28 February 2011

[NEWS] 110228 2PM Junsu gets admitted into Dong-A Institute of Performance and Arts

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On the 24th, Junsu got admitted into the 4th year of Dong-A Institute of Performance Arts’s Bachelor of Performing Arts degree program. Junsu, who recently graduated from the University of East Broadcasting, received a full scholarship with his admittance into Department of Performing Arts. He had stated that “Dong-A University of the Arts in Broadcasting has a lot of talented, energetic, and motivated people, but as a singer with not a lot of time to spare who couldn’t attend frequently, it is very unfortunate.” He also stated that “as someone who is interested in advancing in the television path, I decided to continue my studies at the performance arts department.”

2AM's Changmin is also enrolled in Dong-A Institute of Performance Arts

[INFO] 110301 K-POP! NOW Presents Invitations for 2PM's Video Concert!


We'll be showing lots of prized 2PM shots!!

Date and Time: March 21 (Mon.) Hall opens at 1:00 PM, Show starts at 2:00 PM

Location: Minatoku Ward, Tokyo

200 of the program's listeners will be invited.

The announcer will be K-POP! NOW's DJ, Okamoto Yuuka (Yuuka-san!)

Enter through e-mail or fax.
FAX 045-224-1019

Write your address, full name, phone number, and how long you've liked 2PM and send it in please!
One entry per person please. Entries must be received by the deadline, March 11 (Fri)!
2PM will not come to the event but looking towards their arrival in Japan in May, let's all of the K-POP! NOW listeners get excited for that together!

Source: K-POP! NOW Official Site

[NEWS] 110227 Director Cha Eun Taek compliments Jay on his humbleness

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Director Cha Eun Taek complimented singer Park Jaebum.

Called the craftsmaster of CF and MVs, creater Cha Eun Taek passed on his source of creativity, world of his works, and special life story on tvN's interview show 'Baek Ji Yeon's People Inside' that will be aired on February 28th.

Especially, director Cha Eun Taek revealed how he was touched by Park Jaebum during filming, whilst talking about the Co-Ed female unit 5dolls' music video that had become a hot issue because of Park Jaebum's appearance in it.

He didn't hold back on his polite behavior, saying, "I met Park Jaebum for the first time and I saw many unexpected sides of him. He's very humble and went around seeking every staff member, working hard overnight at the scene, saying hello to them".


[TRANS] 2PM Japanese Mobile Website Pictures


His mobile phone is the only meaning of his existence. Sometimes~ he uploads pictures.


Welcome! He's having fun in Okinawa


Wooyoung! Of course, that color is... w


Chan-baby and the Okinawa sky.


Khun and the Okinawa sky. His hairdo is secure!


Right now, they're in the middle of lunch. Look's like they're eating lots. www


Junsu and an Okinawan lion statue [used as a talisman against evil]. Right before lunch. Ah, young master Junsu is ready to eat. w


After Sōki Soba, ice cream! Brown sugar and pineapple vinegar... What does that taste like?


Chansung and an Okinawan lion statue. What the?... He looks like a delinquent TT w

Source: 2PM's Japan Mobile Site via DndunDkfgdl_yk @ twitter
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org

[INFO] 110228 2PM to attend Blackberry "Live & Rockin" concert in Indonesia

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TRANS/SUMMARY: "Buy Blacberry Smartphone and get to VIP concert tickets Suede, Taio Cruz, 2PM & Shontelle.

Get the Ticket right now!

Buy BlackBerry ® Curve ™ smartphone 3G, BlackBerry ® Bold ™ 9780, or BlackBerry ® Torch ™ 9800, and be the first customers who redeem a VIP invitation to the concert Live & Rockin 'featuring superstars such as Suede, Taio Cruz, 2PM, and Shontelle!"

Concert will take place on March 19th at Arena PRJ Kemayoran in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Thank you to ONEDAYisLOVE and @alynn0814 for help on collecting all the info also! :)

For live updates, you can follow the event organizers: @SoundRhythm and @IsmayaLive!!

