26 February 2011

[INFO] 110225 Forbes Korea: Power Celebrity Top 40

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Sorry the charts are a little crooked, lol. But here is Forbes Korea's top 40 Power Celebrities list. The top 40 list is ranked from data collected in various categories (as listed) depending on a certain set of criteria. For example, salaries, CFs, broadcast time, search-ranking, being written about in major publications and news sites, etc. Any foreign activities and gains are excluded from the overall rankings.

(original chart)

5 위는 박진영이 발굴한 남성 대표 아이돌 그룹 2PM이 차지했다. 2PM은 인터넷 검색순위에서 1위에 올랐고, 지난해 출연한 TV광고도 19편에 달했다. 최근엔 그룹 멤버들이 각각 <우리 결혼했어요> <드림하이> 등 예능과 드라마에서 활약하고 있다. ..
지난 한 해 인터넷에선 분야별로 다양한 인물이 화제에 올랐다. 가수와 연기, MC를 오가며 만점 활약을 펼친 이승기가 배우 부문 1위에 올랐다. 짐승돌 바람을 일으킨 남성 아이돌그룹 2PM은 가수 부문, 박지성은 스포츠 부문에서 1위를 차지했다.

#5 - 2PM is the representative idol group that was discovered by JYP. They were ranked number 1 most searched on the internet. Last year they went in to star in a total of 19 CFs. Some members have even branched out in other fields like dramas (Dream High) and variety shows (WGM) etc. Last year, they were also in the center of a lot of different news. They were also ranked number 1 when it came to the singer’s division; with Park Jisung for Sports, and Lee Seunggi for Actors.

*music sales are taken from the Hanteo charts (original chart)

디지털 음원 판매 1위를 차지한 그룹은 2AM. 미니앨범 타이틀곡인 ‘죽어도 못 보내’가 히트하면서 모두 1619만 건의 다운로드를 기록했다. 최근 주목 받고 있는 아이유의 경우 온라인 다운로드에서 2위를 차지했다

SUMMARY: 1,619,000 digital downloads for 2AM's "Even If I Die, I Can't Send You"!

*search rankings are based off searches from daum.net (original chart)

*number of CFs data is collected from the CF portal, tvcf.co.kr (original chart)

On last year's Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list, 2PM was ranked in at #11 and 2AM was not in the top 40. (link)


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