30 April 2010

[INFO] 100430 KCR's Old School Radio shoutout for Jay's Birthday

On Kim Chang Ryul's Old School radio show:


HEAR THE SHOUT OUT HERE >> http://cfile27.uf.tistory.com/media/146ED00C4BD93634483ED9

Lastly for today, because it's Park Jaebum's birthday,
His fans sent in over 200 postcards!!
I'm not sure if he will hear this from far away in America
But to our Jaebum,

Now should we listen to a song? His fans requested this song. This is Lee Seung Gi's 'To J'.

'Tastes Like Jaebum' fansite had been working on this postcard project since February.

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[NEWS] 100430 2PM vs Jaebum, which path will the fandom take?

2PM vs Jaebum, which path will the fandom take?

With the announcement of Jaebum's return to Korea this June, much attention is being spotlighted onto the fans that have turned their backs on 2PM after the conference versus the ones that are still supporting them.

Omit summary.

Eventually, Jaebum was branded as a member that had a severe private life and 2PM earned the nickname of 'Betrayor Idols.' The fans had suffered under the hopeful torture led by JYPE, fully believing that Jaebum would return. The situation exploded, and with the help of the press, Jaebum and his fans along with 2PM and JYPE all became the victims of the controversy.

The fans that were betrayed by 2PM and used in the hopeful torture tactics by JYPE declared a boycott on all variety programs with 2PM, their advertisements, and their albums. JYPE ignored the declaration and kept their silence, finally coming out with 2PM's third mini album, 'Don't Stop Can't Stop.'

The album was met with intense criticism from many, stating that the anger of their fans had not even been extinguished yet and they were already releasing an album. The 'timing' of it was less than fortunate. Omit summary.

However, it is too early to state that their comeback is a success. Netizens that have heard their latest track have shown negative responses, especially due to the controversial lyrics of 'Without U' explicitly referencing to the Jaebum controversy. Netizens have targeted 2PM and JYPE for the loss of credit.

Omit summary on Jay + Hype Nation + Youtube.

Jaebum may be receiving much love and support from his fans, his return to Korea is not looked upon as positively as it sounds. JYPE has already drilled it into the public that Jaebum has a 'severe private life' and many have come forward to state their opinions, saying that they feel uncomfortable that Jaebum is attempting to return to his activities without a proper clarification regarding his mistake.

2PM fans are also worried about Jaebum's activities giving a negative influence to 2PM. Because of the situation, many are wondering how 2PM fans will react to Jaebum's fans once he returns. Some anticipate an emotional rivalry. 2PM and Jaebum may be looking forward to a successful comeback, but they still both have 'homework' left to complete.

The fandom of stars are now a part of culture and a source of strength. The spotlight is on the fans of 2PM and the fans of Jaebum, making many wonder whether the two will be able to continue their successful paths with the support of their fans.

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[NEWS] 100430 JYPE says it is difficult to talk about Jaebum

On April 29th, JYP Entertainment stated that it is difficult for them to announce their opinion on questions regarding 2PM's former member Jaebum.

After withdrawing from JYPE in February, Jaebum has joined Hollywood to film 'Hype Nation' and will be returning in June. He is also set to open a press conference.

reached JYPE and the 2PM members and asked them about their thoughts. JYPE stated, "It is difficult to answer. We will not answer it."

Unlike Jaebum, who has chosen to express his opinion through a press conference, JYPE is choosing to not waste their words. Many are anticipating their next move with the reveal of Jaebum's press conference, wondering whether JYPE will announce a statement.

However, 2PM will be leaving for America for the Wonder Girls' American tour while Jaebum will be returning to Korea. Unlike the hopes of many, their paths will most likely not be crossing.

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[NEWS] 100430 Jaebum to hold a fanmeeting when he returns to Korea


Ex-2PM member Jaebum will be meeting his fans through a fanmeeting when he returns to shoot for movie 'Hype Nation'.

The details of the fanmeeting are still yet to be confirmed, but when Jaebum will be holding the event soon after his return in June for shooting 'Hype Nation'.

Jason Lee, the producer of 'Hype Nation', met with Sports Donga on the 30th and stated "When Jaebum returns to shoot for the movie, we will plan an opportunity for him to meet with his fans", "The details on whether the fanmeeting event will occur right after he returns is yet to be confirmed."

From this, he will be able to reunite with his fans since leaving to America after being withdrawn from 2PM in September of 2009.

[Omit information about Hype Nation]

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To all this blog's readers.
Jay has fanmeet!! wee!!
Excited ???

[NEWS] 100430 The kpop phenomenon drags down comebacks

The Korean music world is experiencing an odd phenomenon lately. The top stars (Hyori, Rain, 2PM) that had heated up online portals with just their teaser videos and jacket pictures are unusually quiet after their comeback. Their album sales and the reactions of netizens were actually hotter before their official come back. This phenomenon is reflected in the music chart rankings. There has not been an artist that has remained in first place for longer than two weeks. Why is this happening?

Online music charts are changing their first ranks by the minute. Although Rain was able to 'all kill' the music charts with his comeback, he was immediately taken off the charts by sexy queen Lee Hyori's return. Hyori also was able to all kill the charts with tracks such as 'Swing' and 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' but she, too, was pushed off the charts with 2PM's return. Monday Kiz successfully overtook 2PM in the charts but soon lost to Gumi's first comeback in 2 years. However, Gumi also was pushed off the charts with Seo Youngeun's new track release with Brown Eyed Soul's Jung Yeop. Usually, only one artist would take first for several weeks at time. It's out of the norm for every comeback artist to take turns taking first.

The second situation is that there are no longer any all kills. The popular trend was for an artist to all kill the charts by taking first. SNSD's Gee, Genie, Oh!, and Run Devil Run were able to all kill the charts, and 2PM also killed the charts with 'Heartbeat.' However, they no longer can. Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, Bugs, and Mnet each have different #1 songs. An associate stated, "Each music site gives preference to the artist songs that they personally distribute themselves. That's why the all kills have disappeared." Broadcasts are also being met with the same situation. Hyori was able to achieve #1 at M Countdown but Rain overtook Music Bank for 2 (now 3) weeks in a row.

Why is this happening? The first problem is that the public is not used to the changes that the artists have gone through. Ironically, every comeback artist has returned with a style that is completely different from what they were previously known for. Rain returned with a ballad track, Hyori chose a charismatic hip hop track as opposed to her trademark sexiness, and 2PM let go of their acrobatics for a more 'public-friendly' dance. Netizens have reacted, stating, "It's fresh but it seems like they have all lost their unique colors."