[NEWS] 110228 JYP's thank you message for colleagues and fans


Finally shot the last scene of 'Dream High'. It was a comedic crying scene but I didn't need any artificial tear drops because when I thought about the fact that this was the last shoot, tears just started to fall from my eyes.

My executive producing partner Yong Jun asked me if I felt happy or sad that 'Dream High' finally ended and I said "I feel thankful, so thankful"..

This all started when I wrote the word 'Dream High' on the back of a scrap paper. I thank Yong Jun and the Keyeast family for developing my small idea, CJ Media for supporting it, Hye Ryun for making it into a wonderful script, Gi Won EP for putting it on KBS (Also thank you for forcing me to act in this drama), Director Lee, Kim, and Baek and the entire staff for making this into a real Drama, All the actors for their effort, especially Gi Jun for being my acting teacher on the set, Eun Jung for being the pillar of the story, IU for giving her best in between her crazy schedule as a singer, Su Hyun for surviving a year of vocal/ dance training, and my precious, stout artists Taec, Jason, Suzy and Joo for believing in me, Nam Yong, Faryoung, Ji Sang, Eun Ji, Bong Won and the entire JYP nation for their endless effort. And most of all, I thank all the viewers who watched this 'far-from-perfect' drama.

This was my first time creating a TV drama and I learned so much from it so I'll make sure to keep note of everything and comeback with a better show next time. Till then everybody chase your dreams and Dream High! Now everyone get ready for Dream High 16th the final episode.

- Teacher Yang from Kirin High school.

[UFO] Taecyeon & Junho : Feb 28

[แฟน] ได้โปรดทิ้ง จุด ไว้ทีค่ะพี่..ได้โปรด..?..
[อ๊คแคท] .
[แฟน] พี่คะ ลองใส่ยูคาตะแล้วรึยัง? ถ้าลองใส่แล้วถ่ายรูปเป็นหลักฐานขึ้นทวิตด้วยนะ คิๆๆ
[อ๊คแคท] หลักฐานคืออะไรครับ?
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Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways | Kor-Thai: Tik @2pmalways

27 February 2011

[UFO] Taecyeon : Feb 28

[แฟน] ได้โปรดทิ้ง จุด ไว้ทีค่ะพี่..ได้โปรด..?..
[อ๊คแคท] .
[แฟน] พี่คะ ลองใส่ยูคาตะแล้วรึยัง? ถ้าลองใส่แล้วถ่ายรูปเป็นหลักฐานขึ้นทวิตด้วยนะ คิๆๆ
[อ๊คแคท] หลักฐานคืออะไรครับ?
credits: memoria & 비비안
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[News] Who is the #1 celebrity that you want to have as a lover?


Who is the #1 celebrity people want to have as a lover?

A survey was held from February 16 ~ February 25 among 1,062 members of an education establishment, Eduworld.
The result for “Which male celebrity you want to have as your lover?”:
#1 Kang Dong Won (38.4% — 408 votes)
#2 Song Joong Ki (28.1% — 298 votes)
#3 2AM’s Jo Kwon (14.2% — 151 votes)
#4 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon (13.5% — 143 votes)
#5 Xiah Junsu (5.8% — 62 votes)

The result for “Which female celebrity you want to have as your lover?”:
#1 Shin Min Ah (35.8% — 380 votes)
#2 a tie between Moon Geun Young & IU (21.5% — 228 votes)
#4 Shin Se Kyung (13.8% — 147 votes)
#5 Kara’s Goo Ha Ra (7.4% — 79 votes)


TRANSLATION by suzelle@IAM for 2AM - 2AM International Forum (www.iamfor2am.com)

Twitter : February 27

[Khun] NO! My shirt does not say THE word.. It says BUCKY~ = b hehehe
เปล่านะ! บนเสื้อผมไม่ใช่"คำนั้น" นะ มันเขียนว่า BUCKY นะ
~ = b เหะเหะเหะ

[Junsu] @Khunnie0624

와우 니치쿤 버러벅치쿤 bucky다!!!! / Wow, Nichkhun Horavejkul bucky !!!/ ว้าว นิชคุณ หรเวชคุณ bucky

