21 November 2011

[INFO] 111121 Jo Sehyeon's 9th Annual "Letters from Angel's" photo project, with Nichkhun...?

Looks like Nichkhun (could include other 2PM or 2AM members also, but Jo Sehyeon tweeted this pic...) seemingly as a teaser for Jo Sehyeon's 9th annual "Letters from Angels" photo project.

According to a translated source from last year's 8th project:
Eight years ago, photographer Cho Sei Hon started the "Letters From Angels" project, which featured celebrities with orphan babies celebrating their 100th day. (In Korea, a baby's 100th day is celebrated as a special time in a newborn's life; historically, it meant the baby had survived the most vulnerable period of infancy which used to be marked with a high death rate.) The project is a domestic campaign to encourage adoption within Korea, and it can be considered a successful one -- 90% of the babies featured in Cho's exhibitions have since been adopted.

If you look at the pix from previous years, there's somewhat of a theme. Perhaps from Jo Sehyeon's tweet, this year's theme is "Kiss from Angels"! ;) I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Explore last year's photoshoot on the project homepage~ http://www.for1.com/!


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