21 April 2010

[NEWS] 100421 Taecyeon strips down to his underwear

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Cinderella Sister's Ok Taecyeon will be appearing on broadcast for the first time ever in his underwear and is planning to show off his luxurious 'hot body.'

KBS2TV's Cinderella Sister's Jung Woo is played by Taecyeon and recorded the 7th episode in his underwear, giving claim to the nicknames 'Jjit-Taecyeon' and 'Beastly male.'

He shows his own acting style as he plays the role of someone that falls in love with the only person that's ever made food for him. The appearance of his luxurious body is expected to shake up the hearts of women everywhere.

The scene in which he strips down to his underwear is in his room where he is shown to be in deep thought. As he hears Eunjo leaving the house, he abruptly tries to leave his room without thought until he realizes that he's not wearing any clothes. The scene is expected to show off his 'cute' charisma in contrary to his luxurious body.

Taecyeon often rips off his top in various performances as a 2PM member but this will be the first time he appears on broadcast in his underwear. Although he may feel pressured since it's his first time in his first drama, the staff members surrounding him gave him the thumbs up for his natural performance.

The producers stated, "His body is close to perfect. All of the female staff on set were holding their beraths. He must've been nervous, having to act in his underwear when he's the most popular idol but he was so concentrated, it was amazing. Anyone can see his efforts in creating the perfect body. He looks a lot like the Han Jungwoo character I imagined."

Cinderella Sister received a 20.7% viewer rating recorded by AGB Nielseon Media and came out on top. In the 7th episode, Jungwoo reveals that he is the 'fatty' that Eunjo used to live with and the two have a moment of rejoice.


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