15 February 2011

[TRANS] 110117-110214 Junho/Chansung/Taecyeon UFO Replies

[FAN] (To Junho) Oppa, eyes in English is 'eye', nose is 'nose'. Then... What's 'over there' in English..*'-'*
[JUNHO] So...what?

[FAN] (To Junho) Oppa, you're like the sea ^~^

[FAN] (To Taecyeon) Oppa I'm publishing a book. If oppa says it's okay, I will be set at ease♥
[OKCAT] Stay strong!! [T/N: Taecyeon puts Okcat instead of Taecyeon for his name ^^]

[FAN] Chansung oppa♥ If you have time, do you want to have a drink of water with me?? Healthily keke
[CHANSUNG] But healthy is boring to me,,,, kekekekeke

[FAN] (To Junho) Recently I've been having a hard time every day ㅠㅠ Give me strength!!! Laser beam of love...♥
[JUNHO] ㅡㅡStay strong

[FAN] (To Junho) I don't have a Valentine's day. It's just Monday.....
[JUNHO] Of course, me too

[FAN] (To Junho) Junho oppa I don't want to get up from my bed ㅜ^ㅜ.. What to do..
[JUNHO] Sleep more

[FAN] Chansung oppa, you who is so healthy, how do you play? Tell me~~
[CHANSUNG] Sigh.. I don't know keke

[FAN] (To Chansung) Oppa.. Have you seen Junho oppa wear the uggs?........ [T/N: One of Junho's fansites gave him a pair of Uggs for his birthday]
[JUNHO] I can't wear them?

(우영)아이유가 좋아요 준호오빠가 좋아요?
[FAN] (To Wooyoung) Do you like IU more, or Junho oppa more?
[JUNHO] What is this

Translated by khy127 @ W2D


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