25 October 2011

[INT] Kaito Royale Cast Interview, Chansung

*After reading the script, thoughts on your role?
-He’s a physical type. Which makes him reserved and brusque, under the surface, if you look at how he saves his peers or other things he does, you could think of him as a hunter.
A hunting character.

*As for the action scenes
-Since the action director gave me really amazing action scenes I’m really happy..uhm…It was fun.

*The atmosphere on site?
-Matsukaza-shi, fukushi-shi and oomasa-shi, all three of them warmly speak to me so I’m really thankful. The atmosphere is really good.

*when you hear [phantom], what image do you think of?
-When I hear phantom, I think of a black outfit, a cool weapon and stealing things

*If you became a [phantom]?
-I would steal time and (if I gave it) to myself I would either work out, study Japanese or other good things I want to do.

*A message to the viewers
-Everyone, this is 2PM’s Chansung who’s playing the role of “Jack”
This is my first Japanese drama so I’ll really do my best at the role of “Jack”.
Everyone, soon [Kaito Royale] will start. Please anticipate it…goodbye!

source: neru @ wild2day.org
Translation: JP-Kor by 바나 @ Chan's & Kor-Eng by mcheller @W2D


Crystallionaire said...

o0o0o0o i saw a teaser of an action scene Chansung was working on earlier xD Chansung only got cooler lol

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