There are also no longer any songs that reach to the heart. A music industry associate stated, "The music trend is to have powerful, stimulating songs with a strong hook as opposed to songs that reach into the heart. Every song sounds the same lately, which is why the ranks are now dependent on the artists' popularity."

The Cheonanham tragedy has also caused many music programs to delay their broadcasts, leaving no stage for the comeback artists to stand on. Entertainment agency associates have all stated the same thing, "We have to gain momentum by showing off the performances along with the album release. However, everything was decided within 2 weeks and there was no stage to show off performances which is why the music charts aren't as remarkable as expected."

With a turbulent April coming to a close, May brings the comebacks of SS501, Super Junior, Se7en, 4Minute, and f(x). Having been met with bitter circumstances in April, many are wondering whether the April comeback singers will be able to survive the May rush.

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[INFO] 100430 Jaebum is loved by teachers

So today is the second day of mid-term exams,

And yesterday I came across good morality...

When our moral teacher makes questions, he adds in celebrity names more than the other teachers,

For example:

1. Hyori 2. JiHyun 3. Hye Gyo 4. Taeyeon 5. Seo Hyun

Stuff like that hehe

During last year in October during the mid-term exams,

even though it was nothing to do with the exam, he would explain and discuss about separate stuff,

And at the end he made a question regarding Jaebum hehe Of course I got that question right… hehe

That teacher is also a male teacher too so he really likes watching male idol groups… hehe

Even in these exams too, I bet he will put in a question related to Jaebum…

I like it so much so I said

"Teacher! I'm a bumtist so I really like your questions!! Thank you honestly"

But he goes,

"I like him more than you do…" !!!!


Park Jaebum!!! Hear that??? You're loved by everyone now ㅠㅠ Don't lose your energy and fighting!!!

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[NEWS] 100430 Jaebum and AOM to become rivals, female lead to be announced soon

It has been revealed the producer of movie 'Hype Nation' appointed ex-2PM leader Jaebum as the main role.

[Omit information about the movie]

Before becoming a movie director, he used to be active in the music producing field. Jason Lee said, "It wasn't that difficult to cast Jaebum for the movie. Jaebum is a free artist", "I have good relations with JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment."

Jason Lee continued on to state, "Park Jin Young is trying very hard to expose the Korean culture and advance his singers into the overseas market", "We are also close friends. We help each other when needed."

[Omit information about Jason Lee talking about Jaebum]

In the movie 'Hype Nation', Jaebum will be the leader of a Korean B-boy team, while Jaebum's actual b-boy team AOM will be appearing as an American b-boy team. Jaebum agreed to share his income with AOM, which shows that their friendship is very much like real brothers. However in the movie, they will appear as rivals.

News about Jaebum returning to Korea for the first time to shoot 'Hype Nation' since leaving in September of 2009 is gaining much interest. Jason Lee is aware of the hot response Jaebum receives from his fans.

"Jaebum's fans are really amazing. Ever since the day of leaving to America, they have been sending him huge amounts of presents, to the point where it will completely shock you. Jaebum is truly thankful for his fans. I think when he returns to Korea in June, there will be a lot of fans coming to find him once shooting starts. We will always welcome them, but we are particularly putting in our best efforts to protect these fans."

A few girl group members are being considered for the female lead of 'Hype Nation'. The casting for 'Hype Nation' are currently in its final stages. Jason Lee stated "We have been in contact with many girl group members and actresses, and we are currently processing through the final stages", "We will soon be revealing the female lead."

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[NEWS] 100430 Why is Jay's video attracting late attention?

Why is Jay's video attracting late attention?

A video Jaebum recorded in America has been receiving late attention. On the 25th, Jaebum's online fan cafe 'Underground' gathered in KwangWoon University to celebrate his birthday. About 2,000 members were present.

The fans created a movie event, filled with various videos from Jaebum's predebut trainee days all the way up to his life back in America. At the end of the movie, Jaebum recorded a short video message for his fans stating, "Fans, I love you," as he drew a heart with his hands.

However, fans were not able to upload this video onto their blogs or fan cafes because the nation was grieving over the losses of the Cheonanham tragedy. They did not want Jaebum's birthday party to cause unnecessary attention.

A member of 'Underground' stated, "The whole nation was in tears. We couldn't be the only ones happy while celebrating Jaebum's birthday. We planned it amongst our members as quietly as we could."
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Style competition between sexy diva Lee Hyori and Beasty Idol 2PM

Who will be the style winner between, the style icon, Lee Hyori and 2PM who dominates females’ hearts with their muscles and abs?

Feel Parparazzi 'Mnet Trend Report Feel-The Real is going to aired at 11 p.m. tonight. They will analyze every aspects of the artists’ fashion style, prying on Beasty Idol 2PM and Sexy diva Lee Hyori’s comeback stage.

Lee Hyori has made a great comeback stage with Hip Hop sexy concept. She did smoky eyes, A.K.A Cat’s eyes, and matched glamorous monotone clothes together. This chic and funky style has been received interest from women in their 20’s

2PM changed their image from beasty idol, portrayed in the past, to Hungry Boxer. Gray tank tops, sleeveless hodies and bandages give out sexiness and masculinity.

[photo] Khun with Boom

credits to memoria + W2D ; do not hot link
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[PROJECT] iHOTTEST should contact the media with postive words to fight the bad., Tell the K-news how much you appreciate Korea and K-pop.

I think we need to convince JYPE and their sponsors that Jaebum's comments
from 4 years ago were able to do some good rather than only bad.

We should bombard the Korean media, but rather than just with letters
about how we want Jay back, we should send letters about how 2PM and K-pop
helped us gain an appreciation for Korean culture. Things were strange
and unfamiliar for Jay at first and the language barrier was a major
issue, but he grew to love Korea and Korean people.

We can identify with that. When you first become a K-pop fan you have no
idea what anyone's saying, and you don't understand the significance of
hyung, dongsaeng, and maknae. But once you spend some time with your
favorite group, you begin to see that everything you learn about Korean
culture changes the way you look at the way they interact. It helps you
understand the dynamic between the members and how they interact with

An interest in K-pop also leads to an interest in the Korean language.
Once you learn saranghaeyo, you're hooked.

Many of us English speaking fans immediately latch onto members like Jay
and it draws us in further. K-pop is stronger with foreign members and we
need people like Jay to help promote Korea's positive aspects to the rest
of the world.

