18 January 2012

NOTICE! Please read. (8

Dear our avid readers

SORRY, I apologise first. (8

As you can see, my updates aren't that frequent.
I'm solo-ing this blog everything updating by myself now if you are always reading this blog. (8
[Not only blog, even twitter I am updating alone too, and not much of facebook <- I know but i don't know why th feed aren't working well.]

Sorry for not updating much and not updating th latest news/etc asap.

I'm having school, and I might going to work soon (if I got my job by school sending me).
So I might not be able to update as often as before.. <- [worst. )8 sorry]

As for NOW, do always go to our TWITTER. <- click or go to www.twitter.com/2pmandjaypark

Cause I am always RT-ing photos and latest news / etc there.
I'm always having my phone w me, so I can easily access twitter. ^^

Of course, I will still be updating our blog.
I'll try my best to update ASAP. ^^



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