16 February 2011

[INFO] 110215 Wilber Pan mentioned Nichkhun on 100% Entertainment

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Wilber 0:00 - 0:10 : For my revised album, it is a little different on the inside. In addition to the four music videos, those who like 2pm, there will be a collaboration music video I had with Nichkhun inside the album as well.
Alien 0:10 - 0:11 : There will be a movie version as well?
Wilber 0:11 - 0:19 : Yes, there will a 30 minute long movie version which will not have any song, or dance. It will be a parody from the beginning to the end.
Alien 0:19 : Cool!
Butterfly 0:19 - 0:23 : Then did you become friend with Nichkhun?
Wilber 0:23 - 0:32 : Very close and good friend. Not yet considered as brothers but we are quite good friends with each other. Because we sometimes chat together and share our ideas & thoughts with each other.
Butterfly 0:32 - 0:35 : What is his personality off screen?
Wilber 0:32 - 0:37 : He's like the 23 years old me then. Alien : Aiya!
Butterfly 0:38 : What do you mean?
Alien 0:39 - 0:42 : Likes to basketball? Wilber Yes and eat! Just kidding!
Wilber 0:43 - 0:46 :Oh please! He's really something! He drank a total of 5 cups of bubble milk tea at one go.
Alien 0:43 - 0:47 : Why do they like bubble milk tea so much?
Wilber 0:47 - 0:51 : This big (hand gesture) He even recommend me to open up a bubble tea shop in Korea. He says it will definitely be popular in Korea.

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Wilber 1:11 - 1:17 : And then his personality is great and very courteous and he can speak chinese as well.
Alien 1:18 : He knows how to speak chinese?
Wilber 1:20 : A little.
Butterfly 1:20 : Why is that?
Wilber 1:21 : They will practice that diligently.
Alien 1:21 - 1:35 : Actually when they have scedules at Mainland or Taiwan, or even if we were to go to Korea to work, we have to learn some korean as well. We need to exchange languages when necessary. Because when you understand each other's language, then can we understand music.

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