My point is, we should encourage everyone to send their own personal story
about how K-pop helped them learn about Korea. We can show them that his
culture shock didn't discourage us. We can ask to hear what Jay grew to
love about Korea so we can make a point to appreciate it too.

If we are going to contact the media, we have to do it fast because JYPE
keeps making decisions.

Here is the contact info I was able to find to the three big networks and their American counterparts.
Please PM to to make any corrections. I want to make sure this really gets through.


http://english.kbs.co.kr/About/contact/index.html ( english)

Address of Headquarters
18, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-790 Korea
KBS America
email: info@kbs-america.com
KBS Japan
email: info@kbsjapan.co.jp
KBS International Relations
email: intl@kbs.co.kr
Representative Phone: 02-781-1000 02-781-1000

Inquiries on the Internet: 1644-8560 1644-8560


http://www.mbc24tv.com/?mid=contact( english)

http://help.imbc.com/ (korean)

3400 W. 6th St. 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90020

213.487.2345 213.487.2345

213.736.1555 213.736.1555



http://global.sbs.co.kr/English/BusinessContact/businesscontact.jsp (english)http://cs.sbs.co.kr/cs_main.jsp (korean)


Ms. Hye-Jeong Park

+82-(0)2-2113-3289 +82-(0)2-2113-3289


19F SBS Boadcasting Center, 920 Mok-Dong, Seoul, 158-051, Korea

CREDIT: jtstudios@2Oneday.com

29 April 2010

[NEWS] 100430 2PM wants to become the next DBSK in Japan

'We want to become the 2nd DBSK!'

Japanese music production companies have been eyeing group 2PM.

On the 22nd and 23rd, SONY, EMI, and Avex associates were present at the recordings for M Countdown and Music Bank. They observed 2PM's passionate comeback performance for 'Without U' and even attended Corby's Anycall Corby Family Festival on the 24th in order to watch 2PM's performance.

The Japanese music associates are pouring their interests into 2PM because of their 'beastly idol' nickname, showing off a strong and manly performance which they find highly charismatic. They have all stated, "There is no group that has this kind of style in Japan," meaning that 2PM has a high potential of success.

DBSK had earned great popularity in Japan but with their collapse, it seems as if these Japanese associates are looking to discover a new Korean star that will set in their footsteps.

2PM's agency, JYP Entertainment, has also notified the public that they will be preparing to enter the Japanese market. Fans have been showing high interest, wondering whether 2PM's Japanese attempt will have them come out as the '2nd DBSK.'


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[NEWS] 100430 2PM & SNSD become the Korean 'Baywatch'

The most popular groups of 2010, 2PM and SNSD has come together in an advertisement casting, attracting much attention.

Everland has revealed on the 30th that they have chosen SNSD and 2PM as their advertisement models for Caribbean Bay.

An associate of Everland stated, "We chose 2PM and SNSD because they fit the image of Caribbean Bay the best. This isn't just a water park where you can play in the water for a bit, but rather a place where you can express your passion and feel the culture of the youth. They were the models that were able to best deliver this message, which is why they were chosen."

SNSD and 2PM had already previously met before with other activities but it is the first time that the two groups have come together to film a CF.

The advertisement associate stated, "We were able to position Caribbean Bay as the number one place to be this summer by utilizing the youthful, passionate energy of the youth."

The two groups transformed into life guards, giving off the image of a Korean version of 'Baywatch.'

However, the members themselves are feeling a bit of competition amongst one another. The two groups stated after the finalization of their contracts, "We know that there will be a bit of skin revealed in the advertisement. We will come out with the best bodies for our fans so that their anticipations are not met with disappointment."

The members are sweating with effort as they enter a 'best body making' project. Through this advertisement, one will be able to see a combination of the members' healthiness and sexiness in one.

2PM's agency, JYP Entertainment, stated, "You will also be able to see Khun's manliness since he is usually known as a pretty boy."

This advertisement will be released in early May.


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[NEWS] 100430 Jay's love for his fans & Korea, working to improve himself

2PM's former member and leader, Jaebum (23), has revealed his love for his Korean fans and his anticipation for his return to the nation.

Hype Nation's movie producer Jason Lee met up with Star News on the 29th and stated, "The love that Jaebum has for Korea is unique."

Jaebum may have left Korea under the Myspace comments controversy, but Jason Lee explained that they were comments made during his younger years and that he has a totally different mindset now.

Jason Lee stated, "Jaebum left Korea due to unfortunate events, but the love he has for Korea and his fans is amazing. He's working very hard right now through various vocal and acting lessons in order to return to his fans with an improved image."


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[NEWS] 100429 Taecyeon & Junho promotes Without U on FO2

Beastly idol 2PM's Taecyeon and Junho has opened a showcase on top of rice paddies.

On the 19th, SBS's recorded a 'close friend' special episode. The members of Family Outing 2 invited a close friend to run with them against the representative track athlete in the town of Koryeonghwa.

Jo Kwon invited 2PM's Junho, reasoning, "He's the fastest runner out of all of the people I know."

This was also the day 2PM revealed their latest track. 2PM Taecyeon and Junho came together to perform their 'warm, newly released track' as a showcase on top of rice paddies while wearing their working clothes.

Because of music programs continuing to delay their broadcasts, Taecyeon and Junho took this as an opportunity to promote their new song as passionately as they could.

The 'Close Friend' episode of SBS's will be broadcast on May 2nd, at 5:20 PM.

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[INFO] 100429 Dumbfoundead talks about how he met Jay, + piano & beatbox covers

0:22-1:22 Funny story, keke n_n


Clouds - Piano Cover by Yoonha Hwang


Clouds - Dumbfoundead ft. Jay Park & Clara Beatbox

They did covers of "Without U" too, so check their channels if you're interested.



[INFO] 100429 Art of Movement & Jay Park in Vancouver again?

How excited are you to see Art of Movement and hopefully, Jay, once again in Vancouver? As it's a Korean Night event, most likely, he will be there! Thanks to Koreaboo.com for the tip. Please 'like' them on Facebook so they continue to deliver news to us!

Update: Koreaboo.com will be streaming the event live for everyone who cannot make it! Just check their Facebook page for the stream during the event.

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[NEWS] 100429 Jaebum's press conference? JYPE was lying?

This is no doubt an interesting case. All this time he has had his mouth bottled up after being permanently withdrawn from committing a mistake, but the moment this member split from the company, he has been showing full of vitality in his activities. So which is the truth?

