20 November 2011

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Text: Joelle Chong
Photos: Hype Records
Videos: Fiona Lin & Tay Yi Xuan

Korean boy band 2PM definitely lived up to their name of being 'beastly idols'. The six-member group had no qualms going topless, providing much eye-candy for fans at a concert which lasted about three hours.

Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium yesterday, 2PM performed to a 7000-strong crowd, complete with stunning laser effects and pyrotechnics.

Decked in a myriad of colourful jackets and black pants, the six men opened the night with the highly energetic 'Hot' and 'Electricity'. Fans held their specially made LED boards quickly, trying to catch the members' attention.

By the third song 'Hands Up' -- of which the music video was shot in Singapore -- the stadium was transformed into one large party, with fans rocking on the balls of their feet and putting their hands up on the right beat during the chorus.

Not only did 2PM sang their hits like '10 out of 10', 'Again & Again' and 'I'll Be Back', members also performed solos and duets, showing a different side of themselves.


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