08 October 2011


2PM's Junsu has returned through the name JUN.K. He's had the chance to show his musician side with his own compositions "HOT", "Sunshine", and "Don't Go", but this time through his digital single "Alive" he's able to demonstrate a singer-songwriter image.

"Alive" produced an explosive reaction when it was first shown to the public in a brilliant solo stage performance at the 2PM HANDS UP Asia Tour, and although it is Junsu's first solo song, it gives the listeners a new sensitivity and exciting charm through the uniqueness of the orchestra and choir feel in the chorus. Although we had only a short time at the scene of the jacket shooting for the "Alive" digital single album, it was a time where you could amply feel the IMPACT of Junsu. So, here is new singer JUN.K's "Alive" jacket shooting for Naver Music.

1. Greeting and current activities
Hello to all the Naver Music members, this is 2PM's Junsu. It seems like this is the first time I've greeted you alone without the rest of the 2PM members; I'm a bit nervous but its a great pleasure and a good feeling. Today I, Junsu; no, new solo singer JUN.K would like to greet all of you and tell you about the news of my digital single "Alive" coming out on October 7th.

2. (Alive) About the album
"Alive" is my 4th composition, but its a song where I tried to express, through my own thoughts and colour, a fusion of orchestra and hip hop. The people who came to 2PM's HANDS UP Seoul concert may have first learnt of it through my solo stage then, but now you can once again enjoy it through my digital single.

3. Thoughts about his first steps as JUN.K, not 2PM
Actually when the 2PM members are all together we become confident and strong-willed, so whatever space or time we're in together the nervousness decreases. But, being alone as JUN.K in front of so many people feels like when I first debuted; very nerve-wracking and exciting, a mix of emotions. However, the thought of sharing what I have in my mind with you through my music makes me very happy.

4. JUN.K's music, musical colour and charm?
I think of it as getting out of my usual musical colour and charm and heading more towards a new style.There's elements of my favoured R&B, jazz and hip hop, and amongst all the different feelings most of all there's a feeling of fun. In the future I want to learn and improve more, so that everyone can recognise the charm of my music.

5. When working on music, where do you get your creative inspiration?
The question about creative inspiration seems really difficult; its hard to say just one thing. Walking down the street, closing my eyes, sometimes when in those moments I use my cellphone to record myself. In that case, I can say that I get my creative inspiration from everyday life.

6. Final message
To all the members of Naver Music, the weather has already become much colder, take care not to get a cold and stay healthy. Please give a lot of interest and love to Alive and also anticipate our 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR a lot too. This was JUN.K, thank you.

Source: Music Naver
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