26 July 2010

100727 Out of the 10 popular idol male groups, who has the tallest average height?

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What are the average differences in height between the male idol groups and other stars in the entertainment world?

After calculating the heights of 10 groups and a total of 60 males out of the most actively promoting male idol groups 2PM, 2AM, CN Blue, Super Junior, Big Bang, F.Cuz, UKiss, Ze:a, Beast and MBlaq, the average height was 179.3 cm. Comparing to the average height of a star which is 178.8cm, there is a 0.5cm greater difference, but as the netizens express it, they all fall under the 'loser*' category.

As the idol group members are all around their 20s, the young members would not have stopped growing. Putting this into consideration, the hopes for these males' heights are greatly increase. For 16 year old Ukiss member Dongho's case, he has grown 6 cm since their debut in 2008, currently at 178 cm. Dongho is still growing.

Out of the 10 groups, 4 membered CN Blue has the greatest average height of 183 cm. The 180 cm tall leader Jung Yong Hwa stands the shortest within the group.

Within these 60 males, Beast's Lee Ki Kwang, who is currently gaining popularity from MBC's Hot Brothers is 170 cm. Park Myung Soo made a comical statement saying, "I'm 168 cm, but Lee Ki Kwang is shorter", while Lee Ki Kwang protested saying "I really am 170cm."


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