09 September 2011

[NEWS] 2PM, attacks Asia!, 2PM

MC: 2PM, the idol group we call the beastly idols, have started their first Asia concert tour.
MC: Until the beginning of next year, they will attack Taiwan, Indonesia, Phillipines, and even Japan.
MC: Let's see what kind of performance they will show.

-concert video-

NK: We've started our one-year tour once again. We're nervous but anticipate it a lot as well. I want to meet the overseas fans quickly.
JH: The fans always ask which country will we be going, and when, and we promise we will come back someday, and now that we can really keep the promise I'm very happy and honoured.
TY: It seems like it will be a stage where we can have fun with the fans. Because we had a lot of fun with everyone for our title song 'Hands up', the title of this tour is also 'Hands up'. With this reason, we hope that we can show off a fun performance and have fun with everyone.
WY: To us it is a new challenge, and many people seem to be attentive and are very supportive of it. In the future, we will continue work hard to show our good sides and activities.
TY: We have returned with a cool result for not only Korea but overseas as well. Thank you.

Source ytn news
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
Translations may be taken out with credit


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