20 June 2012

[NOTICE] : READ, Thanks!

Hi our dear readers (again),

Have you read my previous post? ^^


Remember I said our OLD facebook page ? http://www.facebook.com/pages/2pm-foRever7-if-we-reach-100000-JYP-must-bring-JAEBEOM-BACK/324219344523
I mentioned that admins us, could not post anything there anymore due t dk what reason as facebook blocked us. But GUESS WHAT?????? ------- It got REVIVED! WOW! Miracleeeeeee!

It happened when I just posted my official leave from here. LOL. OTL.. #Whatisthis? XD

Hi t all th 18,000 fans! I MISS YOU ALL. XD

Anw, let's get t th main point. :3

No, sorry all. I still won't comeback here t do updates on our blog.. (Maybe maybe one day I will be back.. Not now..)
But don't worry.

In our both facebook pages, I will still do chatting here and there w you all! ^^
However, about our hmmm twitter.. @2pmandjaypark -> I sensed that there isn't any people there alr. O.O There's no response. So I may as well just focus on our facebook right? esp our OLD facebook page, whereby I still see you all replying or liking th status. KEKEKEKEKE!


- Please don't hesitate t find me or you wanna chat kpop w me. ^^
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17 June 2012


Hi our dear readers,

Not sure if you all know; I have been th only one posting and updating this blog for very long.
Not sure where th founder and other admins went, I can't find or contact them either.. D8 O.o But this is not th main point of what I wanna mention.

I have notice for very long that, our blog, facebook and twitter..
There isn't much people active or giving reactions, eh? Am I right?

Our OLD facebook has 18,000+ fans liking, but you should know that we can't post there anymore and we have moved!
Our NEW facebook has 1000+ fans liking , but there isn't 'likes' or much in th posts there.

Our twitter has about 700+ followers? But there isn't any reactions there too.
I am admin there, I can see if there's people mention-ing or RT-ing. However, sadly there isn't much reaction too, esp when I try t do some chatting. D8

Our blog followers has 200+ members..? Also no reactions from you all..

Well, I know and I can see, sometimes there's some of you 'likes' and comment our posts. THANKS LOTS! ^^ -loves-
But you can see it's still very very inactive from you guys.

If you guys know me somehow somewhere, you should know that I also admin and author from some other sites.. :3 Yes, I know some people know me cause they always ask me 'Aren't you from ... ?' or 'Oh! You are th Jannica from .. !' (8

Well, some I have step down so you don't see my name, some I am still admin-ing. ^^ But there's some like this.. inactive response, which I have given up and leave it alone.

So.. Just saying, I think I am also gonna give up on posting in this blog too. [I know I mention alot of times, but this should be th final one alr]
It's not easy t keep updating and talking.. alone.. t a wall right..?

-BTW, NOTE : Sometimes I do log in our @2pmandjaypark and do some RT or talking ONCE IN A BLUE MOON; but if you see my old post.. I mentioned that th password had been changed; so it's not easy for me t go in as I can only access our twitter via my iphone.-

ANW - But of course, I am still loving and supporting our 2PM and JAY PARK no matter what!
You all too right? ^^


- Please don't hesitate t find me or you wanna chat kpop w me. ^^
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Facebook: jannicakpop@hotmail.com -