominated for "I'll Be Back". Click on the photo below to vote for Golden Disk Awards!

The voting site is all in English! You will also be able to stream the show live on their Live Streaming page on December 9th, 2010 at 10PM KST!

Voting ends on December 6th, so be sure to spread the word and vote! ^^b

[SCANS] Baskin Robbins Merry Icemas/Hello, Ice Cream 2010 Planner & Dessert Book, Nichkhun

Not entirely sure if i got what these are for exactly but this is obviously from/for Baskin Robbins.

credits to happiness

[MISC] JYP Nation - Special Clip [Translated]

JYP: Everyone, welcome! We are
TY: Nearing the end of 2010, our JYP Nation has gathered together for Christmas! WOO!!!
TY: At the end of 2010, we will be having a family concert, it's our first time gathered together to perform and to make an album
[JW: Yes, yes! Right! Aha! Nice!]
TY: JYP Nation is very fantastic and beautiful. Everyone, how is it? Do you like it?
YE: JYP Nation's first single is "Last Christmas". It's a song about spending Christmas with your loved ones. We hope you can listen to this song with the ones you love.
JK: Who wrote this song?
MIN: This song was written by our teacher, JYP PD-nim, Park Jinyoung PD-nim, so we hope everyone will like it!
JK: At this time, we can't just not hear it! Should we, JYP Nation, sing a little part for everyone? 1, 2, 3, 4!
YE: Thank you!

cr: jypentertainment @ YT
Translated by khy127 @ W2D

[NEWS] 101129 2PM vs Park Jaebeom on simultaneous Christmas Eve Concerts?, ONEDAY, Jay Park

This year, 2PM and Park Jaebeom will be having their own concerts on the same day.

On the 24th of December, the "2010 JYP NATION CONCERT" will take place at the Olympic Stadium and 2PM will be performing, Park Jaebeom will also be participating at the "2010 WHITE LOVE PARTY" concert at the Jangchung Gymnasium.

In the JYP Nation concert, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A and San.E will be performing, fans are looking forward for the idol family members to show their closeness and relationship however they are saddened that former 2PM member Park Jaebeom will not be in it. JYP Nation hasnt held a concert with Park Jaebeom in stage, and it will leave a loneliness on stage without him. Supreme Team and Dok2 will also be performing at the WHITE LOVE PARTY.

The two concerts are getting hot responses however, there is an inevitable competition on which concert will be getting more love from the netizens. In addition, not only the number of audience will be the measure but also the quality of the performances.

However, 2AM wont be able to participate at the JYP Nation concert due to their own solo concert tour all over Seoul.

Netizens reacted, "Unfortunately, i will be rushing on Christmas Eve to watch these", "There will be another clash from the two parties".

Source: http://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201011291632401002
Translated by Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

Jay for dENIZEN Winter Photoshoot

cr : dENIZENkorea and missyera on soompi


Jay Park First Step at Thailand by Pullman Bangkok King Power

cr : pullman bangkok king power facebook page

28 November 2010

[Video] Khuntoria episode 22 english subbed!

Khuntoria couple's episode 22 cuts are finally subbed in english. Many thanks to the subbers and timers for the fast work! There you go guys, watch them now! and have a good weekend!

Part 1

Credit: een_mckinen@Dailymotion
Source: Vickhun Official Thread@Soompi

[MISC] Nichkhun on Eat Your Kimchi, following the Running Man recording

source: eatyourkimchi.com, simonandmartina @ YT

[OFFICIAL][101128] Jay Park First Step in Thailand 2010

credits to pingbook