One of these two points is definitely a lie:

1. Post-permanent withdrawal, Jaebum clips on a pair of wings

The news about Jaebum returning in June to shoot a movie must be nothing but good news for the fans who have been waiting. Jaebum will be returning as the main role for the Hollywood movie 'Hype Nation'. Last year in September, the comments that he left on his MySpace during his trainee days became words of 'belittlement towards Korea', which resulted in him returning to America; an overwhelmingly emotional case.

What made it worse was that in last February, the remaining 2PM members announced together, "It's not a problem regarding legal matter but a morally fatal issue" as their reason to declare(?) a permanent expulsion. If they had just left it alone, people would not be as curious about their own personal lives - so serious that it could potentially lead to a 2PM disbandment.

So what kind of problem would be something that didn't go against the law but is a morally fatal issue? Drugs would definitely not be one, neither would it be harassment or rape. All of those would lead to an imprisonment. So what really is the morally fatal problem that resulted in a disbandment as a 2PM member?

We will never find out. Also it is something that someone from JYPE could never reveal. All they have said was that it was a morally fatal problem. They said it was free from legal issues, so what really is this crime that Jaebum committed which they can't reveal? You can't not be curious about this.

No matter how much you think about it, there is no situation that fits the category they described, but since the remaining 2PM members let out anger, one could think it is a situation related to them, but even still it is only a guess. Out of this unclear situation, the part one can't grasp is the fact that they (2PM) made Jaebum into a shameless criminal.

What's funny is that after all of that, his ties with JYPE was put to order perfectly. He started to communicate with his fans through Youtube. There is no place better than Youtube for someone who does not belong to an entertainment company. Subscribing free of charge, he can put together videos of himself and any place in the world that allows online communication will be able to watch his videos - a great method for exposing his name for people like him who don't have much power.

There have been occasions where someone from Columbia had inexpensively created a short graphics video, which resulted in receiving love calls from Hollywood. Aspiring singers have uploaded videos of themselves singing and ended up becoming stars. Having being stamped as a valued space where people can show off their talents, Jaebum has started to use this Youtube site as an attempt to put his name out there.

Those fans who have been wondering about the whereabouts of Jaebum found his site that he created and it is them who have given value to the variety of videos that Jaebum prepared. The b-boy's new song 'Nothing on You' cover received an immense number of views, and this craze has naturally set the foundations for his entrance into the American music scene.

He has featured in Korean-American Dumbfoundead's new song, has held hands with Teddy Riley, someone who JYP highly respects, and are working on new songs together. Along with this, he has met with Snoop Dogg, Tazz, and T-Pain, all of who are known to be some of the best musicians. This has greatly opened up the possibility of him becoming a major star.

2. What is this crime that even the netizen investigation squad can't find?

As Jaebum shows his vitality in his activities and its visible outcomes, it is forcing some of the press to apologize to him. Articles about if JYPE's comments were true, Jaebum who committed the crime will need to come out and honestly tell the truth before the nation's fans can welcome him back, have bitterly approached to the surface.

In a situation where the facts aren't even confirmed, to just take the conviction and treat whoever as a criminal is thoughtless. This is an issue where you have to put together the stories of both sides before saying who's right and wrong; you can't say you know the truth with only one side of the story.

After being well acquainted with this chain of situations, now as he is planned to return to the country, the talk about a press conference and the possibility of the truth being revealed is gaining much interest.

Currently a discussion about Jaebum holding a press conference with this parents regarding the official withdrawal is being made. This is something the person concerned should talk more about, but Jaebum's side has stated "He has nothing to fear, all this time he has been having a difficult time but he has the will to fight", making a statement that directly opposes JYPE.

In addition, news about Korean agencies secretly working to getting Jaebum to sign to their company are forcing JYPE into a corner again. To be honest, after leaving an agency, putting aside the morally fatal problem, as a celebrity who had been officially withdrawn from a company, Korea is a difficult place to normally go about activities again. But to be recruited again after watching his star potential, it implies a lot.

At the very bottom of this whole situation, if those people best acquainted with the situation are saying the truth, the risk on Jaebum would be so big that noone would have a reason to take him in. This was said earlier but if it is a problem not against the law but a morally fatal crime so big that it's difficult to reveal, then moreover the rumors of the possibility that this story was 100% made up would most probably be the reason why a lot of agencies would scout Jaebum.

Even if the most well off agency were to take on all the problems, there would be no reason for them to sign a contract with Jaebum. As a nation that considers morality as the most important vitue than any other country, doing something like this would be illogical. The people who believe JYPE are lying are none other than the netizen investigation squad.

The netizen investigation squad can find just about anything; for them to not figure out his crime is the same as saying there isn't one at all. Individual netizens may be insignificant but given the internet and its freedom, and the netizen investigation squad's thorough analyses, noone else is better at cleanly revealing secrets like them.

If it's to the point where even those people can't find it, then it's safe to say that nobody knows of it. If it is true that JYPE and the remaining 2PM members are thoroughly keeping quiet, I would like to send a round of applause to their impenetrable shield.

Will Jaebum's morally fatal problem, something that nobody knows of and something even the netizen investigation squad can't find, ever be revealed? Since Jaebum has openly let out his face in the public, JYPE's reply will soon come about. In addition since there is still a long time until the beginning of June, one can predict they have a diverse range of actions prepared against the press conference which is still yet to be confirmed.

I am curious as to how Jaebum will solve all of these problems related to himself. All this time he has been showing an energetic image with the personal life that supposedly forced him to disband from 2PM, for which JYPE would naturally refute against, so they should give him a stern warning beforehand. What's definite is that one of the two are lying.

I believe whether it is the brutality of the enormous company or the deceit of the clever celebrity, all will be revealed soon.

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[NEWS] 100429 Jaebum to share his income with AOM

2PM's former member Jaebum will be sharing his movie income with his b-boy team AOM.

Jaebum's movie producer, Jason Lee, revealed on the 29th in an interview with Sports Korea, stating, "While we were finishing his contract, Jaebum made it clear that he wanted to give half of his income to AOM. I asked him that it's a lot of money, will it be okay? He replied that they are his friends, as close as clones of each other, and that he wanted to share the experience together."

The b-boy team Jaebum is a part of consists of six members and mainly promotes in Seattle. They are planning to appear alongside Jaebum in his new movie. Ever since he was little, he had always considered his teammates as his family, even going as far as to thank the fans for taking care of his teammates as well.

