25 October 2011

[NEWS] 2PM's Efforts to Help Thailand

Since they travel back and forth to Thailand so often, the 6 boys of 2PM are especially familiar with Thailand and their Thai fans.

When they found out about the big flood in Thailand, Nichkhun Horvejkul volunteered to be the boys' representative, bringing clothes and personal items of his own and his 5 other members to be auctioned off to fans, with all the money raised going to the flood relief effort.

The auction raised nearly 900,00 baht (almost $30,000 USD), and in addition to the donated money from fans of about 180,000 baht (almost $6,000), 2PM and their "Hottest" fans have raised over 1 million baht to help flood victims.

[Translator side note: Thanks for all who have helped out. Unfortunately, the situation isn't getting much better, and the flood has now started seeping into Bangkok and even my relatives are now having to start packing up and moving out of their homes :/]

Source: http://www.khaosod.co.th/view_news.php?new...HhNQzB5TWc9PQ==
Translated by whiterose @ wild2day.org


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