18 November 2011

Recap of Jay ytd on MBC Radio: Best Friend of Kan Mi Youn 11/17/11

Recap of Jay on 11/17/11 MBC Radio: Best Friend of Kan Mi Youn
Credits to 无敌纯洁李小拒 from weibo
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1.Was his first time in China. Didn’t know he had that many fans there. The food he ate, he probably liked it more than other Koreans.

2.Wants to go to Australia.

3.Doesn’t exercise daily now. So… he has a stomach

4.Envious of what body figure? Tall people.

5.Elf ears. Been that big since he was younger.

6.Has confidence in everything he does. Is very loyal.

7.“Girlfriend” lyrics: “I learned Korean in order to talk to you”. Meant it genuinely. When you first come to Korea, if you want to find a girlfriend, you must know Korean. His Korean now is 5 times better than before.

8.Knows a bit of Busan dialect. For example: Did you eat yet?

9.If he had a girlfriend, he would want to take her to board the plane to Hawaii for a vacation.

10.About him being a “playboy”. Back when he was really popular, he made a girl heartbroken. Simultaneously 2-3 girls were “chasing” him. Now he isn’t popular.

11.Isn’t close with any female celebrities.

12.Original translator skipped this number.

13.What song does he likes? (김법수) Kim Bum Soo’s (김법수) “I miss you” (보고싶다) & “Because I love you”

14.Didn’t give Ji Hyun Woo a formal greeting by dragging his slippers and chewing gum. Because of his American hip-hop style, often gets mistaken for being disrespectful. In the US, you often greet others by a high-five. [not exactly true… I would say a handshake… but yeah…]*

15.If you could travel back in time, where would you’d like to go back to? High school, because he’ll be around his friends, living pleasantly, has no worries and don’t need to learn much.

16.Did he often go to bboy battles during his high school days? He just won one award.

17.Do you still keep in contact with your friends from high school? He invites them to his concerts all the time

18.What’s different between the 18 and 25 years old Jay. Now he learned how to considerate of others, before only thought about himself (was selfish)

19.Named as an obedient (/good) son. “What is that? Is it Jay?” Pretending to be stupid.

20.IM2. Never heard any of the songs before. The Korean (lyrics) was difficult, didn’t get enough time to prepare, only had around 3 days. The song that left the deepest impression is Aemo. The rearrangement was very good. (omit original translator fangirling LOL)

21.Isn’t a perfectionist. It’s too difficult to perfect something.

22.Idols he is close to: Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and G.O (Mblaq). The one he contacts the most often is Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun sent him a text inviting him to SJ’s concert.

23.Doesn’t have a close relationship w/ any female celebrities, just those that he’ll greet.

24.Kan Mi Youn said Jay is easier to approach than she’d thought

25.Original translator skipped this number as well

26.Artistes that he admires: 2NE1, Taeyang, Dok2 & The Quiett

27.Fave member from 2NE1: CL, known her from before, Minzy is okay also

28.Gift from the show: Jay’ self-taken picture (selca)

29.The most important thing about clothes is colour matching. Hats and shoes are more important. White and black are must-have colours. Don’t like to be too colourful/ bright. Basically should just wear (/match) 2-3 colours.

30.Doesn’t care about the girl’s height. Loves a beautiful smile.

31.Original translator skipped this number also

32.His hobby is bowling

33.Alcohol intake, doesn’t know how much he can drink. But he gets drunk real slow

34.His friends are like family to him.

35.Recorded for Dok2’s “My Love” for an hour. They’re like family.

36.Questioning period: Fan: likes to listen to music, always have headphones in his/her ears, doesn’t know how to be social, doesn’t have any topics to talk about. Asked Jay what he/she should do. Jay answered him/her: Just take off your headphones and go socialize, there problem solved…

37.Wants to be featured in songs with Tiger JK, 2NE1 and Yoon Mi Choi(?)

38.Isn’t a cry baby. When he first came to Korea, he cried everyday during the first two weeks because it was his first time being apart from his family. Recently he thinks of his family when he’s hungry, once he thinks of his mom, he’ll be okay. It’ll be nice if Jehan and Peatry were there when he’s bored. He and Jehan don’t talk much, but Jay loves Jehan a lot. They have an interesting relationship.

39.His family comes visit him every month. Wishes they could see his concert and movie.

40.The thing he wants to do the most of the remaining 2011 is seeing his family & AOM

41.Wish: Hopes his family’s safe & everything goes along smoothly with the first album release next year

42.Doesn’t have any plans for Christmas so far

43.Lastly, sang “Touch the Sky”, promoted “Mr. Idol” and (can’t read)

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