16 February 2011

[Trans] Hanako Magazine - Junsu,Nichkhun

Jap-Thai: Namhom @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways | Scans by Junsu.kr

Once I’m in a relationship with someone, I’ll always trust her

The coordination of individual style of eyeglasses and fresh shades. The impression when we see Junsu dressing style is fashionista.

"I don’t like same stuffs as others so I enjoy visiting places which sell unique kinds such in Apgujeong where street shops are located in"

Been influenced by Dionne Warwick; a talented soul singer. Many songs she performed were produced by B.Bacharach. Junsu’s singing style is to sing with vibratocreating an impressive high-pitched tone. You can say that this is a gift from his personal interest since being young that becomeshelpful for what he has been doing now.

Due to his health condition, he says,eyes full with fatigue “I’m truly sorry. I’m not making sense, am I?”

Junsu just sits there and somehow the atmosphere is good. He’s the type that once he loves someone, he’ll give it all. He tells us himself and adds that he’s an emotional type.

"In Again&Again song, its meaning is about my previous love. Well, if I love someone, I’ll constantly love and trust her. Although she’s so obstinate that I get upset, I can't bring myself to fight with her"

Even I’m cheated on, even there’s no return, I’ll go back to her. Again&Againisabout an unforgettable memory of love. When we were in love, no matter how busy I was, I’d find a way to call her.

"My recommendation for dating is to have an original tea at a café in Insadong. There’ll be a notebook on a table for couples who come to the place to write messages and I love reading them (laughs)"

*Exclusive interview with Coke Zero
Musical sense is unbelievable
Fashion expert

This unique musical skill which no one can copy and his artistic mind is the best among the members. His remarkable words in the VTR in Live concert (on December 8th, 2010) “Sometimes, I want to live with you guys like lovers, sometimes just normal people”



There’re shy girls looking at me from far away

This guy is the cutest guy in Asia for a certainty. To describe him who sits absentmindedly in the interviewing room, his shining hair is like a doll and his skin is flawless. No one can compare to that slim face and tall figure. Even more, the gentleness is being shown on that smiley face

“I look a lot like my mom. My parents are in Thailand but my mom is pretty strange; when someone comes to our house, she’ll make him laugh and start to make herself busy with preparing snacks. It’s just…cute (laughs)”

Born in America and grew up in Thailand. When he was 23, he moved to New Zealand to study and was scouted in LA when he was 14

“I never thought of being this industry before but people kept contacting me endlessly. After that I got to learn singing, dancing and Korean up until now”

Actually, he sleeps and gets up so early that he’s called “grandpa” by the others and always wakes them up in the morning

“I used to play games till late at night but my health got worse so I have to stop surfing internet as earlier as I could”

Nichkhun, who’s very popularmakes girls around go crazy about him

“Not that popular (laughs). Because I’m shy so fans and female co-workers will just unobtrusively watch, not that they admire me or anything”

Nichkhun has lunch after the interview. He looks our way to make sure that we too have lunch then he looks happy…anyway,he’s still hot, isn’t he?

*Exclusive interview with Coke Zero

It’d be great if I’m not only cute
I want to have a man-charm as well

The song“Heartbeat” is well-known for its acrobatic. Though Nichkhun looks slim, he’s actually muscular. His regent hairstyle today makes us feel his man-charm showing that he can be more than being cute



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