10 March 2012

[Picture] 2PM's Junsu thanked Hong Kong fans for attending their concert!

2PM's main vocal Junsu shared a new selca on his Twitter.

2PM held their concert in Hong Kong earlier today and many Hong Kong Hottests attended their concert.

Junsu thanked everyone who has attended the concert with the photo above,his popular "No Love" sign can be seen in the photo,but i guess he must have received a lot of love from Hong Kong fans during the concert!


[News] 2PM Weekend Fever - Battle with SJ across the border!

First performance in Hong Kong, wildly enthusiastic airport reception by fans!

The group that is wildly popular in Asia, 2PM has flown into Hong Kong in preparation for their first Hong Kong concert, causing many Hong Kong fans to arrive at the airport very much in advance to secure a spot to welcome their idols. 2PM member Nichkhun waved hello to the fans as he left the airport, stoking up the excitement amongst the fans for their coming concert.

Korea’s popular group 2PM arrived in Hong Kong last night for the first time. Many Hong Kong fans arrive at the airport very much in advance to welcome their idols. 2PM member Nichkhun completed his CF filming in Thailand and rejoined his members in Korea yesterday morning. He updated his Weibo yesterday with,” Hong Kong are you ready???2PM is coming to rock your world!! See you tomorrow” and both Taecyeon and Junho left messages greeting the Hong Kong fans prior to their departure.

Yamada Yui is a fan

2PM’s concert will be held on Saturday and it coincides with Super Junior’s concert in Macau. Members Taecyeon and Chansung attended the premiere of French film “Untouchable” the night before with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk, Kara’s Goo Hara, Lee Dong Wook and 3 members of Girls Generation, making it a star-studded event. In addition, Junsu left a message for his father the day before. He has burnt the relics and hopes his late father rest in peace. 2PM has swept Asian girls off their feet and Yamada Yui is also a huge fan. She was discovered to be excited to meet the boys and had sneaked into their resting room.

CREDITS : Oriental Daily (SOURCE); dimes and serrling @2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

03 March 2012

[Video] Jay Park dances to I Am The Best,The Boys,My My and more on Weekly Idol!

02 March 2012

[news] 2pm's Wooyoung and Taecyeon looking good for EVISU

2pm's Wooyoung and Taecyeon poses with supermodel's for a pictorial for a clothing brand. Recently, photo's were released for the clothing brand "EVISU" for the 2012 Summer/Spring collection and aside from choosing female models, they chose Wooyoung and Taecyeon from 2pm.

For the photo shoot, the two got cozy and physical with the female models for the pictorial making it seem like they are couples. The member's of 2pm looked handsome and charismatic wearing casual clothes and posing alongside the model's just like a professional model. Netizens commented, "They look hot!", "They are blessed with a good figure", "They look like couples", "the atmosphere feels good".


[News] 2PM’s Chansung acknowledges Girls’ Generation unbeatable popularity in Paris

On February 29th, Joo YoungHoon, Jo YoungGoo, Jun HyeBin and 2PM’s Hwang ChanSung appeared on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’.

MC Yoon JongShin asked ChanSung, “Not long ago, 2PM went to Paris to have a performance. How was the reaction?”. In reply to this question, ChanSung said, “It turned out as a surprise because the response much was better than we thought.”

Yoon JongShin then proceeded with another question, “Then, which group was the most popular in Paris?”. Acknowledging Girls’ Generation’s popularity, ChanSung replied, “Of course it’s Girls’ Generation.”

Source: fanwonder

[News] 2PM's Chansung, "I wish Jay Park the best"

2PM's Chansung opened up about former 2PM and singer Jay Park.

On the 29th, Chansung appeared as a special guest on MBCGolden Fishery – Radio Star’ and was asked about ex-member Jay Park.

MC Kim Gura asked, “How do you feel when you see Jay Park working so hard on his own?” Chansung answered, “I wish him the best. I truly hope he does well.”

Kim Gura then asked, “Have you met with Jaebum after he left the group?” to which he answered, “Not even once.”

Chansung continued, “2PM does not have a leader right now.” He added, “Because we know each other so well, we’re able to fill in what a different member is lacking. we are doing our best without a leader.”


[News] 2PM on NHK "Learning Korean Through TV" press conference

Idol group 2PM, also known as "Beastly idol", will regularly appear on NHK "Learning Korean through TV" in April.

The group attended the press conference at NHK in Shibuya Tokyo. During the event, Chansung said " I was really surprised and worried how I should teach it, but I enjoyed the recording today", talking about their first regular program.

Nichkhun said "If you love 2PM more, you could improve that rapidly", sharing tips for a quick improvement for Korean words, which aroused laughter to everyone.

The theme of the program is "Let's take a trip to Korea by mothers and daughters - Acquire the conversation in practice -" and 2PM will show the viewers any usable phrases for a trip to Korea with their short play.

In the program, Chan Eun−Yeon, a newscaster of NHK, food researcher Kentesu Kou, Tomoki Fujiwara, Jisong and Jeong Seong-Woon will be appearing and learning the language as students

Member Junho struggled with how to act his role in the program the most and said, "It was hard for me because I've never acted before, but I enjoyed it" with a embarrassed smile.

They each mentioned a favorite Korean word from Japanese fans shyly that "Cool" as Chansung, "2PM is very passionate" as Junsu, "The most hardworking idol in Korea" as Wooyoung, "I will go to your concert" as Junho, "Become rich" as Nichkhun and "Oppa" as Taecyeon.

Source: Junkay Street