19 April 2010

[NEWS] 100419 Taecyeon's controversial military and nationality status

Lately, 2PM's Taecyeon has not only been promoting as a singer but has entered the markets of varieties and dramas. When Lee Seunggi first became a singer turned actor for the drama, 'The Splendid Inheritance,' and became a fixed cast member on the variety show '1N2D,' he attracted much attention and popularity, earning the title of 'triple crown.' However, Ok Taecyeon has yet to be crowned such a nickname. Why is that? First of all, it has not been long since Ok Taecyeon has appeared on 'Cinderella Sister' and 'Family Outing 2' is on the verge of collapse after recording a 5% viewer rating. It's impossible to say that Ok Taecyeon has earned a triple crown when his show has garnered such an embarrassing grade.

With Park Jaebum's withdrawal, the six members of 2PM are currently preparing for their comeback. Ok Taecyeon has received Park Jaebum's former nickname of 'beastly idol' and is now called 'beastly male' or 'Jjit-Taecyeon.' However, Ok Taecyeon has two secrets that he is hiding. They are the issues of his military service and his dual nationality. Should these issues surface to the spotlight, the impact will be magnified beyond control. The agency is keeping it off of the spotlight and have been blocking the issues of his military status and dual nationality off of the media because it is a megaton issue that will wipe Taecyeon clear of his career.

However, this issue was recently brought up again with a confirmation caption on DC Gallery showing the results of Ok Taecyeon's physical examination results along with his name and birthday.

In Korea, any healthy male must serve in the military. Before they serve, they go through a physical examination and are given a service level based on their health, 1 through 3 being a soldier in active duty, level 4 being public service, 5 to 6 being exemption, and 7 being a retest. Ok Taecyeon received a level 4 on his physical examination and was put in the category of public service. After seeing him proudly show off his six packs as a beastly male on broadcast, this is information that will make anyone turn their heads. There has never been an instance where a celebrity that showed off their chiseled body on air and ended up going into public service came back from their military service and succeeded.

In order to receive a level 4 on your examination, your eye sight must be bad, or your shoulder must be dislocated, or there must be a problem with the functions of your organs, or a psychological retardation. Seeing Ok Taecyeon appear on air, he does not fit into any of those categories. Ok Taecyeon received this level on the 13th of October last 2008. Because it was not too long after he debuted, the issue never reached the surface. However, now that Ok Taecyeon's popularity is shooting up by day, his public service issue is back in the spotlight. The reason is that it is because unlike the beastly male image he shows on TV, he does not match the public service categorization that he received.

When one searches 'Ok Taecyeon' on the portal site Daum, 'public service' is one of the first related terms that come up. The search term began to surface not too long ago. His profile states that he is 185 cm tall and weighs 76kg and is introduced as having a strong, chiseled body. Ok Taecyeon began promoting on the 4th of September in 2008 and received his physical examination wafter a month. If, after his physical examination, he was able to make his strong muscles, shouldn't it only be right he goes in for a reexamination and serve in the military? The number of antifans that he has will most likely decrease and he will be able to confidently say that he has served his nation. Although his service will put his career on hold for 2 years, it is better for the future of his career in its entirety.

Ironically, on episode 5 of 'Cinderella Sister,' the issue of public service came up once more. In 'Cinderella Sister,' Ok Taecyeon suffers from obesity in his younger years but grows up to become a new person as he services in the marines. He returns to find his one love, Moon Geunyoung, but she does not recognize him at all. In an arrogant tone, Ok Taecyeon asks Chun Jungmyung, "Have you served in the military? Where? Public service?" Once he finds out that Chun Jungmyung served as a higher rank than him in the marines, Ok Taecyeon becomes surprised and immediately becomes alert. It's very ironic that someone that has received a public service confirmation is playing the role of a marine. But seeing the scene of his public service statement seems like the writer is either Ok Taecyeon's anti or does not know of his confirmation in real life.

It's unfortunate for the celebrities that are unable to properly serve in the military and must resort to public service because of their poor health but if someone is just trying to get away from the military, they are not deserving of their public service confirmation. This is not a statement that is belittling those serving in public service. Public service, by law, definitely falls under military service. However, on broadcast, Ok Taecyeon runs 100 meters within 11 seconds, does 50 push ups in 30 seconds, and is able to sit up and down 284 times within 3 minutes. These are supreme stats, fit enough to be able to enter the special forces in the army. If his physical abilities are different now compared to October 2008, does he not need a reexamination? In 1 year and 6 months, has his body turned from a public service into a soldier?

Another issue is his dual nationality. The nationality that is listed on the portal sites under Ok Taecyeon's name is Korea. However, he returns to America every 6 months, rumors stating that he is trying to obtain his citizenship. One is only able to receive an American citizenship after 7 years but since it has not been 7 years for Ok Taecyeon, he must return. If after 7 years passes and he receives his citizenship, then he does not have to go to the military at all. This can become a similar case to Yoo Seungjun. If he really is going to go into public service under a Korean nationality, then he cannot go back to America every 6 months. And on the contrary, if his length of stay in America is not long enough, his passport itself can be disqualified. If this happens, he must serve in public service no matter what.

The entire choice is left to Ok Taecyeon. Depending on his choice, Ok Taecyeon's achilles tendon and bomb can detonate into explosion.

* Public service are usually desk jobs and secretarial work.

Eyesonfire05: If you are serving public service instead of military service,
then that means you are taking desk jobs, secretary jobs, security guard at court and subway stations and other million public service jobs. You get off at work around 5p.m. and then go home.

Yoo SeungJun's case is little bit more complexed because
before obtaining his American citizenship,
Many times, Yoo publicly promised that he WILL serve his army duty.
Basically, he went back on his public promise, and
that's why more people were and still are enraged at him for what he has done.

* What this issue means CULTURALLY, for Koreans

c-line: Taec has some difficult decisions to make. If he thinks people are hating him now, him getting an American citizenship will very possibly be game over for his career. Ask Yoo Seungjoon, who the author mentions. He's been barred from Korea for the last 8(?) years, with the one exception of being allowed to attend a funeral. The Korean public will forgive, or at least forget with time, a lot of offenses-- this is not one of them. If Taec goes through with the public service without a (fair) retesting, it will most definitely tarnish his reputation, although the extent depends on JYPE(?)'s damage control. I'm surprised that there haven't been more articles on this, although i suppose I shouldn't be with the company involved. --;;

On a side note, I haven't been watching CS, but now I almost want to. You have to wonder if the scriptwriters put those lines in on purpose... haha.

[EDIT] Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you have to be pretty much almost blind to be designated as public service. To the point where it would hinder active duty. I'm pretty sure it's not his eyesight if Taec is doing flips on stage everyday.

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