[Khun] @Jun2daKAY

저기요!!!!!! 조금 조용해주시겠어요? 저 fantalk 하고있잖아요!!! 쉿!!/ HEY!!! Would you please calm down over there?! I'm having a fan talk!! hush!!/ คุณครับ เงียบๆ หน่อยได้มะ? ผมกำลังคุยกับแฟนๆอยู่ ชู่

[Junsu] @Khunnie0624

그래 무엇이든지 열심히하도록 하여라 알긋냐.. /Yes yes, that's right, whatever you do, try your best at it you little / ก็ได้ ทำอะไรก็ตั้งใจทำละ เข้าใจมะ...

น้องคุณตอบทวิต @zherleen ด้วยค่ะ ลองไปอ่านดู น่ารัก <33


몇일만에 누워본 침대의 유혹을 뿌리치고 오늘도 스케쥴을 향해 고고싱~
Throwing away the temptations of the bed in which I have finally slept properly in a few days, .... today once again off to fulfill the schedule !
ละทิ้งสิ่งล่อใจจากที่นอน พึ่งได้นอนดีๆไม่กี่วันมานี่เอง..เริ่มต้นทำงานอีกครั้ง!


오키나와 뱀술!! 이제 오키나와를 떠나 도쿄지만 사진보다가 생각나서 올려요ㅋㅋ 그리구 T.S.는 부활의 아름다운 사실 입니다!! 노래가 정말 아름다워요 크크^^ twitpic.com/44crib
Okinawa's snake wine!! We've left Okinawa already and are now in Tokyo, but I just thought of it and uploaded the pic kk k also. T.S. Boohwal - Beautiful Truth!! Really beautiful song kk ^^ twitpic.com/44crib
เหล้า งูของโอกินาว่า ตอนนี้เดินทางจากโอกินาว่ามาโตเกียวแล้ว แต่ดูรูปแล้วก็ยังคิดถึง ก็เลยอัพรูปให้ดูครับ คิๆๆ และ T.S. คือ The beautiful truth ของพูฮวัล เพลงเพราะมาก คึคึ^^


T.S. : Automatic - Utada Hikaru ~ kekeke
Nothing is empty because inside everything is filled with something~ =] http://twitpic.com/444kza

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2PM in Japan : February 27

อรุณสวัสดิ์ครับ สมาชิกต่างก็สนุกกับไลฟ์เมซามาชิซูปเปอร์ไลฟ์โอกินาว่าเมื่อวาน
มาญี่ปุ่นวันที่ 3 แล้ว ก็จะพยายามกันต่อไปครับ ท้องฟ้าสวยงามของโอกินาว่ากับนิชคุณครับ

ตอนนี้อยู่ระหว่างทานข้าวกลางวันกัน! ทานกันเยอะมากครับ (หัวเราะ)
Khun &2pm at lunch time from Japanese Mobile Site
Credit : lushy_love &michi2024

ซีซาร์ร้านโซบะโอกินาว่ากับจุนซู !!
Photo of Junsu with se-sa-(Defense god in Okinawa)

เป็นไอศกรีมต้นตำรับของร้านรสน้ำตาลดำ & บีเนก้าสับปะรด(น้ำอัดลมที่ผสมสับปะรดกับเหล้าเจือจาง)
Credit : 2pm japan mobile site | Jap - thai : Namhom@2pmalways

[CF] It's Skin "Death" - Nichkhun

If only I could turn back time I wouldn't believe in her again.
She didn't do anything wrong
"Snail cream gives her new skin"
หากเพียงย้อนเวลาได้ ผมจะไม่เชื่อเธอ
เธอไม่มีความผิดใดๆ ครีมหอยหากเผยผิวใหม่ให้แก่เธอ
Kor-Eng-Thai: Egle&Tik @2pmalways

Twitter : Febuary 28

I gained weight!!!! Hehehehe japanese food is soooooo goooooooooooos!
Wa Shouku Dai Suki Desu!♥ ^^