It has been revealed that Jaebum is being treated as more than a rookie star in America with this movie. The producers have stated that depending on the success of the movie, there is a separate 'running guarantee.' Jason Lee stated, "If the movie succeeds, Jaebum will be able to earn more than what Rain earned with ."

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[NEWS] 100429 2PM wins M Countdown

Group 2PM has reached the top on a music program for the first time after their comeback.

On the 29th, 2PM's 'Without U' was able to surpass Rain's 'The Song to Hold You Back' and took first place on cable channel Mnet's M Countdown.

The day was designated as a day of memorial for the Cheonanham sacrifices. M Countdown reedited the clips of Rain and Hyori's comeback stages and broadcast them.

However, the song, album ranks and online votes were proceeded as normal and 2PM was able to overtake Rain and come in first.

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[NEWS] 100429 Wonder Girls, 2PM, Kara, BEAST leaving for USA: 'What about promotions in Korea?',


Idol groups Kara, 2PM, Wonder Girls, and Beast are boarding planes for America.

They are going to America to perform at the May 1st 'Korean Music Festival' in LA's Hollywood Bowl. This is the 8th KMF.

Kara has entered a period of rest after finishing their promotions for their current album, while 2PM has just entered promotions for their third single album's title track 'Without U.' 2PM, who is departing on the 29th, has already pre-recorded comeback performances for regular music programs that will air from the 30th.

The Wonder Girls, who are releasing a new album in May, will take the stage with new member Hyelim. Until now, they have been the opening act for the Jonas Brothers' tour across America, so the atmosphere of American activities and American stages are not unfamiliar to them.

[omitted information on BEAST]

Besides the idol stars mentioned above, Joo Hyun Mi, Lee Eun Mi, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Ssang, Yoon Soo Il, and Haha will be performing at the 'Korean Music Festival.'

Reported by: Lee Un Hyuk
Credit: NATE News
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100429n06560

Translated by 49.5bananas
@ W2D

May be taken out with credits

[NEWS] 100429 2PM to be 'World CF Stars',

Conquering cell phones, makeup, and more...even advertising abroad.

2PM has seized the advertisement market.

2PM, who just released their new single album, has confirmed their star power with three new advertisement contracts. They are currently advertisement models for Hanbul Makeup It's Skin, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Dynamic Kin, showing themselves in various industries including makeup, clothes, and drinks. It is speculated that they are about to conclude contracts for 5 more advertisements.

One representative of the advertisement industry said, "If 2PM has a 6-month contract, they will receive at least 500 million won ($500,000 USD). If they come out with a new single along with the advertisement, the copyright license will earn more than 3 billion won ($3 million USD)," he said.

The phenomenon of 2PM's dominance over the advertisement market was evident from last year. From January 1st of last year, the year they released , until now, 2PM has starred in 9 advertisements. Starting with cell phones (Anycall Corby) that only the top stars are hired for, they have targeted teenagers with snacks (Market O), drinks (Coca Cola), sportswear (Spris), etc., as well as even those over age 20 with drinks (Cass), confectionaries (Paris Baguette), makeup (It's Skin), seizing the market. The representative raved, "It's the point where they have nothing else to add," calling them the 'leaders' of the national advertisement market.

Recently, they have also attracted attention for overseas advertisements. From October of last year, Nichkhun has been a scooter model in Thailand. The members are also modeling for a snack brand in Thailand. An advertisement representative hinted that they are currently negotiating 2~3 additional overseas advertisements.

2PM released their third single album on the 19th. Their title track has a strong beat and is an impressive dance track.

Reported by: Kim Sung Han
Credit: NATE News
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100429n01967

Translated by 49.5bananas
@ W2D

May be taken out with credits

[NEWS] 100429 Taecyeon receiving heat for military status again

With Lee Junki confirming entering the military as an active duty soldier, celebrities that have not yet fulfilled their military service are beginning to feel the heat.

After it was revealed on the 28th through TV Report that actor Lee Junki will be entering the military as an active duty soldier on May 3rd, netizens have been expressing their criticism and anger with celebrities that have yet to serve.

Lee Junki had requested to delay his service after he was chosen as the promotional model for the Korean Horse Affairs Association but the request was denied, leading to a final confirmation for him to enter service.

Now that it has been revealed, netizens have shown him positive messages of support and encouragement while brewing up criticisms for the male celebrities that have not yet served, Rain included.

Netizens have stated, "Why is Taecyeon going into an alternate of the military and serving as public service?" "Why hasn't Rain gone to the military yet?" "Celebrities that are going into public service despite having healthy bodies seriously need to be remorseful."

While the other male celebrities are constantly being criticized and attacked for evading military service, Lee Junki will be returning on the 29th in order to make a public announcement about his military service.

the first article about this issue can be found here http://2pmnews.blogspot.com/2010/04/news-100419-taecyeons-controversial.html

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

[RUMOR] 100428 Jay and AOM to hold a NYC concert before leaving for Korea?!

CREDITS: http://twitter.com/SsenseMngt & SM Facebook Group & HANNIE*@2oneday.com

Earlier this month, Jay made an appearance in the East Coast at Rutgers University with three other members of Art of Movement. Thanks to Jay's many fans, tickets for the Rutgers University KSA culture show quickly became sold out. Many people, however, were not be able to attend. BUT! It looks like NYC-ers (and those in the east coast) got another chance to personally see Jay perform on stage again and to experience the JAY effect in person!

As first reported on concert production company Ssense Management's twitter account, the date has been set for his return to New York City.

Jay Park, along with Art of Movement, will hold a concert on Saturday, May 29, 2010 (tentative date; the date MAY change) at NYC. Dumbfoundead, Kero One, MYK, and Dok2 will be attending as special guests.
For more updates, follow Ssense Management* on their Twitter or on their facebook group.

***NOTE: Ssense Management was associated with the Epik High concert and has also brought in Crown J. They have also been associated with dance crews (such as Kaba Modern, Jabbawockeez, and Super Crew), rappers (such as Far*East Movement, Cassidy, DJ Webster, Maino, Red Cafe), and some US reality stars (from Jersey Shore).

28 April 2010

[NEWS] 100428 Female castings for Hype Nation becomes difficult

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

Former idol group 2PM's leader Jaebum has confirmed his return with a Hollywood film.

However, finding a female cast for the movie, who will be playing the role of Jaebum's younger sister, is being met with much difficulty.

The producers of the movie previously stated that they were considering a Korean girl group member to play Jaebum's partner and younger sister. They had a few candidates up on line but it has been recently revealed that the potential female casts were not too fond of the idea once they weighed the pros and the cons.

