19 June 2010

[NEWS] 100619 ‘Star King’ 2PM Nichkhun look-a-like piano star Shin Ji Ho is a ‘topic’, Nichkhun

‘Star King’ 2PM Nichkhun look-a-like piano star Shin Ji Ho is a ‘topic’

A piano star that resembles Nichkhun in both appearance and talent has appeared.

On the 19th on SBS Star King, pianist Shin Ji Ho from the Berklee College of Music and Nichkhun showed off their talents together and are attracting attention from viewers.

Shin Ji Ho was boastfully introduced as a recipient of an American Music Award and an American Presidential Award for outstanding performance capabilities. Shin Ji Ho played ‘Fur Elise’ and 2PM’s ‘without you’, adding his own feeling and interpretation, receiving cheers from the Star King audience.

In addition to Shin Ji Ho’s outstanding performance as a pianist, he also had a beautiful appearance that was reminiscent of 2PM Nichkhun’s. He performs while being filled with emotions, and like 2PM’s member Nichkhun, he still had an image of a cartoon character.

Shin Ji Ho played ‘Kiss the rain’ with Nichkhun, and the peak of the audience’s cheering was Shin Ji Ho’s performance and Nichkhun’s singing to Brown Eyed Soul’s ‘nothing better’.

On the UCC on the Internet Shin Ji Ho has already almost become a celebrity as ‘Pianist Nichkhun’.

Reported by: Jeon Sun Ha
Credit: NATE news
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100619n08120

Translated by eekeano @ W2D


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