02 March 2012

[News] 2PM’s Chansung acknowledges Girls’ Generation unbeatable popularity in Paris

On February 29th, Joo YoungHoon, Jo YoungGoo, Jun HyeBin and 2PM’s Hwang ChanSung appeared on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’.

MC Yoon JongShin asked ChanSung, “Not long ago, 2PM went to Paris to have a performance. How was the reaction?”. In reply to this question, ChanSung said, “It turned out as a surprise because the response much was better than we thought.”

Yoon JongShin then proceeded with another question, “Then, which group was the most popular in Paris?”. Acknowledging Girls’ Generation’s popularity, ChanSung replied, “Of course it’s Girls’ Generation.”

Source: fanwonder


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