30 August 2010

Park Jaebum reveals his thoughts about rumors and JYP

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"I read all the negative comments. I'm aware of all the rumors, but I'm not longer scared of them." "Life's too short to be disappointed with JYP."

Park Jaebum finally opened his mouth.

On the 30th at the Yangchun-gu in Mokdong, he had a solo interview at the Sports Chosun company office. Ever since his return to Korea in June, he had never officially said anything regards to the rumors. After five hours at a photoshoot, he came to be interviewed with a tired look, yet with determination, he systematically unveiled all the inner feelings he had hidden.

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Park Jaebum explained, "I was a bit bitter. But it's not like I was going to die if I couldn't become a singer, and I just quickly wanted to find something else to do. I'm talking about either being a dancer or finding a part time job", "It's because my life doesn't end there. I always thought there was going to be another opportunity somewhere else."

Park Jaebum confidently and open-heartedly explained his side of the story. "If I bring up the past only bad things will happen, and I don't want everyone to suffer with that. I'm just living my life with the flow."

Park Jaebum also revealed his changed habits. He reads all of the negative comments. "I never used to but I regularly monitor them now. But I don't lose my confidence when I read them. Because it's not like they know me personally." That is how he is getting stronger and how his confidence was created.

When asked whether he has any disappointment towards JYP, he showed a mature image. He said, "It didn't happen because we wanted to feel like that towards each other, and also there is no time for that. Life is too short for that. Since it's all in the past, it would be good if both of us succeed."

Although Park Jaebum said everything without fear, but when asked 'What is the fault that JYP said you had", he hesitated for a second before answering "I want to answer but I won't."

After letting out his mind after hiding it for so long, Park Jaebum ended with "Because of the fans who waited for me, I was able to handle the tough times. I promised to never disappoint them." The long interview finished and even when he stood up he requested, "Please add into the interview how much I thank my fans", showing his deep love for his fans.


pinkbunny said...

loving your fans whole heartedly is the best gift ever... because of your love towards us and our love to you, we are all still here, STANDING TALL & STRONG..

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^^ you are the best!! iloveyou jay..

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