12 December 2011

[Trans] 2PM interview from Ginger Magazine

Scans credit: @neruneruchan |
Jpn-Eng: jinyounae @tumblr, Edited by Egle @2pmalways

Combining wild and purity, the space to flourish as KPOP’s charismatic group or as a solo is infinite!

― Firstly, let’s start with self introduction.

Junsu I’m in charge of main vocals. My favourite food is nakatoro(laughs).
Junho I’m responsible for vocals, and my smiling eyes are my best feature.
Wooyoung I’m also responsible for vocals, and my stocky thighs are my selling point.
Taecyeon Despite my looks, I’m the sentimental rapper.
Nichkhun Originating from Thailand, I’m the shy person responsible for rap and vocals.
Chansung I’m 2PM’s youngest. I’m the person with the confident smile, responsible for rap and vocals.

― Please tell us each of your roles.

Taecyeon I am the fashion leader!
All members No~! (and booing)

Only he says that himself. Taecyeon is the members’ father. He undertakes stuff from various repairs to bug extermination.
Junho On days off, he’s always sleeping and not playing, just like a dad (laughs).
Taecyeon Nichkhun is the grandfather. He wakes up early and is very polite. He will warn us if we are too playful.
Chansung Wooyoung’s the mother; he nags a lot. During the time we’ve lived together, he will get angry when we don’t turn off the electricity (laughs).
Nichkhun With an air of mischief, Junho’s the second son who does everything well.
Junho (After deciding to pose proudly with the V sign) Chansung is like a pet cat because with sharp sensibility, he would tease the members occasionally.
Chansung I don’t do that~!Junsu is the mood-maker who is friendlier than dadand is probably like an uncle relative.
Taecyeon Eh, there’s no eldest son?!
Chansung That’s okay (laughs). We compensate each other’s flaws as everyone’s not perfect and maintain good teamwork; that’s 2PM.

― Being called beasts, what do you think about men who are not competitive as in traditional male stereotypes and who may also be kind, co-operative and family-oriented?

Taecyeon Actually, there’s an increasing number of guys like that in Korea as well. Thereupon, on the contrary, manly males like us bask in the attention and end up being called beastly idols. Nevertheless, we are not beasts! (laughs)
Junsu Eventually, our style is performance. Ordinarily, we are normal candid young men.

― What is your ideal girl type and age like?

Wooyoung Age wise, it would be about 5 years older than me or 1 year younger. I’m attracted to a wise girl who can come to grips with her own work positively
Taecyeon It’s the same for me. Additionally, she must be someone who can understand me. I am okay with someone 10 years older, or someone not younger than 20 years old.
Chansung I don’t care about age although there are a lot of older women who treat me as a younger brother. Women who carry their own style are charming.
Junho I don’t make a fuss over age too. Gentle but firm with a tough heart; however, for me, a gentle girl is my ideal.
Nichkhun Gentle, cute and sexy, she must take good care of the parents and family. I’ve loved a woman 6 years older and I love older women in general. I feel relaxed with them because they’re mature and understanding.
Junsu Her outer appearance should be cute with a lovely smile. If on the inside, she has good judgement and is able to hold her own opinion then that’s perfect!
All members That’s too high of an ideal~ (laughs).

― Which approach would you use if you were in love?

Chansung Passion. If she possesses good will, I will throw my own feelings straight in but first, speaking to the other party carefully and getting along well is my requirement.
Taecyeon When I’m confident of my own feelings, my assertiveness will appear without a glance. After understanding my partner’s inner feelings, I will take the first action.
Junho If my heart starts pounding, I will tell it to my partner honestly. But it (pounding heart feeling) will not be ignited easily. If we go steady, I will match with my partner.
Wooyoung If there are mutual feelings then I’m probably the type that trusts the person like the current (of a river).
Nichkhun Because I’m shy, I’m weak at being assertive. It would be good if I could shrink the distance from being a friend, little by little.
Junsu I don’t really think about relationships now because I want to give everything I’ve got to my work.
Junho That’s an honours student’s speech! (laughs)
Junsu It’s true, it is!

― When your lover is depressed, what would you do to comfort her?
Taecyeon I will hug her gently.
Junho I will hug her and discuss of a solution together.
Junsu I will comfort her with kind words and sing her a love song.
Wooyoung That’s too cool! I will bring her to her favourite place and treat her to something delicious.
Nichkhun Treating her to a meal, that deserves 1 vote. After that, I will make her laugh as a comedian.
Chansung I will listen to the reasons she is depressed about and after discussing together, I will tell her some interesting stories to make her laugh. Lastly, I will hold her tight. I will take all the good things that have been mentioned by everyone (laughs).

― If you were dating a Japanese girl, what would be an ideal date?

Wooyoung Japanese girls’ shy smile is very impressive. While travelling back and forth between Japan and Korea, I would like us to understand each other’s culture
Junsu When you mention Japanese girls, there’s an image of them being kind and gentle. First, I would give her a tour of South Korea and after that, go on a trip to Switzerland which has been my long-time dream.
Taecyeon A trip to Kyoto. When I first came to Japan, I’ve heard that Kyoto is a special place. Because I heard if you go there with someone you like, the love would blossom…
Nichkhun Wa~ romantic! I would go all out to respond to my girlfriend’s requests. If it’s Thailand, I’d like to have a vacation at Phuket beach.
Junho With an RV (camping van), I’d like to go around South Korea’s suburban cities. Although Japanese mostly go to Seoul and Busan, there are a lot of beautiful suburban cities that I would like to take her along here and there.

― Lastly, what is your aspiration from now on?

Wooyoung We’re still at the starting point. While maintaining our teamwork, we’d like to expand the possibilities. The new album 「REPUBLIC OF 2PM」has become part of the expanding possibilities.
Junho From our trademark songs to the new songs that contain our new image, the 2PM’s charm will be overflowing!
Nichkhun To create a ballad that is loaded with passionate desire for a lover, making your heart flutter.
Junsu The song I composed, both lyrics and melody「Hanareteitemo」is a resounding ballad packed with Japanese fans’ thoughts and feelings. Please listen to it.
Chansung Personally, I want you to pay attention to me as an actor!
Taecyeon Me too. As an actor, I’d like to diversify my breadth of acting. As for 2PM’s final target, it would be conquering the universe! To be known by a lot of people is our determined assertion (laughs).
Junho Let’s stay with conquering the earth first (laughs).


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