First of all, Jaebum left Korea last September amidst the 'Myspace Comments' controversy. He was then terminated by JYP Entertainment, earning the title of 'severe private life.'

An associate of one of the potential female casts revealed that there was too much pressure and risk involved to be starring in a movie alongside Jaebum when he has not even clarified his mistake yet.

The movie also has history of casting Son Dambi, which she later pulled out of. Singer BoA even rejected their offer. Because of such reasons, the role is not a welcoming role amongst the female singers of Korea.

They might be able to cast a rookie that is able to dance well but the producers are set on finding a partner for Jaebum amongst a highly popular female group.

A celebrity associate stated, "The notion that it is 'Jaebum's movie' is quite strong and so it's important that Jaebum solves his problems (mistake) beforehand. It's highly likely that anyone that stars in the same movie as Jaebum might be pushed into an unfavorable position by the press since any hasty decisions will tie their fate together."

Omitted previous summaries.

[NEWS] 100428 2PM contracting for international advertisements?

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

2PM has taken over the advertisement market.

With the release of their recent single album, 2PM has contracted with three new companies, confirming their worth as a star. The contracts include 'It's Skin', 'Calvin Klein Jeans,' 'Dynamic Kin,' and a variety of other clothing, cosmetic, and soft drink lines. It has also been revealed that they are in a total of 5 advertisement contracts.

An associate of the advertising industry stated, "It's well known that 2PM is in one shot contracts that last for 6 months. Just their bodies alone are worth 500k for a 6 month contract. The industry thinks that with the release of their new single album, they'll be able to exceed $3 million in sales per month."

2PM has been dominating the market since last year. Since the release of their album last November, 2PM has been in a total of nine different advertisements. Starting with cell phone Anycall Corby to Market O snacks and Coca Cola drinks, they've gone on to sportswear such as Spris and even jumped their target audience with Cass beer and It's Skin cosmetics.

"They really have nothing more to add," said the associate.

They are even considering international advertisements. Since last October, Nichkhun was a scooter model in Thailand. The members themselves were models for a snack brand.

The advertisement associate revealed that there are currently 2-3 more contracts in the works.

[NEWS] 100428 2PM hits number 1 on Monkey3 Weekly Charts

Popular male idol group 2PM placed 1st place the moment after their comeback.

On music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) 2PM ranked 1st place for their song 'Without U'on the weekly chart.

The song 'Without U' shot up to 1st place on the first week of release on Monkey3's weekly charts. Along with 2PM's no.1 song 'Without U', their song 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' from the same album ranked 9th, showing their unchanging popularity.

On the other hand, last week's first placed Lee Hyori's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' bumped down one into 2nd rank, while Secret's 'Magic' went down three to sit at 7th rank.

[Omit info about other singers.]

2AM gained a spot in the top 20, with 'Like a Fool' getting 20th in the rankings.

The head of Monkey3 promotions department stated "For 2PM, his is a pivotal point for the resurrection of their popularity for an idol group that has been faltering", "Idol groups Wonder Girls, SS501 and others are set to make their comebacks in May, we can foresee another idol group craze to come".

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed to add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

[NEWS] 100428 The 2PM flashmob event begins

In the midst of being an every day topic after their cool comeback performance for Without U last weekend, an online launching event has started where they have uploaded a video of 2PM's choreography, which is gaining interest.

The video for the launching event has been catching the most attention!
In the video for 2PM's new album launching event, choreographer Park Nam Yong himself - better known as 'Nam Yong God' between 2PM fans - directly teaches the Without U choreography in an easy and fun way.

Behind choreographer Park Nam Yong, the natural side of 2PM members can be seen which makes it more fun. Member Chansung sits on the couch concentrating hard(?) on eating his bananas, Junsu is seen looking at himself in the mirror and listening to music, while Taecyeon works out, each freely doing their own thing during practice. Seeing a big pile of banana peels next to Chansung and the members' free natures while teaching the dance looked oddly contrasted to the hard working Park Nam Yong, and seeing them jumping around the practice room after the dance makes the video all the more fun to watch.

On the 26th on their Youtube 2PM channel, after watching the '2PM "Don't Stop Can't Stop" Launching Flash Mob Event' with the video of Park Nam Yong himself teaching the choreography of Without U, teams of people can record themselves doing the flashmob and send it in as a video response, leaving their contact details.

The flashmob event will take place starting on the 26th of April for one month, and after the deadline, they will watch the video responses for a week and make a decision on the winning team. The winning team will receive 2PM's stage clothes and signed CDs.

An associate of JYP Entertainment stated "This is an event for those people who have given love and support for 2PM's comeback", "We hope lots of people participate and hope they enjoy dancing to 2PM's OK dance. We hope for people's great interests and participation".

The event details can be read on 2PM's channel. (www.youtube.com/2pm)

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[INFO] 100428 StirfryTV in the "Clouds" with Jay Park

These guys helped trending #happy23jaypark during Jay's birthday. Other youtubers tweeted about Jay after watching his spotlight and they keep mentioning the Jay Effect in their twitter. Now they give special thanks to Jay (they love him), his fans (they love us) and also feature "Clouds" (they love the song) :D

01:16 - 2:06 Special thanks to Jay Park and his fans.
7:20 - 8:20 Featuring "Clouds" and Clara C.
8:37 - 9:12 - Clip with Jay's rap in the background (lol their pants)

Don't forget to show them some love n__n

CREDITS: ST1RFRYTV / rottenapple@2OD

27 April 2010

[NEWS] 100428 2PM is no match for Jaebum, Jaebum's going after Rain!

2PM's former member Park Jaebum will be returning to our country this June in order to film 'Hype Nation.' Because 70% of the movie is set in Korea, he has revealed that he will be staying for about 2 months and a half.

There are many companies within our nation that are trying to catch him. The 'baby lion with a problem' that was thrown away by JYP has grown strong like a weed with the help of his fans. In such a short of amount of time, he was able to bring himself back to the top, capturing the attention of rivaling companies.

The reason so many companies are blazing the trail towards Jaebum is because he was chased into America, completely cut off by the roots. Ironically, Jaebum was able to grow in America, making many want to 're-import' him back into the country.

Just how big is his talent and probability of success that has caused so many companies to become enamored with catching him?

'Hype Nation' is arguably not a movie that will become a blockbuster hit like the movies Rain or Lee Byunghun starred in. But because the background is set in Korea and because Jaebum is starring in it, the movie will most definitely garner enough attention.

