26 December 2011

[TRENDING INFO] As Jay will be releasing Part 1 of his album, "New Breed" at KST 12AM on 28th of December, we, JWalkerz (both International and Korean

Rules for trending:
1. Trending word & display picture will only be revealed at KST 9PM on 27th December
2. Between 9PM to 10PM, do not tweet the trending word yet. If you have changed your display picture, try not to tweet jay with it as it is a "surprise"
3. We will start trending exactly at KST 10PM on 27th December (change your display picture as well if you could)
4. Please look out for FIRST trending tweet at 10PM and RT them to make it the top tweet.
5. DO NOT spam while trending. For example:
-"#trendingword #trendingword #trendingword #trendingword #trendingword #trendingword" -- is considered a spam tweet and won't be counted
- Minimize your trending tweets to 1-2 tweets per minute.
6. If can, include Jay's teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnT95LHMmVY into your trending tweets.
7. If you can't think of anything to tweet, RT-ing will help trend as well

Lastly, lets all join force and JWalk with Jay by spreading the JEffect to twitterland!
See you all at KST 10PM on 27th of December! LEGGO JWALKERZ!!!

SOURCE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/eurptp


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