19 February 2011

[Trans][Interview] Non-no Magazine

Source: 호피보살 @ Whattimeisitnow.net |Scans by Junsu.kr | Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways

The sudden competition between Junsu, Nichkhun and Wooyoung. 3 people responsible for cute image in the team. They are called beastly idols because of their physical beauty and powerful dance, but when they get down the stage, they're rather charming and cute. So what the 3 cute 2PM members have in common?

: Well, first of all, we're all men lol

Junsu: But that's what we share in common with the other 3, right? Ah, I came up with something else. The three of us are not from Seoul.

Nichkhun: Ah, right. Wooyoung is from Busan, Junsu is from Daegu, and I'm a Thai. We were all born in different cities, so I think it's interesting how we all have different charms. Wooyoung, what is the charm of Busan?

Wooyoung: Well, the sea is beautiful in Busan, but it's the people who have this kind of affection. Junsu-hyung, what about Daegu?

Junsu: Maybe... Daegu is a region with many beautiful women?

Nichkhun: Ah, is that so~ Thailand is famous for good mannered people!

Junsu: Definitely so. But, despite the fact that Nichkhun has good manners, in our daily lives out of all 6 members, he nags everyone the most.

I do this, because you don't clean your room. (*^^*)

Wooyoung: That's right! Junsu-hyung takes a very good care of his favourite clothes and things, but other than that, he leaves everything in total chaos!

Hey, I also clean up all the time... I mean, I clean up, but...I'm shocked lol

They can pinpoint their flaws and understand each other just like that, eventually, they just laugh everything off!
But isn't it so, because they know each other's secrets well?

Nichkhun: Of course we do~ First off, Wooyoung's secret is that even when we have a day off, he doesn't go out at all, and stays in the dorm all the time.

Wooyoung: I can't go outside, because I don't have any shoes. (lol j/k)

Junsu: Hahaha! Wooyoung likes to surf the web, looking for new songs and then listening to them right?

Wooyoung: Mhm, recently I've been learning composing from Junsu-hyung, so I find it interesting to hum melodies to myself, thinking about the lyrics that would suit it.

Nichkhun: Ok, next, Junsu's secret. Junsu always wears his pants so low that you can see half of his underwear.

That's right, that's right!!

Junsu: (shyly) kkkk, ok then, next, Nichkhun's secret. Nichkhun looks very gentle and mild, but in fact he's a really fiery guy. It's really surprising.

(in Japanese) That's not true. Junsu-san is a little bit weird today. (*^^*)

In this kind of energetic atmosphere they were competing who would reveal more secrets.(^^) However, it all ended with Junsu blurting out "Nichkhun is very popular among women. He has a reall appealing waist". Well then, what kind of women fashion do you prefer?

I don't care about the clothes that much. I think it's attractive when a woman can wear simple outfit in a stylish way.
Neat charm is the most important I think.

Wooyoung: I also like simple things. I like women who, for example, in summer time look good in jeans and t-shirts.

Junsu: As for me, rather than women wearing loose and big size clothes, I prefer them in smart and sharp line.

Nichkhun: So you like sexy style?

No, that's not it (embarrassed)

Wooyoung: Junsu-hyung has a habit of unconsciously staring at sexy type of women.

Junsu: … Honestly, I’m a man, so… I can’t help it (lol)


A rare talk which shows surprisingly cool 3 members of the team! These 3 members make the atmosphere feel cool and wild, every
single remark they make emits absolute masculinity. The answers of the 3 men correspond with the image they have in common!

Junho: The thing that we have in common is that while dancing we put too much strength into to, without even realizing it. (laughs) Compared to us, the other 3 members emit a kind of emotional and smooth atmosphere when they dance, but us 3, we're just power.

They have revealed such episodes about men's daily life in the dorm.

Chansung: Not just the 3 of us, all 6 members get along together really well. Naturally, we get angry at each other from time to time, but in such cases we just sit down and talk through things manly, respecting each other's decisions.

Junho: Actually, even though it's good to prevent complaints from piling up, but I think it's more important to be able to accept
a comment, when someone points out your flaws.

Taecyeon: That's right... Therefore, on regular basis we gather up together in the living-room and have an open talk about what's on our minds.

Especially, when they have acrobatics performances during 2PM concerts,Taecyeon says that "We wouldn't be able to perform that way, if we didn't trust each other. So usually we lay firm foundations for teamwork." So is it the same in personal life?

Chansung: Well, first of, Junho is very manly. He's honest with himself and has a strong opinion about things. However, even so, he has a gentle side too.

Junho: Oh, it's kind of embarrassing, he's talking only about good points kkk. But the downside of my personality is that I want
to do everything really fast...

Taecyeon: Chansungie eats a lot. And he has a high tolerance for alcohol.No one can rivals his appetite really.

Chansung: Right, I'm really good at eating and drinking kkk. Taecyeonie-hyung is also very manly, but when he can't wake up in the mornings, it's really troublesome kkk. And his fashion sense... is very... original.

Taecyeon seems to be good at everything and he boasts of extraordinary physical beauty, but he is called fashion terrorist. Junho says: "Hyung's fashion sense is really special". Then, what kind of female fashion do you like?

Taecyeon: I don't know about fashion that much, but I like women in jeans and simple t-shirts.

Junho: As for me, rather than a skirt, I like jeans better. I like women who look good in vintage type of jeans.

Chansung: I just like everything that suits her.

Taecyeon: What if she wears something flamboyant like me?

Chansung: It's ok only if it looks good on her. (lol)

Junho confessed that he's been wearing the same clothes for 2 years straight, because he doesn't have time to go shopping anymore, even though he loves fashion. So, do you have anything that interests you recently?

Taecyeon: Kyoto. Because our Japanese staff member... we were told that if we went to Kyoto we would be able to work for women!! (bwahahaha)

Chansung: I'd like to go to onsen in Japan and relax there. (onsen - japanese hot springs)

Junho: Recently I got interested in composing. I'm still far from being good at it, but I've been working on a few tunes lately. Come to think of it, I've given one complete song for Chansung to listen. How was it?

Chansung: Ah, so-so.

Taecyeon: I've listened to quite a few songs, but is that a normal one? Things that I waaaaaant~ (lol) bam bam bam!! It was like a repetitive bouncy soundtrack from a video game.

Well then, if someone needs a soundtrack for a video game, please give me a call! I have a song to sell (lol)


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