27 September 2011

[TRANS] 2PM Nichkhun's 'Seoul Diary' Part 9 - 'Korea's love' made me an even better person

In September 2008, Nichkhun and his friends who all used to be trainees together debut together as 2PM and now he felt more excited to get to work in Korea.

Even though my abilities had accumulated along with my ambitions, but out of all the foreigners who were working in Korea, I was just a foreigner from Thailand who was not yet familiar with everything. My Korean was still rough, so I did not know how I was going to go about things.

Even though I was worried about all those things, when we started working...I cannot express in words how thankful I am to Korean people.

What other foreigner can feel so touched as me? The fans and people around me who saw my ambitions instead of my faults were the ones who gave me strength. My friends 2PM who took good care of me like we were family and my friends in the company, and our fanclub who supported me to the fullest.

It was these warm hearts that gave me courage and confidence and allowed me to move forward.

I received immense love along with my dear 2PM friends not just in Korea but from all over Asia, including my Thailand.

When we see 2PM fans at airports, no matter in which country in Asia, the feeling of "is this reality?" always comes up. The touched feeling cannot be expressed in words.

Korea is a very warm hearted country. People are generous and kind to each other with "love" with no boundaries. It's a home that has captured my heart and is where I have discovered my talents that I never thought that I would have.

In the past when I was just an normal badminton athlete, I didn't think that I had an special talents in dancing, singing, and especially acting. But that JYP scouting agent turned out to be the one who saw this talent and gave me the opportunity to cast.

I never thought that I would be a celebrity but now I am a Hallyu idol star through their help.

I feel relieved and gave myself confidence that I could do anything, and to repay this immense amount of love, I will try even harder for this place that allows me to be an even better person - Korea.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110817n16712
Translated by Loverzai @ 2pmalways (Kor-Thai) ; whiterose @ Wild2Day.org (Thai-Eng)


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