28 February 2011

[NEWS] 110228 JYP's thank you message for colleagues and fans


Finally shot the last scene of 'Dream High'. It was a comedic crying scene but I didn't need any artificial tear drops because when I thought about the fact that this was the last shoot, tears just started to fall from my eyes.

My executive producing partner Yong Jun asked me if I felt happy or sad that 'Dream High' finally ended and I said "I feel thankful, so thankful"..

This all started when I wrote the word 'Dream High' on the back of a scrap paper. I thank Yong Jun and the Keyeast family for developing my small idea, CJ Media for supporting it, Hye Ryun for making it into a wonderful script, Gi Won EP for putting it on KBS (Also thank you for forcing me to act in this drama), Director Lee, Kim, and Baek and the entire staff for making this into a real Drama, All the actors for their effort, especially Gi Jun for being my acting teacher on the set, Eun Jung for being the pillar of the story, IU for giving her best in between her crazy schedule as a singer, Su Hyun for surviving a year of vocal/ dance training, and my precious, stout artists Taec, Jason, Suzy and Joo for believing in me, Nam Yong, Faryoung, Ji Sang, Eun Ji, Bong Won and the entire JYP nation for their endless effort. And most of all, I thank all the viewers who watched this 'far-from-perfect' drama.

This was my first time creating a TV drama and I learned so much from it so I'll make sure to keep note of everything and comeback with a better show next time. Till then everybody chase your dreams and Dream High! Now everyone get ready for Dream High 16th the final episode.

- Teacher Yang from Kirin High school.


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