29 August 2011

[NEWS] '2PM Show' to release undisclosed x-file videos 'Who is the best variety-dol?, 2PM

The best variety-dol will be revealed in group 2PM.

Undisclosed videos from cable channel SBS E!TV '2PM Show' will be revealed.

In the x-file videos viewers will able to see the birth background of '2PM Show' to the behind story with the Moon Mason brothers which will bring enjoyment.

At this, 2PM members stated "We worked so hard for broadcast but it was disappointing to see that parts were cut out" and showed their happiness with this upcoming episode of the undisclosed videos.

You will be able to meet 2PM's explosive variety talents next month on the 3rd.

Source: Nate News
Translated by Jisookim @ wild2day


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