28 October 2011

[Photo] 2PM’s TaecYeon at Dangook University cafeteria!

2PM’s Taec Yeon had his picture taken at his school, Dangook University.
Recently on one of the online community websites, a photo of Taec Yeon in the title of “Taec Yeon, working hard at school” was posted.
The netizen who posted the picture said, “Ok Taec Yeon kindly gave his autographs to his fellow students right after he came out of the cafeteria. Ok Taec Yeon said he felt good and satisfied when his fellows called his name in the sound of dolphins.”
In the pictures, Taec Yeon is smiling brightly while buying something at the cafeteria and his focus is on his studies while in his classroom.
People responded, “it looks like Taec Yeon is a hard-working student,” “it looks good that he is being kind to his fellow students,” “I should go to Dangook University to see Taec Yeon,” and so on.
Taec Yeon is currently enrolled in Dangook University, starting in ’07, majoring in Business Administration.

Source: TV Report + Korea.com


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