14 July 2010

[NEWS] 100713 The secrets behind 2PM's advertising success and their future

2PM has shot over 30 different advertisements, why the jackpot with the CFs?

From last year up until the beginning of this year, 2PM has worked as the models for over 12 different brands including Anycall Corby, Cass, Coca Cola, Spris, Market O, Paris Baguette, and Elite. They've recently began shooting a Seoul promotional CF targeted towards China, Japan, and South East Asia. They've added 5 more CFs to their list with cosmetic brand It's Skin, Calvin Klein Jeans, Dynamic Kin, and Caribbean Bay, amounting to over 20 CFs in Korea alone. Adding their advertisements in Thailand, 2PM has shot over 30 since their debut, a record that has never been made by any other male idol group in Korea.

The reason 2PM is receiving such hot love from the advertising market is because of their 'freshness.' It isn't an exaggeration to say that the industry can be broken up into Pre-2PM and Post-2PM. 2PM created the term 'beastly idol' and attracted high interest, popularizing beastly performances and chiseled bodies. The flower-like image was always the trend for boy groups, representatives being TVXQ and HOT. However, the members of 2PM do not hold the stereotypical flower-boy image excluding Nichkhun. Instead, they appealed to the public with their unique performances and strong, manly bodies.

Even their songs and choreographies are different. They created a new performance style with acrobatics and even attempted a zombie concept that was never done before. Such fresh ideas is what the advertising market thought highly of.

JYP Entertainment stated, "2PM is unique from any other idol group right now. They've always attempted fresh, new ideas and don't restrict themselves to a set image which is what appeals to the advertising market."

Their friendly image is also one of their greatest weapons. Previous boy bands kept an air of mystery around them and refused to 'break down' their images. 2PM wasn't afraid to show their all on shows such as 'Idol Army' and 'Wild Bunny.' Member Taecyeon even earned over 300 different nicknames from 'Wild Bunny' alone. Their friendly boy-next-door image appealed to the mass public.

An associate of marketing brand D group stated, "2PM has a surprisingly large fan base. They're very beastly but have a jokeful side to them which leaves an impression on even housewives. Taecyeon's appearance on KBS 2TV's 'Cinderella Sister' also successfully helped in bringing the group's awareness level up with the mass public. 2PM is also # 1 in various surveys such as 'the most popular singer' and 'models advertisers favor the most.' "

JYP Entertainment stated, "There's still a lot of advertisement promotions that 2PM is in the midst of and, of course, we are still receiving many offers. We're very thankful."

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