09 August 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100809 Tattoo artists 'Slam' and 'Sanlee' explain Jay's tattoos @jaybumaom

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STAR TATTOO - Park Jaebum Tattoo

Rapper Dok2 stopped by often since he loves tattoos and recently hinted that he'd be bringing someone along. Next to Dok2 was a young man standing shyly. He looked familiar so I stared at him until I realized it was Jaebum. Since the career of a tattoo artist depends on the weight of his emotions, I acted like it wasn't a big deal and put up a rather chic attitude... although I did look at him out of the corner of my eyes, hehe. His face is very small and pretty. He looked a bit skinny... but I found a reversal soon after.

As we walked into the tattoo room, my dongsengs started saying, "Hyung! Jaebum has an awesome body. It might be better than yours." I jumped at the statement and retorted, "Are you joking! Of course mine is better." It was hard for me to acknowledge it since I've been playing sports nonstop since I was young and weight trained for 4 years.

Even while I was tattooing Jaebum, a battle of the bodies broke out. After I finished tattooing him, Jaebum must've heard our conversation because he walked out of the room with his shirt off and flexing his chest while looking at the mirror.

His body was on a completely different level from the 'baby bodies' that exercised whenever they had photoshoots; his was a 'natural body' that was toned with weight training and b-boying. His back muscles were thick while his chest muscles were amazing. The battle of the bodies ended with Jaebum winning chest and back while I won arms and shoulders.

The tattoo behind Jaebum's ear is the acronym of his b-boy team Art of Movement. It's the hometown of his heart and a place of rest. It's his pride. The arrow that is connected to AOM is a design that Hep came up with on the spot, later cleaned up and completed by Tattoo Korea 'Sanlee.'

always come proper
1955 60 87 89

Jaebum has returned to us with a deeper understanding and mature image of himself.

"always come proper" is written across left chest to mean that he will take the meaning deeply while under it are the numbers of his family's birth years.

To always remember his family and to act properly. It's an expression of Jaebum's strong determination.

A week after he got the tattoos, Jaebum is being body painted by 'Sanlee' for a photoshoot.

A photo of Kuro, Hep, Arts, Daehwan, Me (SLAM), Kim, Jaebum, Sanlee, Porter, Dok2, Irak Kim - a cut of the Tattoo Korea family.

After the tattooing and photo shoot was completed, mannerly young man Jaebum went up to every single staff member one by one and bowed his head. It's definite for a young man to make a mistake, but can you see him learn from it and continue walking with a new heart? The difference is as big as the difference between the sky and the ground. And since he is still young, he is still in the progression stage of maturing into a mature adult. It's his current image that is important. We were able to feel his truthful actions and his mature heart as he tattooed a new determination onto his chest.


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