11 July 2010

[INFO] 100711 "What has Sidus CEO promised JYP to have Jay signed into his company?"


On June 21st, an anonymous person posted on jay's dcgall,
she said she was involved with drama production and she talked to a PD,
who told her that jung Hoontak (sidus ceo) had been trying to get jay at his company.
apparently the rumor about Jay not being allowed to be active in Korea (in return for not paying the contract termination fee) was true.
and jung hoontak had been meeting with Park jinyoung several times... so it was probably to try and persuade him to let jay be active in korea.

this was posted a couple weeks before yesterday's sidus announcement.

i guess in a way its good that the sidus ceo has connections with jyp, so he can work out how to get jay be allowed to work in Korea.
I'm guessing if another company (who didnt have connections to jype) tried to get jay, it would have been more difficult to get jay back in korea...?
Not too sure but hopefully this will be good news for some of you who are still concerned about he sidus x jype connection.
the silver lining of their relationship i suppose? lol

Credits: mika.16@soompi.com
i knew it, JYPE won't let go of Jay that easy, contract termination fee is not just a penny, we are talking about BIG bucks! Who the hell are they to take away someone's dream???


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