02 March 2012

[News] 2PM on NHK "Learning Korean Through TV" press conference

Idol group 2PM, also known as "Beastly idol", will regularly appear on NHK "Learning Korean through TV" in April.

The group attended the press conference at NHK in Shibuya Tokyo. During the event, Chansung said " I was really surprised and worried how I should teach it, but I enjoyed the recording today", talking about their first regular program.

Nichkhun said "If you love 2PM more, you could improve that rapidly", sharing tips for a quick improvement for Korean words, which aroused laughter to everyone.

The theme of the program is "Let's take a trip to Korea by mothers and daughters - Acquire the conversation in practice -" and 2PM will show the viewers any usable phrases for a trip to Korea with their short play.

In the program, Chan Eun−Yeon, a newscaster of NHK, food researcher Kentesu Kou, Tomoki Fujiwara, Jisong and Jeong Seong-Woon will be appearing and learning the language as students

Member Junho struggled with how to act his role in the program the most and said, "It was hard for me because I've never acted before, but I enjoyed it" with a embarrassed smile.

They each mentioned a favorite Korean word from Japanese fans shyly that "Cool" as Chansung, "2PM is very passionate" as Junsu, "The most hardworking idol in Korea" as Wooyoung, "I will go to your concert" as Junho, "Become rich" as Nichkhun and "Oppa" as Taecyeon.

Source: Junkay Street


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