It is proof enough that the producers are continuously leaking tidbits of Jaebum to the public in an effort to market it in Korea. It seems as if they will be putting Jaebum up front for the national release in order to fully promote the movie.

TV appearances seem definite. Of course, appearing in the three main cable TV shows such as music programs might be met with a bit of difficulty. JYPE might possibly unleash an attack, using 2PM, 2AM, and the Wonder Girls as their shield. It would end up into a viewer ratings fight, which would in turn cause many to become disgruntled.

Regardless, the possibilities are endless for celebrity programs. They can always expose Jaebum and 'Hype Nation' through other programs.

The success of the movie and Jaebum's popularity are also on different paths. Should the movie fail, Jaebum's come back to the nation will still be on a green light. Whether it's the OST or a personal album, the movie would naturally help in promoting his new songs, paving a new path for his singing career.

His skills as a rapper has even been confirmed during his stay in America. He does not have to put out an album and can even do what Cho PD has done by releasing his new tracks online. His success is assured regardless of his path.

Of course, Park Jaebum is not an idol turned singer song writer. It was through Park Jinyoung's producing influence that he was able to mature as a 2PM member.

But in this nation, there is not only Park Jinyoung and there is certainly not only JYPE. There are so many more companies that are more talented and better suited for him. It's an issue of skill, not size.

It is certainly more difficult to perfect a solo singer as opposed to an idol group. With an idol group, the views of the audience are divided into every member, whereas with one solo artist, their perfected vocal talent and attributes as a star must be shown at once.

Although nothing has been confirmed, seeing the many companies that are chasing after him now seems as if the weight of the issue is leaning towards the success of his future. This is proof that they believe in Jaebum's potential as a celebrity, not 2PM's.

Bi was able to cut his own ties to Park Jinyoung and leave him, entering the American market and returning with success.

Jaebum was able to immediately rise back up after being thrown away by Park Jinyoung. He has grown so big, into a man that no longer fits in the same playing ground as Park Jinyoung or JYPE.

He is only 23 years old. Having found a role in Hollywood at a younger age than Bi, his future is rivaling against whether he can succeed as much or more as Bi. The so-called top group 2PM cannot even be compared to Jaebum.

Written by TV Daily's Editor in chief. =)

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[NEWS] 100427 Press conference for Jaebum in the works

It has been revealed that a press conference is in the works for previous 2PM member Jaebum due to his return to Korea for the movie 'Hype Nation'.

Asia Economics Newspaper spoke with movie affiliates on the 28th, they said, "Presently, we are discussing a press conference regarding Jaebum's permanent departure from 2PM with his parents."

In addition, s/he said, "The time and location has yet to be appointed," and added "Soon, there will be a detailed release on the press conference."

Also, the affiliate said, "While in Korea, the Jaebum will be under the management of his parents. In order to proceed with the movie filming, Jaebum will arrive in Incheon Intenational Airport in June along with his parents and movie staff."

If you click on the article link, you can click the thumbs up on the article near the top right hand corner without logging in or anything!

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CREDITS: 아시아경제 (SOURCE); tvxqbuzz7921@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

[NEWS] 100427 Jay has nothing to fear and is ready to fight for his name!

Jay is returning to Korea for movie filming. Unlike how he left by himself 9 months ago, Jay is coming back with his parents.

"Hype Nation" filming will be started on the second week of June, and Jay will be back by first week of June. Although there are many rumors and speculations circulating around regarding "Hype Nation," the movie staffs are going to reveal everything once they come to Korea.

Just as movie, Jay's actual reason for permanent withdrawal is another point that people are most interested in. Last February, JYPE mentioned the seriousness of his private life, and permanently terminated Jay's contract. Therefore, some say that is is important for Jay to speak up for truth before he begins his activity.

On the phone interview with NewsEn, the movie production associate mentioned that "there are so many companies and agencies that are willing to do a management for Jay, but during filming Jay's parents will take care of Jay."

This associate explained that "Jay is coming back to Korea to film. Since he has to concentrate fully into it, discussing future plan with management company is not a priority at all right now."

Also, this associate showed very firm standpoint that "regarding Jay's permanent withdrawal, his parents and he are considering a press conference too. We have nothing to fear. All this time, we were very much hurt and we are ready to fight if necessary."

Therefore, if press conference is held, then not only about his movie, but Jay will also reveal his stories from September to permanent withdrawal.

On the other hand, Jay will participate in Hype Nation OST as well. He is going to sing four songs.

May Be Taken Out With Full Credits. You Are Not Allowed To Add Yourself To Credits Nor Edit Credits.
Credit: NewsEn (source); EyesOnFire05@2ONEDAY (Trans)

[NEWS] 100427 Exclusive, Jay's comeback plans!

Jay's comeback plan is unveiled! Returning with his parents and releasing a Billboard single in July!

Jay is coming back to Korea. It's been 8 months since he left for America due to his posts on the Internet.

Either on May 31st or June 1st, Jay will enter the country through Incheon International Airport with the "Hype Nation" staff, his parents, and his AOM crew. Also, by releasing his single, "Demon," in both the American and Korean music market around July 10th, he will be starting his professional music career again.

In December, Jay is going to have a "Hype Nation" tour with American famous singer, B2K, in 10 American cities and major cities in Asia.

We confirmed this through an interview with Jason Lee, who is an executive producer of "Hype Nation." On the evening of the 26th, we finally made contact with Jason Lee in Seoul, and he provided us the details of Jay's comeback plan and he let us listen to Jay's four songs that he brought from LA.

Jay's four songs that SportsKhan got to hear were the ones made for the "Hype Nation" OST. These songs will be released in America and Korea around the same time.

Lee told us that "Demon" is produced by America's most popular producer, Teddy Riley, who also produced Michael Jackson's "Dangerous." He also told us the surprising news that Snoop Dogg featured in Jay's song "Fame," and R&B singer Brandon and T-Pain did a collaboration with Jay as well.

Omitted (Explanation of Teddy Riley & repetitive info)

Jason Lee said, "When Teddy Riley was making Jay's songs, he excitedly said, 'I feel the same as when I was making MJ's "Dangerous,"' and Jay also expressed deep satisfaction by saying that, 'this is the best moment of my life.'" The songs were so great that it was easy to imagine them being a big hit in both Korea and America.

Jason Lee also unveiled Jay's recent activities.

