26 September 2011

[TRANS] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Japan – Hottest booking information

Hello this is JYPE. This is the 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Japan – Hottest Fanclub booking information.

Place: Saitama Super Arena
Date/Time: Dec 14 (weds) 7PM
Price: 8,200 Yen / 129,000 won

Place: Marine Messe Fukuoka
Date/Time: Dec 17 (Saturday) 6PM
Price: 8,200 Yen / 129,000 won

Request method: On the Japan Concert booking thread write an informal memo (It’s only possible for one person to reserve 2 tickets for one concert day)
Request information: Name in English / Birthday as written in your citizen’s number / Phone number / purchase number

Ordering Period
Saitama: Sept 27th 10AM – Oct 4th 10PM
Fukuoka: Sept 27th 10:30AM – Oct 4th 10PM

*Entrance order will be in the order of memos written on the booking thread
*If you write on the thread before the ordering period it won’t count

Bank Acct: ShinHan Bank 110-239-954425 (Jang Seoyoon)
Deposit Period: Until Oct 5th at 2PM
(If you don’t deposit within the period your order will automatically cancelled and people on the wait list will be get a place)

For the Japanese concerts, unlike domestic concerts, you enter your name and can win them through a lottery drawing. Only for domestic Hottest will there be 100 seats held for each date and the entrance order, just like was done for the Taiwan concert, will be decided by the order of memos posted on the booking thread.

The actual booking area along with the stage set up will be given out after November. There could be changes so please check with the announcements as they come out.

Hottest, please pay attention to this.
Thank you

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/2PM/MW2U/406
Translated by mcheller @ W2D

May be taken out with credits



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