14 July 2010

Jay's album rank falls in a day... why?

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Group 2PM's ex-member Jaebum's track has fallen down the album charts in less than one day.

On the 13th, the moment Jaebum released his first solo album 'Count On Me', he pushed down MissA's 'Bad Girl Good Girl' to 2nd rank to take the 1st spot, which gained attention.

On the 15th, his current standings on music charts is 2nd on Cyworld, 3rd on Melon charts, with MissA returning to their 1st rank.

The length of the song can be a factor of this. The playing time for Jaebum's 'Count On Me' is relatively longer than 'Bad Girl Good Girl', being 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

The difference between these two songs' playing time is about 1 minute. To calculate this method of analyzing, the download count that is used to determine chart rankings and the complete listening of the song are combined for the streaming count, in order to nullify any disadvantages.

On the other hand Hanteo charts, which counts the total album sales within the country, currently has Jaebum's album sales ranked as number 1. (As of 11PM, 14th)

Jaebum's warmly secured popularity is reflecting a favorable condition on his album sales.

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