06 January 2012

[Interview] Nickhun from Dichan (Thai magazine) - Part 2

Nichkhun Horvejkul : The superstar to fall for

Thai-English : Offogato @2pmalways

“About studying, I want to continue my study but I barely have time just to get some sleep (laugh.) I have to put it aside. I will go back to study afterward.

… I would like to star in a movie. I want to do something about arts. I love taking photos and I love to draw picture when I was kid. I have not drawn anything for a while now and my hands are getting stiff.

…I want to learn more piano lessons. Back when I was young, I learned piano for a couple of years and I did not really practice much when my parents kept telling me to do (laugh) because I was quite disobedient. Like most of the kids, I think, we regrettably quit it just like that. When I look back, I now realize that things my parents told me to do are very necessary.

…When I was young, I did not have day off. I went to study drawing in weekends. I had to attend extra class in the morning, learn piano and play badminton in the evening. There were things to do all day long just like me nowadays (laugh.)

…In the future, I would love to continue working like this and try on acting.

…Now, I am working in order to build up my status for my family in the future.

…I want to sing in Thailand so bad. Since I am Thai, I want to take roles in Thai films, dramas and release albums in Thailand for my Thai fans to see my works. Now I am seen as Korean star, Korean person or Korean artist to everyone (laugh.)

…It is unavoidable since my company is in Korea but I am still Thai. I want to go back home more often. When I come here I have to stay in a hotel after work. It is my family who has to come to where I work to see me (laugh) and wait for me. My grandmother is in good spirit as she always greets me with smiles, hugs and kisses.”

As we have witnesses at the studio today, apart from several staff, Nichkhun’s families are also coming to see him including his grandmother whose age does not hold her back from seeing her beloved grandson. It is the only time they can spend time closely together.

6 Korean staff come with Nichkhun including personal makeup artist and hair stylist.

“I have quite an amount of fans here, it is sad that I have full schedule in Korean and Japan this year. I can stay here just for 1 or 2 days only. Fans said they missed me but I did not know what to do.”

Regarding fans, Yenchit, Nichkhun’s mother told us that she always follow her son’s news from them. “I don’t even know which flight Khun takes when he comes. I have to go to these fans’ sites in order to know (laugh). I always said to Khun that he is what he is now because of fans’ supports therefore they are important people.”

Next job he was going to do is having concert in Budougan. He has a large number of fans in Japan too. After that, there is one particular job that is waiting for him.

“It is a movie, filming in Thailand. It will begin filming next year [T/N 2012] so I should get to come back here more often.

…I am still new in acting. I need to learn more. It is very different from standing on stage because we have practiced for hours and have been performing over hundreds of time. We just repeat the performance. But for acting…I still feel like it is not what I belong. I still feel uncomfortable to stand in front of the camera and act. I need to give it a try. It should be fun.

…I was offered roles in Korean movies too but I did not have time. I told them I wanted to have my first film in Thailand because It was more comfortable to act and learn here.

…I feel like I have accomplished to a certain level. But If I look up higher, like Justin Timberlake who I just saw his concert footage from HBO. Justin cried when he was done performing due to a loud cheer of fans. I want to feel that too. There were more than ten thousands who attended his concert while for my concert there was only 7,000 or 8,000 or 10,000 audience. There are over 40,000 or 50,000 fans at Medison Square Garden for his concert. When I compare myself to him, I am still far from success yet.”

…I cannot compare my talents to him. But I look up to him to push myself to go further, like a challenge.

…Many say we cannot get into US market. I will give it a try, either singing or acting. I will go to Hollywood. I just want to prove myself before I cool down and settle down with my family. I still have a lot of time to prove that (smile.)

This Korean lookalike man still has Thai heart as his favorite dish is Kaprao Kai Khai Dao (chicken with Thai basil and sunny side up egg.) He still longs for Thailand. During flood crisis, he also lent his helping hands to Thai people.’

“About helping flood victims, it was my mother who initiated it. She called me and asked me if I could get her 2PM stuff for charity auctions.

…I told her I would help and I asked my group members for their helps. They were eager to help and gave shirts with their autographs for the auctions. It turned out that we raised a good sum of donations from those stuff.

…My T-shirt was bid for 190,000 baht which shocked me when I heard the bid price. I was filming a CF in Thailand at the time of the auction sessions. There are fans who were waiting for me outside the studio. That night the auctions of 2PM items were taking place every hour. I came out to check on how it was going when I finished my work and my fans informed me the bid price like ‘We got 30,000 now, we got 50,000 now.’ They kept me updated.

…I was glad to be part of the relief project. I still feel that it was not enough so I donated money with JYP Ent. (4 million bahts.) People in the company understand the situation as they know I am Thai and love Thailand. Everyone has been to Thailand and love the country. They all want to come back. When they see the floods in Thailand, they were all sad even though it is not their mother land. They all wanted the situation to be better so they helped.”

With full and tight schedule, Nichkhun has his own method to release his stress by thinking of people close to him.

“I think of my family, my fans in Thailand and around the world who are supporting me. They want to see good things coming out of me. I have to keep up with good mental and physical health first in order to send my happiness forward to others. If we are sad, stressful or have bad mood inside, our actions will turn out fake or we cannot give our best to them.

…I also look at the bright side thinking not many people can achieve what I got or can be where I am. I got opportunity to meet my idol when I entered the show biz (Rain) I got to take a picture with him. It is surreal.

…I like Paulo Coelho, the writer. At first I followed his twitter which I did not expect anything in return but he also followed me back. I always retweet his words.

…One day I sent tweet message to him saying there are many more things to learn in my life. He sent message back saying that he still has to learn too, there are more things to learn. I was so shocked. I was glad and surprised at the same time.

…I like the vision of this writer. He always says that we need to live our life differently from what we do each day. If we just run straight ahead, though it is safe but it does not give you any difference. If we run from one side to another side, changing the way we perceive in life, we may learn new things and find out that we may like it. If we just run straight only we will never know what else we could find on the road sides.

…He always writes things like this in his books; we need to learn new things. I really like his way of thinking in that.

…I want to be good at living my life rather than being good at acting or singing. I mean I want to learn my way of life, my individual self. I would rather excel in living my own life. In the future, being good at singing, dancing will not help you much. But in order to be a good person, it is something we need to learn from people around you. I get to learn it from everything and everyone I have met.

…My parents always tell me to turn crisis into opportunity because having crisis in life is much more fun than having a smooth life. My father always tells this to me that whenever we are hurt, in low spirit or exhausted, just turn those into positive thoughts."

And here he goes back on taking photoshoot with wide smiles and with 100 percent of full spirit!!!


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