14 April 2011

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Photo cr. LOT2PM

FULL HQ Scans by Simseol @Woogle (members only)

Jap-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways | Edit by Egle @2pmalways |Thanks to @mayu_mayko for photos

*omitted parts of Zepp tour*


2PM’s magnetism and future plans

Even though people call them “Beastly Idols”, as you can see from those pictures, they laugh a lot just like kids. I’ve often heard stories that some of the idol groups’ members do not talk to each other in their dressing rooms, and some of them do not know each other’s contact information. However, 2PM is not one of them. The boys are always full of energy and talk a lot, just like high school boys.

The manly images on the stage and innocent images back stage. Those two different sides of them attract fans even more. Their producer JYP used to direct which way they should go when they first came out, and now the boys give suggestions about their music, choreography and stage performance to JYP. “From the third single, J. Y. Park started listening to our ideas and taking them in. It’s not only about the music; we make proposals to JYP about performances and outfits as well during our discussions. We always think of how to attract you all with our performances.” Taecyeon told me. 2PM is not just an idol group. They seem to be on their own way to produce themselves and to show their own specialties.

[The bottom one]

2PM made a new record of Korean artists’ mobilization to the debut event with the number of 22000. And they showed up on FujiTV’s [Tokudane], NHK’s [Music Japan] etc. They performed “Heartbeat” on both shows and captured Japanese hearts with shirt-ripping performance.

And in this coming May, 2PM will finally release their first Japanese single [Take Off]. Since their Korean singles are all based on R&B melody, this fresh positive song is totally new to them. “This track is so adequate for our Japanese debut single. Most of our Korean songs are about love, but this one is very fresh and you’ll enjoy it. (Taecyeon)” “This one is of a totally different style than all of our Korean songs. We will change the performance style too. (Chansung)” JYP said he was not confident about this track, but it seems that he’s studied Jpop and included a little bit of it into the track.

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