25 February 2011

[NEWS] 110223 2PM is Landing in Tokyo Again! Next Month, They'll Appear at "Tokyo Girls Collection"


The Korean boy’s group, 2PM, who, in December of last year, had a great success with their Ryokokugokukikan Live Showcase that drew and audience of 25000, will make an appearance at the “12th Tokyo Girls Collection” that is being held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, next month, on March 5th (Sun).

This visit to Japan will be about 3 months since their first one. We received a comment from the 2PM members about the confirmation of their appearance in “Tokyo Girls Collection”. 2PM said, “Tokyo Girls Collection 2011!! We’re very happy that it’s been decided that we will perform at this big event where fashionable girls throughout Japan gather. We have an interest in fashion too so we’re really looking forward to it and we can’t wait to meet everyone!!”

Furthermore, in commemoration of this [coming] arrival in Japan, The release of 2PM’s Arrival Song of their representative song, “Without U,” will begin on February 23rd (Wed). A 1 day, limited, wonderful download special will be available only on the day of its release, Feb. 23rd.

[Ommited information about 2PM’s CD Box Set, “ALL ABOUT 2PM” and 1st Concert DVD, “2PM 1st Concert in SEOUL ‘DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP’”. The translated info. can be found in these threads: CD Box Set, Concert DVD]

2PM’s also has a scheduled appearance at the “Mezamashi Super Live in Okinawa” on February 26th. The tickets for their first JAPAN TOUR, to be held in May, immediately sold out and so an additional performance has been scheduled. Look forward to the activities of these guys who will be energetically carrying out a CD release and live concerts in Japan.

Source: WoW! Korea
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org
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