มีเด็กมาแอบย่องมาอัพทวิตพิค ๕๕ Wink

오랜만에 유타나 해볼까요?? 유타타임할게요!! 아직 아침이라 정신없겠지만 궁금한거 물어봐주세용!!
ไม่ได้เล่น UFO ตั้งนาน เล่นดีมั้ยนะ? UFO Time ครับ ยังเช้าอยู่ก็เลยไม่มีสติเท่าไหร่ แต่มีอะไรสงสัยก็เชิญถามได้เลยครัฟ!!
[T-ara's Eunjung] 택이한테 가서 받은 "옥캣" ㅋㅋ 나중에 대박날거같아서 미리받음.ㅋㅋ
짱귀여부ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 글씨는 삼동수현 씀. 얘가 뭘 알음.
"Ok-cat that I've received from Taec k k Received it in advanced cuz it felt like it's going to be a big hit later.
kk Really cute kk The letters written by Samdong Suhyun. What does he know"
ไป หาแท็คแล้วได้ "อ๊กแค็ท" มา คิๆ ต่อไปต้องดังระเบิดแน่ รีบขอเก็บเอาไว้ก่อน คิๆๆ น่ารักมว้ากㅠㅠตัวหนังสือซัมดงซูฮยอนเป็นคนเขียน รู้อะไรล่ะสิ
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[NEWS] 110226 2PM's Entry into Japan, Making Japanese Fans go Wild, 2PM, Japan


2PM's appeared at an airport in Okinawa, Japan and drove the local fans wild.

Nichkhun and the other 2PM members―in preparation for their performance at the "Super Live In Okinawa" the next day, on the 26th―arrived at Naha Airport and received a passionate welcome. The several hundred fans that came to welcome 2PM tightly filled the airport to the point that there was barely any place to stand. The fans displayed happy faces, giving the members presents and waving fans with the members' faces printed on them. One fan had a poster with the acclimation, "2PM OKINAWA Tired of Waiting," written on it.

Beginning with their performance on the 26th, 2PM will then perform at "The 12th Tokyo Girls Collection" fashion even that will be held at the Tokyo National Yoyogi National Gymnasium on March 5th. "ALL ABOUT 2PM," a collection of their 5 albums that have been released in Korea, will go on sale March 9th.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org

26 February 2011

Twitter : February 27


몇일만에 누워본 침대의 유혹을 뿌리치고 오늘도 스케쥴을 향해 고고싱~
Throwing away the temptations of the bed in which I have finally slept properly in a few days, .... today once again off to fulfill the schedule !
ละทิ้งสิ่งล่อใจจากที่นอน พึ่งได้นอนดีๆไม่กี่วันมานี่เอง..เริ่มต้นทำงานอีกครั้ง!

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways


T.S. : Automatic - Utada Hikaru ~ kekeke
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[Update] It's Skin - Nichkhun

Happy Sunday ^0^ สุขสันต์วันอาทิตย์
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2PM in Japan : February 27

Khun &2pm at lunch time from Japanese Mobile Site
Credit : lushy_love &michi2024

Photo of Junsu with se-sa-(Defense god in Okinawa)

[INFO] 2PM Japan Mobile - Member Q&A 5-5

May be taken out with full credits.



Question: Speaking of Japan, what is the first thing that appears on your mind?

Taecyeon: The snow in Hokkaido

Question: Is there something you want to eat the most before you die?

Nichkhun: Medication that can lengthen my life on the next day.

Question: What is your favourite food?

Wooyoung: Chicken! Any dish that goes with chicken, I like them all.

Question: What is the thing that you need the most right now?

Junho: Umm… recently there are many things packed in our hostel… So.. I would like to have some personal space?

Question: Food that you cannot not stand at all?

Junsu: There’s nothing that I especially liked or disliked! However, I cannot stand food with a strong smell^^ Everything is OK except for that!! (laugh)

Question: What emoticon do you usually use?

Chansung: I use! I will use this [^^], [ー] and [>_<].



Question: Mobile phone ringtone?

Taecyeon: A song i composed myself, ttunggosin [T/N: Korean trans: “Fat Cat Song”, kkk]

Question: Do you cook on your own? What’s the dish you are most proud of?