"When I asked him to be the main character of "Hype Nation," he made his decision in 10 minutes. He came to LA with his father in February to sign a contract, and he came back to LA in April to record the songs. He is attending church very diligently and is spending time with his family. He is also practicing b-boying very hard with his longtime AOM friends."

Lee revealed the details of "Hype Nation" as well. This movie will be made with 20,000,000 USD worth of funding, and Allen Kazrti, who was awarded the MTV Music Video Awards for the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync, is going to be the director. This movie will be made into 3D, so the audience can enjoy the live b-boying. Jay's b-boy crew, AOM, is going to star the movie as well.

Jason Lee introduced the synopsis and said, "In this movie, the World Championship b-boy competition is held in Korea and the American team battles with the world champion Gambler Crew. It will involve love, action, etc. Rapper B2K along with others, will appear as well." Universal Pictures will release this movie all around the world. The filming will start in June when Jay returns to Korea and they plan to release it next summer.

Jason Lee hopefully revealed, "I want to help Jay's comeback and I want to show the world how great Korean b-boys are."

May Be Taken Out With Full Credits. You Are Not Allowed To Add Yourself To Credits Nor Edit Credit.
Credit:SportsKhan (Source); EyesOnFire05@2ONEDAY (TRANS); kdrama_queen@2ONEDAY.COM (EDIT)

[INFO] 100427 2PM Fan Union asks for donations for 2PM CD giveaways

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2PM, the 3rd single

Five random participants will be chosen through a lottery to receive a signed CD + poster.

If you have bought too many CD's to keep and the people around you don't want them anymore, we will be taking CD donations to give away for free on popular streets. We will also be buying the CD's in bulk to give away.

One joint CD costs $6.50.
- If you are buying a CD to donate, it will be $6.50x#ofCD's+Shipping $2 + 50 cents
- If you are donating a CD, it will be $6.50x#Buying+50 cents
- If you are buying AND donating a CD, it will be $6.50 x (# buying + # donating) + Shipping $2 + 50 cents

Deposits will be taken from April 27th to April 30rd

International Marriage / Nunesance / Daegu Stew / Memoria / Choice / Gentleman Khun / Hug Me / Yashim Chan / Oktaku Mansion / Polaris / Happy Taecsday / 007 / About A Boy

Basically what they're doing is buying CD's in bulk and collecting CD donations from people that bought too many CD's. They are then going out into popular college streets and passing them out for free. They are NOT giving it to charity - they are giving it to random passerbys on the street.

[INFO] 100426 Jaebum birthday presents sent by 'Tastes Like Jaebum' fansite

click image for full view

click image for full view

click image for full view

click to view full image

They also sent a photobook as well, with pictures of them making that big quilt.

Overall quilt making went from February 8th till April 10th, and 56 people participated in making it. The size was 180cm(w)x210cm(h), 100% cotton. They sewed 105 patches.

Final result:

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[INFO] 100427 Star Yozm to pick 30 questions to ask 2PM

Star Interview
Star Yozm?

What is 2PM doing lately now that they are back with their 3rd single album?

Please ask whatever you are curious about through yozm. Anything about the six great lives of the men, their music, and stories with each other. Thirty of your questions will be chosen by yozm and yozm will meet with 2PM in person in order to ask your questions!

Question Time: 2010 4 26 - 5 1
Questions Chosen: 2010 5 3
Interview: 2010 5 7

First two pages of questions:

Ask the stars!

[Asking2PM] Who is the next member to be terminated?

[Asking2PM] When Khun speaks in Korean, he uses Korean accents to pronounce English words such as banana or sweet. Does he practice on his own?

[Asking2PM] Isn't it time to disband now?

[Asking2PM] Ok Taecyeon-ssi can't even act, why is he the main?

[Asking2PM] Taecyeon-ssi, who's that girl last night? Seemed like you were having fun...

[Asking2PM] You guys are amazed that you still have fans, right?

[Asking2PM] What are you going to do now that you can't even get the ending slot for music programs?

[Askign2PM] Why are there so many nobodies?

[Asking2PM] Ok Taecyeon, how are you so big down there?

[Asking2PM] Were you guys close to Jaebum at all?

[Asking2PM] Mazeltov, find some strength! You have no fans to say that anymore...

[Asking2PM] What do you do in your free time even though you're busy?

[Asking2PM] Please stop using Jaebum's name, is it fun for you guys to drag Jaebum's name around?

[Asking2PM] Nichkhun oppa, do you like ddukbokki or ddomyanggoong?

[Asking2PM] Junho, you produced a cool radio logo song before! Junho, do you have any other hidden songs? And are the other members producing any new songs?

[Asking2PM] What's something that a human being can't do? So curious keke

[Asking2PM] "I love you guys.. but.. f*** off."

[Asking2PM] How do you feel now that you're failing 2 years after your debut?

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[News] April Korean FanCafe Rankings

1. DBSK: 779,697 ↓ 10368
2. Big Bang: 363,132 ↓ 9284
3. SNSD: 300,624 ↑ 8661
4. SS501: 261,455 ↓ 12884
5. Super Junior: 245,672 ↓ 8357

6. 2PM: 237,770 ↓ 39966

7. Shinhwa: 187,501 ↓ 3409
8. SHINee: 116,918 ↑ 3585
9. FT Island: 108,635 ↓ 2563
10. Wonder girls: 108,258 ↓ 2742
11. 2NE1: 96,491 ↑ 6
12. BEAST: 80,316 ↑ 26376
13. MBLAQ: 69,523 ↑ 7778
14. 2AM: 59,404 ↑ 15910
15. F(x): 55,899 ↑ 1382

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

[nickhun] Idol World The Best Flower Member

Source: Onstylei

Onstylei.com has conducted the survey on Idol World the Best Flower Member. The nominated idols are from 7 bands. 

People can choose and leave a comment on their favorite flower boy from this day onwards till April, 28. The prize for the lucky winner, which is going to be announced on April 30, is Bobbi Brown Sheer color cheek tint.

#1. Nichkhun Definition: Thailand’s first-rate chocolate Nichkhun is a miracle of foreign beauty which is different from other beastly 2pm member, raised in a foothill situated in Korea. Every time he smiles, his eyebrows seem unwavering. His soft hair shines on milky skin.
Moreover, he has got solid and perfect abs that anyone would fall for. He is cute boy and God of muscles who shakes noonas’ hearts.

The other six nominees are Top (Bigbang), Kim Hyunjoong(SSO01), Jung YongHwa(CNBLUE), DongHo(Ukiss), Lee Kikwang(Beast) and Choi hiwon (Super Junior)