20 October 2011


I just wanna know if there's still any readers or fans here~

I mean are you all still supporting our blogspot here.

And our twitter account, 2pmandjaypark ?

If you're our avid reader and know me (Jannica), I have joined this family here to help out and spread the love of 2PM and JAY PARK since 3rd April 2010.

If you have been reading, you should know that eversince 18 dec 2010 and ONWARDS, all th posts here are all posted by me.
I have been constantly updating here, blogspot, twitter and facebook page.

[ Which means I'm here for 1 year ++++ ?! ]

Apparently I need to be honest, I do not know who is our founder and I have lost contact w all th other admins.

So if you all know whose our founder or know who are th other admins, can you please kindly tell me or inform them to contact me.

Reply here or

Twitter: jannicakpop


Facebook : jannicakpop@hotmail.com


I thank you all very much.

And why I sudden write this post, it's because I am finding our FOUNDER and other ADMINS &&&&&&&&&&&&& of this..

I have not met any problems or offend anyone, but this came so sudden.
I'm really shock, maybe I can't accept it now.

I wouldn't say much, just read for youself.

All I can say is.. FROM WHAT I KNOW..

This was created cause of 2pm (7), but then after what happen. I know alot people doesn't want involved 2pm (6) and jaypark together. Therefore, our twitter name is 2PM AND JAYPARK, if you see..

Why 2pm and Jaypark. It's simple, cause we still support BOTH. That's all. We are not involving both of them together. Just showing our support and love for BOTH.


Is there anyone still supporting our twitter account and our blogspot site?

If not, I will go find our founder and resign here alr..

BUT! If there is still even if there's at least ONE reader/fan here, I will still continue spreading this love for you. (8



Crystallionaire said...

im still reading! idk who the founder is or the other admins but i like this site hehe i always check if theres a new post whenever i get on the comp (: so pleease continue doing this! its where i get all my 2PM and Jay Park news :D

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! i'm a new fan and this blog has been amazing. i come here everyday just to see if theres anything new. don't stop posting.

marta said...

I'm reading this;p everyday checking for the news;)your blog is awesome. promise to comment more in future:)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading ever since I found the blog a few months ago. Keep up te good work!

Anonymous said...

i'm here for everytime i open my pc...i love this blog...coz i can update myself of 2pm where about...tq to this blog..so please remain this blog...

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