26 December 2011

[VID] 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun Ad/Preview - 2PM

준호: Taecyeon is holding the camera..
택연: It's our 4th appearance SBS K-Pop festival
2PM: 4th!!!

택연: I remember our very 1st time on this program..
택연: We did T-ara's Bo Peep
준수: Ah that's right! Bo-peep bo-peep~
우영: And we performed MJ's Thriller too!
택연: So what are you guys planning to do this time?
준호: We'll treat the audience with a laser show
택연: Hold it, I didn't get that..can you do it again?
준수: Ah~ You're so slow
우영: Laser show!

Kor-Eng by Rangkat


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