Nichkhun: Sometimes it’s Italian pasta, garlic bread.

Question: The place you would recommend for travelling in Korea.

Wooyoung: Jeju Island! Korea has many place with beautiful scenery, among all these place, I personally feel that Jeju Island has the unique and beautiful natural scenery.

Question: An animal that you like?

Junho: Cat. I have a cat and it’s Chansung’s Jeonggami’s brother. (I) really cannot resist it’s cuteness.

Question: If you have time to take a break, where would you want to go?

Junsu: I want to go to Switzerland! A trip to Europe! It’s a vacation paradise over there, (I) would like to enjoy vacation there.

Question: A remedy for keeping your body in a good shape?

Chansung: Go to the gym. I think it’s crucial to go to the gym everyday.

Qusetion: If Junho is an animal, would you rather be a cat or dog.

Junho: I’ll be a dog. [:X lol, Junho you 거짓말~ didn’t you say that you love cats?!]



Question: Do you like drinking?

Taecyeon: I like! Beer with chicken, soju with sashimi, wine with fruits and rice wine with pancake!

Question: Best way to relax yourself?

Nichkhun: Drink coffee, listen to music and try as far as possible to relax myself.

Question: Among the members, who’s strength is the strongest?

Wooyoung: Taecyeon swinging me when doing acrobatics!! He’s responsible for being the strongest in the group.

Question: A place you would recommend for travelling abroad?

Junho: Thailand! I really like the delicious food there… (I) have had so much fun going there everytime.

Question: What do you do when you’re depressed?

Junsu: When depressed, I’ll listen to sad, blue music, (it) can soothe my heart and allow me to reagain strength.

Question: What do you feel about Japanese girls?

Chansung: Japanese girls are all very polite. (They) give me a gentle feeling.



Question: Something you would never stop doing?

Taecyeon: Weight training, managing health is very crucial.

Question: Remedy to prevent cold, how do you maintain your body?

Nichkhun: I will try to replenish vitamins.

Question: Frightened, what is something that you hate?

Wooyoung: The doll “Chucky” in the movie [Child’s Play]!! -_-

Question: Junho, the season that you like?

Junho: Autumn! A season for men… what are (you) waiting for?

Question: Something that you are most passionate about recently?

Junsu: Composing, writing lyrics and coffee!

Question: Please tell how Chansung relieves stress!

Chansung: The way to release stress is listening to music and going to the gym!



Question: A Korean dish to recommend?

Taecyeon: Of course it’s Kimchi!!!

Question: What is the sport that Nichkhun participates in frequently?

Nichkhun: Badminton! I have also represented my school in badminton competition before, I’ve enjoyed it till this day.

Question: Place you would like to go in Japan?

Wooyoung: I want to go to Mount Fuji. I have seen magnificent photos of it, (I) want to experience/see with my own eyes the picturesque, spectacular view, (it) must have been very beautiful.

Question: How do you think girls should dress up will look cute?

Junho: Umm… compared to being cute, (I) like sexy and stylish type more! Like wearing tight jeans and T-shirt?

Question: Please tell us your favourite color.

Junsu: I like to have a look at all the colors before selecting, adding a bit of dazzling pink or green to a plain color.

Question: Where do you look during live broadcast?

Chansung: Usually I will look at the camera and places where my fans are.

[NEWS] 110226 Nichkhun complains about his lack of chances to kiss Victoria on We Got Married

On the 26th episode of We Got Married, the show broadcasted behind the scenes of Nickhun and Victoria's performance on the MBC Gayo Festival. Super Junior's Eunhyuk had come to help them as a choreographer.

While they were taking a break, Eunhyuk teased Nichkhun by saying, "Have you two kissed yet? Haven't you even thought abuot it?" and caught both Nichkhun and Victoria off guard. When Eunhyuk kept teasing them, Nichkhun answered, "I thought about it, but I haven't been able to do it yet because of the lack of time."

During his interview with the staff, he complained that they hadn't given him enough chances to kiss her.

Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?ne...102261824161110
Translated by Koreaboo.com