12 July 2010

[INFO] 100712 Shinhwa fans send a warning to Taecyeon fans about color use

TN: Fanclubs take A LOT of pride in their own fanclub colors and will go out of their way to 'protect' it. The general rule of respect is to leave the colors of fanclubs alone. As the post warns, Shinhwa's fanclub has been through a lot in order to protect their color for as long as they have and mean business when the respect is trampled on by rookie fanclubs. Usually the senior fanclubs get the right of way even if a company has specifically chosen the same color for their own group. For a rookie fanclub to use a color so blatantly without the company's order is asking for trouble. It might seem pety, but its how the Korean fandom works..

I know very well what kind of situation the gall here is...
But it's still 2PM's gall...
So fans would still come and go, right?

I'm requesting politely.

The Shinhwa fans who went to the Inkigayo stage yesterday
Discovered an orange light stick.

They said that it was the light stick that Ok Taecyeon's personal fans used...

Apparently it's called 'Carrot stick'...
They were also wearing an orange headband...

Orange is strictly the color
Used by 'Shinhwa' and 'Shinhwa Changjo' (T/N: Shinhwa fandom name) since 1998,
Still used today,
And will continue to use in the future.

We do not care what else your fandom does, but do not abuse our color orange.

The excuse that 'there was no other choice since it (the concept) was a carrot...'
'What can we do since we're person fans...'

We trust that those pathetic excuses will not be used.

Even if carrots are orange
The color orange was used 12 years before 2PM by Shinhwa
And was used by Shinhwa Changjo 12 years before Ok Taecyeon's personal fans.

Since the beginning, it is Ok Taecyeon's fandom's side's fault
For using the wrong concept
So we refuse to let this go with the excuses stated above.

Color conflicts with other fandoms regarding the color orange
Might be excused because they had no other choice because of the company
But we will not just let this incident go
Because it is obviously intended on purpose by Ok Taecyeon sshi's fandom, without the order of the company

With every conflict that Shinhwa Changjo was met with with other fandoms
That fandom's staff line tried very hard to sort it out
And we believe that it is almost resolved now

But at the point where we thought it was almost resolved completely
We're rather angry that this kind of incident is happening once again.

If carrots are orange, abandon the whole concept of carrot
Or if you really have to use carrot, then use a black carrot.

Don't tell us that it does not matter anymore because he's no longer a part of Inkigayo.
We're requesting that you take quick action to solve this.

We'll only request politely like this just once.

If this kind of incident happens again, we will not just stand back and watch.
We warn you, we will take action as Shinhwa fans.

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CREDITS : Daum Tellzone (SOURCE); JinaStar@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)


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