14 February 2011

> [NEWS] 110214 Seulong and Nichkhun to star in SBS sitcom "Welcome to the Show"

May be taken out with full credits.

닉쿤-슬옹-설리, SBS 시트콤 '웰컴 투 더 쇼' 주연 발탁

2PM의 닉쿤, 2AM의 슬옹, f(x)의 설리가 SBS 단막시트콤 '웰컴 투 더 쇼(가제)' 주연으로 발탁됐다.

시트콤 관계자는 14일 조이뉴스24에 "닉쿤-슬옹-설리가 주인공으로 결정돼 첫 촬영에 돌입했다"며 "세 사람의 시트콤은 단막극 형식으로 1회만 방송된다"고 밝혔다.

'웰컴 투 더 쇼'는 SBS의 음악프로그램인 '인기가요' 형식을 시트콤에 접목시킨 새로운 포맷의 시트콤. 세 사람은 지난 13일 인기가요 세트에서 시트콤을 촬영했다.

이 관계자는 "일단은 단막극 형식으로 파일럿 방송을 할 것"이라며 "추후 반응을 살펴본 뒤 기획과 보완을 거쳐 정규 편성할 계획"이라고 말했다.

인기 최정상을 달리는 톱 아이돌인 닉쿤과 슬옹, 설리의 출연이 시트콤에 대한 기대감을 더욱 높이고 있다. 특히 설리를 사이에 둔 닉쿤과 슬옹의 줄다리기가 펼쳐질 전망이다.

'웰컴 투 더 쇼'는 방영시기는 아직 미정이며, 3월 중 방송될 예정이다.

SUMMARY: Seulong, Nichkhun, and f(x) Sulli will be starring in SBS's new sitcom, "Welcome to the Show" (tentative title). It will be like Inkigayo, in a sitcom format. It will air some time in March. The first episode will be a "pilot episode", they will use it to gauge the direction of the sitcom...whether it be a full series or a short-term series, etc.

From AKP: On February 14th, a representative of SBS’s variety team spoke through Star News and revealed, “The new cast had their first recording on the 13th at SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ studio. There will be a big idol cast with a ‘mellow line’ between them. Other older actors and singers will also be taking part.”

He continued, “Although the broadcast date hasn’t been finalized yet, we’re aiming for a March release.”

SBS began preparations for this project last year, and it’ll mark their first sitcom since 2007’s “Run Mackerel“. Although the sitcom is being prepared as a series, producers have revealed that they will observe viewer responses after the pilot airs before making any final decisions.


Filming notices were posted on the Hottest fan cafe over the weekend for audience members of around 100 - 150. Nichkhun will be filming on February 19th and 20th (these are only the dates that fans are able to apply to be in the audience for filming). A photo of Seulong was posted on 2AM's Bestiz, probably from the February 13th filming. The article says that filming will take place on the set of Inkigayo. It was mentioned on a kfansite that Khun left to Thailand after his sitcom filming.

닉쿤 설리 (Nichkhun Sulli) is the number one search item on Daum right now!


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